Ubertesters–A Preferred Beta Testing Partner

Ran Rachlin Co-founder Ubertesters

With novel tech advancements joining the race, the software testing market is growing by leaps and bounds. Many organizations are now embracing Agile and DevOps methodologies and rolling out solutions that have the potential to quench the needs of the customers to the core.

Established in 2013, Ubertesters is one such organization offering comprehensive Crowd Testing services to its customers. Providing access to freelance, vetted, experienced QA testers to test any digital product with their own devices is the company’s forte. Outshining the traditional testing patterns, it uses the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ alongside enabling companies to test their digital product under real-life conditions. It helps customers to use a variety of devices, geographies, carriers, OSs, etc. and offers full flexibility & high speed at a competitive price.

The Challenging Journey of Ubertesters

Creating a prominent niche in an industry that was flooded with experienced giants was not an easy task for Ubertesters. Coming up with solutions showcasing a unique value proposition was the only way to stand against all odds. On the other hand, choosing what to sell and what to focus on was one of the major challenges the company had to face during its initial years of establishment.

Acknowledging the market scenario and needs of the customers, the company started focusing on crowd testing services. Holding back its early days SaaS product and making a firm decision to embrace crowd testing created a do-or-die situation. But, Ubertesters successfully transformed its sales & marketing strategy, the team &their required roles, etc., and converted this challenge into an opportunity.

No doubt, the consistent efforts paid off and the company has witnessed a major growth quarterly. Today, the company stands tall in being at the forefront of innovation and aims to build long-lasting relationships with its clientele.

A Leader who Acknowledged the Need

With exhaustive global experience across various industry sectors, Ran Rachlin is the Co-founder of Ubertesters. Analyzing the market closely, he concluded that there is a need for a different type of software testing that can satisfy different devices, platforms, carriers, or geographies. And thus, Ubertesters came to the origin intending to bring in ‘Change’.

Today, his expertise in management and business development helps team Ubertesters in taking the right decisions thereby, unlocking countless milestones. Under his aegis, the company reached its first 100 clients and made a tangible profit like never before.

We are the Right Solution to Launch your Digital Product with Confidence.

Apart from co-founding Ubertesters, Ran had successfully stirred various eminent management profiles in General Engineers (The Israeli distributor of GE), Mul-T-Lock, and Silicom Inc (NASDAQ: SILC). He is proudly invited as a speaker at various industry events and is well-known for his unique view of the QA and testing world. Ran also holds an MBA degree in honors.

Meet the Cornerstones of Success

Ubertesters is standing on the cornerstones of Solid Vision, Excellent Execution, and Exceptional Service. The company started small but always had the vision to make it large and is following the same till date. It is well-equipped with a pool of talented, hard-working professionals who had the passion to execute this vision with excellence.

The no-compromise practices to offer superior customer services were and are one of the USP of Ubertesters that helped to engage a trustworthy customer base. In addition, with Ran Rachlin at the helm, implementing a tight set of controls and operating principles, as well as operating metrics measures to monitor progress, have what made success come alive.

An Ambit of Holistic Solutions

Ubertesters is a one-of-a-kind end-to-end software testing solutions provider for digital products. It helps organizations to beta test their products before bringing them to the table. Its range of solutions includes:

SaaS Product – A robust platform to manage the entire mobile beta testing process and teams.

Crowd Testing Service – The services emphasize global, professional, certified testers for hire with devices for the most flexible and cost-effective global testing under real-life conditions.

Offshore Outsourcing Services–Outlining QA experts’ on a full-time basis based in the company’s East European facilities.

The Bottom Line

Ubertesters believe in customer feedback. It’s their subsequent needs, wants, and responses that help the company in providing seamless services and being future-ready. Customer perspectives help the company in connecting the dots and delivering nothing but the best.

However, delivering the best is all about having the best. This best is the result of its proficient employees. Employees for whom the company goes out of the way and ensures work satisfaction. The company has carved out a hassle-free work environment that promotes transparency and always cherishes its employees as a key differentiator. With quality at the top, Ubertesters is all about consistent efforts that strive for success and are meant to succeed.

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