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Uma Shankar Bhardwaj iAvatarZ Digital

iAvatarZ Digital – Creating, Rejuvenating, and Repositioning Brands

Every business has diverse specific objectives as a top priority; most are striving to accomplish growth by reaching out to more potential customers and persuading them to buy their products or services. To do this adequately, businesses need to exploit all the most significant marketing assets and advances, and in the cutting edge world, the Web best that rundown.

Today, the consumer explores items, services, and brands before making a buy. Advanced innovation is delivering advertisers a broadness of new apparatuses, permitting them to be more focused and make strategic decisions. Digital Advertising just bodes well on the off chance that you need to get your message before your targeted crowd.

In the era of the digital economy, enterprises are consistently in pursuit to get a reliable digital advertising accomplice that can accelerate their growth. In this scenario a pioneer and a well-known face in the Indian online area, Mr. Uma Shankar Bhardwaj is empowering businesses with exhaustive and out-of-the-box digital advertising solutions.

Mr. Uma Shankar Bhardwaj emanated iAvatarZ Digital in 2008 with a vision to transform clients’ businesses with top-notched digital advertising services. Today, iAvatarZ Digital has created a unique place in the market with the smart efforts of a high expertise team.

Never doubt your capability and strive to be the best.

iAvatarZ Digital

iAvatarZ Digital is a 12+-year-old Digital Advertising company. The company began in 2008 as a little group based out of Noida. Throughout the long term, they have transmogrified and have made distinctive digital marketing blocks that oblige the specific demands of advertisers. Today iAvatarZ Digital has comprehensively classified its solutions as –Display Advertising, Custom Rich Media Solutions, Contextual Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Performance advertising. iAvatarZ Digital has now extended its business to the Middle East and Southeast Asia too.

Today, iAvatarZ Digital is catering to the requests for worldwide promoters utilizing its cutting edge solutions and helping customers to accomplish their marketing objectives. iAvatarZ Digital is arriving at a phase where its business is stabilized in these areas and they anticipate growing tasks in new geographies like – Africa and other SAARC Countries.

Early Days

Every business faces initial obstacles that make it ready for future challenges. The initial challenge iAvatarZ Digital faced as an organization was to have a strong back end team wherein each member has self-belief and confidence in their ability to back up the demand in the market. Over the years iAvatarZ Digital has successfully built a team that has become a backbone for its longstanding success.

When Mr. Uma Shankar Bhardwaj established iAvatarZ Digital had not garnered enough roots in India. They had to pursue clients to try the medium. Two years after they commenced business and had a well-settled team, people started believing in Digital as a medium for advertising their products and that is when the trigger actually came and since then they never looked back.

Charting new paths of success

iAvatarZ Digital has grown multi-folds in terms of both Revenue and Offerings perse. Today iAvatarZ Digital is one of the top players in the market providing solutions catering to clients across every category.

Mr. Bhardwaj says, “A good team plays a very important role in the growth of an organization, no matter what the situation is and I am blessed enough to have such a team. The team has always been self-motivated and aspiring for themselves and the company to keep growing irrespective of the situation of the day. My role is to keep the blood flowing and encouraging each one of them irrespective of the circumstance. We work more like a family than a business unit and each member of my team is no less than what I am and hence responsible and motivated enough. And this is why we have been successful ever since.”

Taking innovation to the table

iAvatarZ Digital has focused a lot on the technology part and keep updating their offerings with time to keep the clients interested. Most of their ads are high engaging units which can be run directly as well as programmatically across whitelisted publications.

“We believe in evolving ourselves with time and hence keeping adding new tech-driven products to our kitty enabling us to be a step ahead in this competitive market.” Mr. Bhardwaj commented.

A bit of Vigilance is a need as it helps one keep a check and alter and better things as and when needed.

The company has recently added a lot of International Publishers to their kitty like Stack OverFlow, Developer Media, etc., and also have offerings such as generating BANT leads for their various clients across categories. There are also a lot many Tech-based Rich media Innovations that the expert team of iAvatarZ Digital custom builds as per the client’s requirements.

Mr Uma Shankar Bhardwaj  

An unmatched leadership with a 360-degree futuristic vision

With more than 10 yrs of experience in technology and overall business management, Uma has achieved various success milestones in his career.

He started his career with a German MNC as a software engineer in the year 1999. Later, he worked with several software companies from big MNCs to boutique start-ups, and created many applications. Among them, his favorite one is the application created for different states of North America’s emission departments.

Coming from a humble family background, with every task that he had done since the early days of his life, he always strived to give his best. He has served in the Advertisement domain for over 16 years now. Interestingly, he landed up a job in the US as a software engineer in an advertising company. That motivated him and made him sure of replicating a similar model back in India, as Digital was still not much known here. He says, “I have always been motivated to experiment and challenge myself with new things. And I feel lucky enough to be where I stand today.”

Under his visionary leadership, the company has achieved a lot. Managing a company of this scale without any additional investments is a huge achievement. Along with this, the majority of their co-workers have a very long relationship with the company. The company still has people who are a part of the organization since its days of inception. Possibly, these would be the topmost achievements for any organization.

The driving force

Mr. Uma says, “They work more like a family than a business unit and each member of my team is no less than what I am and hence responsible and motivated enough. This is what makes us stand out in the industry.”

Mr. Bhardwaj admires his father the most he says, “He has been someone who has never been short of motivating or inspiring me. I can go on endlessly on this and still it would not be enough.”

Each business is remarkable in its particular manners and has something to be gained from. Mr. Uma Shankar Bhardwaj says, “I prop up through a great deal of such substance and each story encourages me to comprehend and discover some new information.”

Mr. Uma Shankar Bhardwaj’s view on the current industry scenario

Today technology has changed the advertising landscape altogether what it used to be a few years back. Many new agencies/ad networks are opening up nowadays and want a share of the pie. The reality is still the majority of Advertising spends are on Google, Facebook, and YouTube, also a lot of display advertising spends has moved to Programmatic.  Hence, whatever is left is not huge enough to fulfill the demands of 100’s of companies coming up.

Yes, survival is tough in today’s market as compared to the old days. But going forward only those companies who can evolve themselves with new adoption of new technologies and can create disruptive ideas by bringing more effective ROI for clients shall survive in the long run. That is exactly where we have been investing in to cope up with the rat-race out there.

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