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Deepak Vijayraj unfolds the journey of Unite IT Consulting.

Before DevOps, there were different teams in an IT company that was responsible for the development of applications. These teams were in charge of gathering requirements for the development of the business and accordingly program software and writ codes. DevOps has been able to address these basic challenges with the establishment of cross-functional teams, which share the responsibility of work and maintain systems that run the software. With the use of DevOps, one can improve their collaboration between the stakeholders. 

 Deployment of this technology has helped systems work efficiently and has also helped in improving organization and people. Technology has been working well for the clients, and in this interview with The Enterprise World, Deepak Vijayraj unfolds the journey of Unite IT Consulting. 

1] How did you get the idea or concept for this company?

Unite IT Consulting was formed for the purpose to make a difference for customers, people, and the environment. The company believes that it’s more about improving the organization and people, and getting technology to work better for clients. If customers have a challenge dealing with disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things Sensors, Big Data, or Analytics, Unite IT ConsultingUnite IT Consulting is committed to helping these organizations to face those challenges.  It is the one-stop IT firm that can join the dots of various technologies and provide a complete solution to customers.

2] Tell us more about your journey.

It’s been an awesome journey over the last 1 year, where we have been able to help 2 of the Big 4 banks with their DevOps & Cloud strategy to get their products to market faster. We have also been involved with the Australian Government’s “Small Business Digital Champions Project” as an official Corporate Partner.

3] Can you brief us about your education and achievements?

The visionary and founder of Unite IT Consulting, Deepak Vijayaraj, Managing Director at Unite IT Consulting has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry.  He has donned many hats in various roles including Technical as Cloud Solution, Architect/DevOps, Consultant, and Management role as Program Manager at various companies like Amazon – Australia, Mercedes Benz – India, and Cognizant-India. 

4] Taking this enterprise further, was it easy or a catch-22?

Though we are doing well in DevOps & Cloud Consulting, we have been facing challenges to enter into the Smart City project space, as there is the very little scope and opportunities for a start-up company to prove and provide services in this space. But, things are improving and with time we are committed to establishing ourselves as a niche player in the Smart City project space.

5] What services does your company provide?

Unite IT Consulting is providing Strategy & Advisory to companies on driving the setup of smart infrastructure to enhance connectivity, liveability, productivity, and resilience. 

Following are the products Unite IT Consulting has currently :

  • DearBlue Water- Mobile application to monitor beach quality based on real time data received by IoT sensors in the beaches.
  • Asist- Single touch device for seniors and people with disability to call their caregiver at a touch of button in case of emergency. This IoT device can also place a call automatically to 3 persons, in case of a fall or heart beat slows down.
  • WoWCustomerXP -A suite of products in partnership with Freshworks to provide a 360 degree experience for customers throughout their journey with the company from Marketing, Sales and Support.

The company has a range of professional services as below:

  • Cloud services including Architecture, Migration of workloads from on premise to cloud and ongoing Support, as well as setting up direct physical connectivity from Datacenter to other Public Cloud provider Data center.
  • DevOps Implementation for startups to enterprise organizations to get their product quickly and beat the competition.
  • Microservices Development based on technologies like API and Docker.
  • Support customers to build Data Lake, Data Management and Analytics.
  • Smart City Strategy, Advisory and Solution Integration in below areas using IoT sensors.

6] What are the key strengths of your company?

Being a young company, Unite IT Consulting has already achieved some milestones like

  • Proud Corporate Partner for the Australian Government in their “Small Business Digital Champions Project”.
  • Supporting Partner for SmartSat CRC to help build Australian Space Industry.
  • Representing the IoT Industry on the Technical user group of “Australian Smart Communities Association”.
  • Taking the lead of setting up LoRaWAN network (The Things Network) in Western Sydney area, that helps local communities enjoy the benefits of a free network for IoT devices that will provide data and help to maintain safety, wellness and protect environment.
  • Recognized as “Top 10 Smart City Solution providers” and as “10 Best IT Consulting companies”.
  • Part of start up programs of CSIRO and Western Sydney University.

7] New era demands new methods. How do you cope with that?

IoT sensors running on Cloud infrastructure will be the big thing in technology. These two technologies help in building robust, reliable, and secure frameworks for collecting data from different areas of the community and help make informed data-driven decisions for a safe, secure and healthy feasible community.

8] What is one thing you do that keeps you a step further?

Unite IT Consulting’s experience has been to be always innovative for coming up with solutions for the clients, and deliver those solutions quickly and efficiently for the customers to succeed.

9] Is the industry parting ways from the traditional ways? Or is it taking the traditions with it?

The only thing constant in the IT industry is “Change”. With the technology evolving in leaps and bounds, we have come a long way from the Waterfall methodology to Agile and now adopting the DevOps framework. So we have always as an Industry parted ways with traditional ways of developing and delivering software.

10] What strategies are you working on to make the business a step further?

Unite IT Consulting’s vision is to become the “go-to” company. It is committed to Businesses and Enterprises for transforming their legacy IT systems to the latest cutting-edge technology using IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Docker, and Cloud-based on DevOps, Microservices, and Agile methodology.

11] How do you look after your employees?

Our success is directly related to our employees. We trust them and provide the freedom to work on their choice of work that interests them more. We also focus on their development with assistance to complete Industry certifications and also mentor them into Leadership roles.

12] What is your successful client relationship mantra?

We ensure our teams prioritize our customers’ issues over anything else, and take ownership of issues until it’s resolved. 

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