IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL – Partnering You in Your Journey of Success


IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL – Partnering You in Your Journey of Success

As diverse as the Indian culture is, its laws are just as diverse. The legal system of India is hybrid and has a mixture of civil, common law, and customary. The law also follows religious ethics. Therefore the law has always been a diversified field in India, where one can specialize in various aspects of it. Some firms specialize in litigation only, whereas some firms have a specialty in property law.

Being born into a family of Solicitors and Advocates, since childhood, Mr. Partha Mandal was inclined to the profession of law, even though he was a pure science student. After completing his education, he joined his family firm. Eventually, he grew the presence of their firm by setting up branches of the firm Bangalore and other states in South India.

During his stint with it, he honed his skills and gained experience in major key areas of practice with an increasingly potent client base. However, longing to create and mark an individual identity in the fraternity, IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL, Attorneys at Law, was started in the year 2004, by setting up the Firm’s first full-service office at Bengaluru, through its exclusive Affiliate, Chug LLP, a full-service law firm having its presence in various states of the United States of America.


IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL, Attorneys at Law commenced its operations in December 2004 in Bengaluru. At that time IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL was in its nascent stages and the firm focused on acquiring clients and employing a quality workforce to make their presence in the fraternity. Over the past 15 years, they have expanded the business operation pan India with full-fledged offices in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

Currently, IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL has 15 equity partners and a workforce of about 100 fee earners within the country. Mr. Partha Mandal is in charge of the Bangalore office along with Mr. Akash Mukherjee, a Partner with whose help and support, they have been able to establish a reputation in Bengaluru and worldwide. With effect from 21st September 2017, IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL, Attorneys at Law, is carrying on business under the merged brand name ‘IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL, Advocates & Solicitors’ post brand merger with ‘IC LEGAL, Advocates & Solicitors’.

“In the beginning, the focus was exclusively on growth and expansion of practice areas. The main challenge was financial bootstrapping with existing litigation practice being the only major source of income in IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL.”

This in turn created challenges in recruiting and attracting established lawyers with considerable expertise in the fields of law. To combat this, IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL focused on creating a stable contemporary workforce by tapping unexplored potential in the form of rising talents who would be conscious to bring a sense of identity to the Firm. 

“I spent quality time with each and every associate to train and guide them in different fields of law which enabled me to establish a strong foundation within our core team.” 

The main aim was to create a full-service law firm with dedicated lawyers who would focus on setting themselves apart from the other firms and create a higher standard of service to the complete satisfaction of the clients.

The Services- 

IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL is a dynamic full-service Indian law firm with over 100 professionals; including 15 Partners spread over 6 cities in India. They have long term association and have been affiliated with CHUGH LLP. The firm provides quality legal services to meet the business requirements of Clients both pan India and globally.

Though IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL specializes in addressing issues related to mergers and acquisitions, cross border transactions, information technology, staffing, corporate compliance, real estate, they have considerable expertise in other sectors as well, with a broad range of experience in the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement of commercial agreements, as well as a litigation team capable of handling the processes of the courts and administrative bodies. 

IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL is also a leading financial services law firm with clientele including the majority of the Top 20 Indian financial services groups, majority of the Top 10 Mutual Funds, whilst also maintaining more than 20% market share in the Investment Funds space. The Firm also enjoys the numero uno position in SEBI regulatory licensing practice across the intermediary space. They also specialize in real estate & media laws with clientele including the Who’s Who in the real estate and entertainment industry.

The Key Strengths-

“One of our key strengths, undisputedly, is our experienced and committed workforce who functions in the sphere of hard work, passion, and perseverance to achieve the desired results. We aim to deliver the Work to the Clients’ satisfaction which is our pride and key strength.”

 Their genuine care, attention to detail, and client-focused method of work ensure that the value addition and integrity are placed above all else. They have been effective in representing a broad client base with their teams involved in every aspect of law providing suitable and practical advice and other legal services to Clients. IC UNIVERSAL LEGAL represents several top-tier companies and funds and has been counsel on some of the largest transactions in varied verticals.

Their motto is ‘Understand’, ‘Resolve’ and ‘Deliver’. The firm strives to provide its clients with the reassurance of being able to understand the nuances of their business and thereby reaffirming their commitment to devise innovative solutions that matter. The spirit of their work is dictated by their vision to provide timely yet practical business solutions. The firm believes that the only way to effectively resolve is to travel the path alongside. 

 “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday” is what the famous American musician, Matty Mullins once said.

Competition works both ways and the firm has always trained itself to only focus on the positive aspects. Competition helps to give our cent percent, using the team’s complete potential and caliber to good advantage. The firm believes, there is no shortcut to hard work and competition only facilitates the process of “survival of the fittest”. It is nerve-racking at times, but things do fall into place when we give it our maximum dedication and effort.

The only way to cope up with the competition is to be the best in what one does and each day. 

“We aim to provide the best plausible and pragmatic legal solutions to our Clients.”

The IC Universal Legal Family-

The attorneys and associates in the Firm are treated as true professionals and each of them has the liberty to make their independent decisions about the matters of their work. The suggestions and advice provided by the professionals are considered to be extremely valuable which helps the firm and every professional grow personally and professionally.

The firm does not believe in the hierarchy when it comes to learning and each person in the Firm is free to express their views and opinion. A friendly atmosphere is maintained in the office which facilitates the employees’ performance and work. The office staff is always treated with dignity and respect as they play an important role in ensuring that the clients are in a pleasant environment.

“There is never a concept of “I” in our Firm, whereas on the other hand, it is always “we” as a team. We believe, this strongly enhances our team spirit, helps in building the teams’ confidence immensely, and polishes their skills.”

With offices across the United States and India, the Firm has leveraged its cross-border specialization to develop a strong international practice. The Merger & Acquisition Practice Group combines its expertise in domestic and international laws with its years of experience to devise innovative and effective transactions for its Clients. 

The long-term experience in this working model and our performance-based work culture has ensured that every Client receives innovative and tailor-made solutions specific to their queries and problems. Traversing through the complex variety and intricacies of laws and regulations applicable to the diverse legal regime creates a very challenging structural exercise in every aspect

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