Saudi Attacks: US to seek UN action on the attacks despite possible Russian opposition

US to seek UN Security Council action

On Tuesday, a senior US official called for UN Security Council to respond to the attacks on Saudi’s oil facilities. The US has been blaming the attacks on Iran, but it is still not clear what action the US official is referring to and whether Washington will secure Russian cooperation.

UN Security Council

“We do see a role for the U.N. Security Council to play. Saudi was attacked and it would be appropriate for them to call upon the council. But we first need to gather the releasable information,” the senior U.S. official said.

Although the meaning of the ‘releasable information’ is not made clear, the US, at many times previously has released some classified information to present its case at the Security Council. The US believes that the attacks originated from south-western Iran. While still being unclear about what action from the 15 member Security Council the official is expecting, the Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo has suggested many options over the past years which Washington is not pursuing actively.

The success seems unlikely as some of the diplomats have said that China and Russia, which are the council veto powers along with Britain, France, and the US will likely shield Iran. The least the UN can do is issue a statement to condemn the attack, but such a move has to be agreed upon by unanimity. Also, Russia has warned against jumping to conclusions as to who was behind the attack.

Iran has had many sanctions, but most of them were lifted off in 2016 under the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and other world powers. Even then, Iran is subjected to the UN’s arms embargo and some other restrictions.

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