Uttsah Sharma: 360° Quality Assurance Beyond the Surface Level

Uttsah Sharma: 360° Quality Assurance Beyond the Surface Level | The Enterprise World

Imagine the business world like a giant marathon, where each business competes to maintain the lead and reach the finish line quicker. For most, to achieve this result and triumph over the competition, there is no substitute for quality—be it through products, services, or other business operations.

While quality control is not a novel process, it has become more complex in recent decades. Businesses have increasingly begun implementing relevant quality assurance (QA) processes owed to its transformative power—from customer satisfaction and saved resources to improved efficiency and innovation.

Qniverse is a prominent player setting the benchmark in the QA industry. Under the leadership of the CEO, Uttsah Sharma, Qniverse is challenging traditional methods and redefining quality assurance globally. With a wealth of experience collaborating with various IT/ consultancy organizations, Uttsah Sharma is amongst the most visionary leaders to watch in 2024.

A turning point

Once upon a time, Uttsah Sharma found herself lost, yearning for purpose but unsure where to find it. Navigating life and its twists and turns, she entered Mumbai—a city brimming with energy, opportunity, and the promise of something extraordinary.

Soon, she began her career in FinTech—a world that ignited her passion for quality assurance and excellence. With amassed knowledge and a desire to make a difference, she rose to leadership responsibilities at a remarkably young age.

On her leadership journey, Uttsah Sharma understood the crucial role of recognizing strengths and weaknesses, embracing change, and striving for excellence in everything one does. With her valuable contributions, she became known as a disruptor for good—a title that filled her with pride and reaffirmed her belief in hard work and determination.

Amidst navigating the chaos of corporate life, she was inspired by the work of the CEO—a visionary whose impact on the company and its culture encouraged her to dream bigger and reach higher. Uttsah Sharma began manifesting, believing wholeheartedly in its power to shape her destiny and bring her dreams to life.

However, she soon realized that manifestation alone was not enough. She needed to combine her aspirations with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. To expand her knowledge and deepen her understanding of the business world, she pursued an MBA.

Uttsah Sharma then joined the Dogma Group—a chance to apply her newfound knowledge and expertise in a new setting. She took on the challenge of transforming the QA department but faced adversity and uncertainty. However, she believed that change was possible.

And indeed, she was correct. Through transformative QA processes and a proactive approach, she reversed the fortunes and set the company toward renewed prosperity. The impact was tangible, as clients stayed loyal and contributed to a significant increase in revenue through upsells and cross-sells.

Realizing the potential of their approach to revolutionize the industry, she decided to establish her own company dedicated to pioneering innovative QA solutions to drive meaningful change across the globe. It was a bold move riddled with blockades, but she was undeterred, fuelled by a burning passion to make a positive difference.

With her vision and relentless determination, she began the adventure of a lifetime in the form of Qniverse. This journey redefined her understanding of success and fulfillment, leaving an unforgettable mark on the world.

In the end, the rest, as they say, is history—a testament to the transformative power of belief, perseverance, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Pushing away the question marks

Starting Qniverse, a completely new company, was no small feat—there were uncertainties and questions about where to begin and how to proceed. Yet, with faith as her guide and the support of her co-founder, Eddie, they started this journey together. 

They knew that getting the first client and leveraging the existing QA team was vital. Building trust with new clients was an initial challenge, but its track record of delivering quality services on previous projects helped instill confidence in its capabilities.

Finding the ideal office space where each individual could thrive, Qniverse moved from one co-working space to another before permanently settling down.

A great team is essential to building a great company, but attracting and retaining talent is no easy task. As most seemed drawn toward Western opportunities, creating a positive company culture that fosters growth and development became a priority for Qniverse. On the other hand, retaining its existing talent and recruiting new members to drive the company forward was challenging—especially with limited resources.

Uttsah Sharma believes every day brings new opportunities to learn, grow, and make a difference globally. With perseverance and determination, Qniverse continues to move toward building a future where the company thrives and makes a meaningful impact in the industry.

Quality Above All

Prioritizing quality, Qniverse is a leader in ensuring digital aspects like websites and mobile apps work well. Its primary goal is to provide the best service possible in the always-evolving tech world.

While some teams at Qniverse are experts in software like CRM products from Microsoft and Salesforce, others specialize in Microsoft Business Central and Dynamics for Finance and Operations.

Beyond tech, Qniverse helps businesses with their software challenges, regardless of their industry. As problem solvers, Qniverse offers digital solutions to businesses to tackle the encountered issues.

When clients work with us, they can trust that we’re dedicated to their success and will help them easily navigate the sometimes-tricky world of software development.

Excellence at Each Stage

We truly care is not just a slogan—it is the driving force behind Qniverse. In the QA world, there is a fundamental shift from mere testing to a comprehensive approach with excellence at every stage.

Traditionally, testing was an afterthought in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Developers would build, and testers would test, often without a holistic view of the final product. It led to a cycle of endless back-and-forth: developing, identifying bugs, fixing, retesting, and repeating—an inefficient and costly process.

Today, many companies claim to offer QA services, but they merely scratch the surface, focusing solely on finding bugs. Qniverse has redefined QA by embedding it into the development DNA from the outset. 

Unlike others, we don’t wait until the final stages; our QA experts are involved from the project’s inception.

By including QA professionals in kick-off calls, Qniverse ensures they fully grasp project requirements, eliminating the need for blueprints or requirements documents. It enables Qniverse to forecast potential problems to address them head-on during the initial stage. With this approach, Qniverse saves valuable time and effort—resulting in shorter project durations and superior project outcomes.

Taking a Step Further

Quality in every step is the core belief ingrained in the commitment, values, and principles of Qniverse. Its objective is to enhance the overall quality of the project across its lifecycle. Even after project delivery, it gathers client feedback and conducts thorough post-mortem analyses to identify areas of improvement.

Qniverse dedicates 20% of its time to providing learning and growth-related opportunities for its employees. Employees can obtain certifications and access various courses through platforms like Udemy. Beyond these certifications, the company shares knowledge on technical and non-technical topics through regular QniQuest sessions.

Following a philosophy that nurtures talent from the ground up, Qniverse offers internship programs to provide rigorous training and employment opportunities to aspiring individuals.

Life after the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic brought both challenges and opportunities. Businesses worldwide faced economic downturns and budget constraints, highlighting the importance of a strong workforce.

Qniverse dealt with difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in its own way. It prioritized employee well-being and growth despite financial challenges—avoiding layoffs and salary cuts thanks to its reserves. Instead, it focused on fostering a culture of appreciation and support through regular engagement activities, building strong team relationships, and offering flexible work arrangements.

Recognizing that a happy workforce fosters productivity, Qniverse offers flexible work options to accommodate personal needs and responsibilities and actively invests in programs promoting work-life balance, professional development, and personal growth.

Memorable Client Project

Uttsah Sharma highlights Qniverse’s collaboration with Fable FinTech as one of the most successful projects that displayed its expertise and exceeded expectations.

Fable FinTech was searching for a quality-focused partner who could fulfill their ambitious project goals. Qniverse proactively identified risks and created a comprehensive testing plan to ensure early issue detection and mitigation. 

By getting involved in every operation from the start, Qniverse optimized the development process and enhanced the overall project quality. Through comprehensive testing and ongoing support, Qniverse ensured the software functioned flawlessly and delivered a high-quality project.

Website: https://qniverse.co.uk 
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size: 11-50 employees
Headquarters: London, England
Type: Public Company
Founded: 2021
Specialties: Quality Assurance, Team Building, Process Improvement, Resources On-Demand, Quality Improvement, Building a Quality Culture, and Quality anytime and place
Uttsah Sharma: 360° Quality Assurance Beyond the Surface Level | The Enterprise World

Businesses must constantly innovate to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. The innovation allowed Qniverse to:

  • Develop unique services for clients, exceeding their evolving needs and fostering long-term relationships.
  • Streamline internal processes and boost productivity, delivering high-quality services efficiently.
  • Empower employees through a culture of learning and experimentation, driving innovation across the organization.
  • Adapt to changing markets and seize new opportunities by staying ahead of industry trends.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.

William Jennings Bryan.

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