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Technology has evolved to rule almost every aspect of our lives. In this fast-paced world, where content creation and its consumption are an imperative part of our lives, content providers can be at a disadvantage. In times like these, digital rights management can help them create a safe and protected environment for their content. Digital Rights Management, or DRM, protection can help content creators and distributors manage access to copyrighted, sensitive, or exclusive digital assets.DRM software offers many advantages to its users, one of which is the safeguarding of digital content. Assets are kept exclusive, preventing unauthorized access and deterring users from copying, sharing, or modifying copyrighted content.

Featured in The Enterprise World’s current issue of Top Digital Rights Management Solution Providers In 2024 is the story of one of the industry leaders: Vitrium Systems. Helping organizations protect their content, secure their revenue streams, and safely distribute digital assets.. 

The Journey of Vitrium Systems

Vitrium Systems- Empowering Content Providers with Seamless Digital Rights Management’s foundation was laid in 2005, when its founders had the goal of protecting PDF files without the need of messy plug-ins or third party apps. Starting as a simple PDF protection software, and originally named ProtectedPDF, Vitrium was born. In 2011, Susan Daly stepped in as the CEO of the company, aiming for higher targets, while in complete sync of the vision of the company.

Today the company’s products have significantly evolved from the  original PDF protection. Vitrium’s range of services and products today include the protection of multiple content types such as images, videos, and audio formats, as well as a modern web viewer with numerous tools and features, and several advanced DRM settings and controls.

“We still do this without the use of any messy plug-ins or third-party apps for users to download!”

“Our focus for nearly 20 years has been to balance the need for content protection with the need for seamless user access,” adds Susan. 

Overcoming the Challenges

As with any tech start-up, Vitrium Systems had its fair share of financial challenges in the first six years of founding. However, in 2011, when Susan Daly took over as the CEO of the company and took on the task of corporate restructuring, Vitrium found its focus. 

“It helped us realign with the vision and focus.”

With a new-found focus, Vitrium Systems was all set to empower organizations to protect their valuable intellectual property. The company’s vision became to build the best digital rights management products that could provide elemental solutions to the issues related with digital content distribution. . Additionally, Vitrium started concentrating on specific verticals of the market where it had some success already. 

After its rebuilding phase in 2011, the company initially focused on selling its products into 3 key markets:

  • Associations & Standards
  • Education & Training 
  • Research & Data Intelligence 

However, owing to its remarkable growth over the years, Vitrium Systems also included other verticals in its expansion, such as:

  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Manufacturing and Technology

“Having a clear purpose, vision and focus has been the main reason behind Vitrium’s long-standing success.”

Vitrium Systems’s Suite of Products and Services

Vitrium provides content protection and digital rights management (DRM) software to organizations that want to protect their digital content, including: videos, documents, images, and audio files. Vitrium’s DRM software empowers businesses to protect their intellectual property (IP), ensuring it’s protected from unauthorized copying, sharing, or redistribution. 

Vitrium DRM-protected content has been published and distributed by thousands of companies and accessed by millions of end users around the world, without the risk of piracy. Businesses enjoy Vitrium’s strong security, flexibility, and ease of use, but what really sets it apart from its competitors is that it doesn’t require end users to download any plug-ins or proprietary software to view protected content. 

“This attention between balancing the need for protection with seamless user access has been our focus for nearly 20 years!”

An Overview of Vitrium’s top-notch Products:

Vitrium Security Enterprise DRM

With Vitrium Security Enterprise, you’ll get a premium DRM software solution that will ensure your valuable or confidential content and IP is protected, your workflows are automated, and your end users have seamless access to their content.

Some of its key features include:

  • Protect your documents, images, audio, and videos
  • Apply DRM controls: expiry dates, device limits, and more
  • Insert user-identifying watermarks
  • Distribute content securely and prevent unauthorized access
  • Integrate Vitrium with your other business systems
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO) access to your end users

Vitrium Security Pro DRM Software

Get up and running with DRM software in a matter of days. Vitrium Security Pro comes with extensive DRM controls, watermarking options, and a fully customized portal to distribute your content securely.

Some of its key features include:

  • Protect your documents, images, audio and videos
  • Prevent printing, copying, unauthorized downloading or sharing
  • Apply DRM controls: expiry dates, device limits, IP restrictions & more*
  • Distribute content securely & prevent unauthorized access
  • Offer seamless access to protected content
  • Provide single sign-on access to your end users*

*For important information on any of Vitrium Systems’s features, please visit


VitriumOne combines your need to protect your content with the ability to license it to your customers or partners so they can then redistribute it to their users. While you maintain control at all times. It is much more than just DRM.

Some of its key features include:

  • Manage, distribute, & protect your content all in one place
  • Encrypt content, apply watermarks and other DRM controls
  • Re-distribute licensed content to different types of users
  • Provide seamless access to your customers and their users
  • Track content usage and analyze user behavior

What the Future Holds?

Since 2011, Vitrium has been a customer-centric and market-driven company. What has facilitated the company’s growth and allowed it to take a step further in the business comes from different factors: 

  • The company has evolved its product line and expanded its feature set by listening to their customers and prospects, building what they ask for or what they can’t find elsewhere in the industry.
  • Vitrium ensures that they stay on top of market trends and take advantage of new or improved technology, which allows them to scale their product, build components faster, or handle larger volumes.
  • The company hires new people in different geographical regions to address the demands of companies requiring DRM in multiple parts of the world. 

Building a Team Aligned with the Vision

When everyone is on the same page, even the most challenging goals are achievable. As important as it is for companies to expand their product lines, and give the best services to its customers, it is just as important for them to build a team that shares the ultimate goal. 

Vitrium has a tremendously talented team of software developers, solutions engineers, technical support and customer success specialists, and solutions-oriented sales, marketing and finance people. 

“We’re a team that supports our customers all along their Vitrium journey, from Sales to Implementation to Support!”

With expertise in digital rights management (DRM), Vitrium’s team is also a group of authentic, kind and accountable people. The team takes responsibility for their tasks and follows through on what they say. Sugar coating things is not in their agenda, but they are always kind, courteous and professional. 

“Besides having a great DRM product, we believe customers choose us over our competitors because of our exceptional customer service and dedicated team!”, adds Susan. 

This can-do attitude of the team has helped Vitrium be the recipient of several accolades and achievements. Some of those include:

Key Achievements of Vitrium Include:

  • Introducing a secure HTML web viewer for protecting documents in 2011. This was around the time when iPads, tablets and smartphones were gaining popularity, so having a web-based viewer that can be accessible on any device was a big game-changer for Vitrium. It allowed the customers’ end users to access Vitrium-protected content on any major browser, on any device. 
  • Introducing RESTful APIs in 2015, which allowed customers to integrate Vitrium Enterprise DRM software with other business systems that customers were using in their business such as a Learning Management Systems (LMS), eCommerce Systems, Association Management Systems (AMS), CRM systems, Content Management Systems (CMS), and more.
  • Introducing a customizable, secure user portal in 2016, allowing the smaller customers to be able to distribute their content in a central, secure web portal that they could customize to match their own company branding. It’s become almost a mini micro-site for Vitrium’s customers! And the team continues to evolve and expand this user portal today. 
  • Adding extensive tracking and analytics to the DRM platform so customers can gain more insight into how their users are consuming or engaging with their content. With reports that track total views, read-through-rate, view-rate, and time spent, customers can identify which content is the most popular, which users are the most active and engaged, and where the majority of users are accessing content from. They can use this data to make informed business decisions. 
  • But probably the biggest achievement for Vitrium was expanding its PDF protection software to include DRM for a wide range of other file formats: Word and Excel documents, images such as PNG, JPG and GIF, audio content, and video content such as MP4, MOV, and FLV. Today, Vitrium’s DRM software protects over 25 file formats!

Susan Daly: Leading the Way!

President & CEO

Susan has had a passion for technology and software since she was 10 years old! A business graduate from Simon Fraser University in Canada, Susan worked at various software companies before landing at Vitrium and being promoted to CEO in 2011. As a busy mom of two kids, Susan leads Vitrium Systems with a family-first approach. You can also find her on the weekends exploring the local mountains of her hometown in beautiful BC, Canada!

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