WAI WAI India, Under CG Corp Global’s FMCG vertical CG Foods Ownership, Enlists Bollywood Star Ayushmann Khurrana as Brand Ambassador 

XX Sept, Location, 2023: CG Corp Global’s FMCG vertical CG Foods, the owner of the renowned noodle brand WAI WAI, proudly announces its partnership with Bollywood’s superstar Ayushmann Khurrana as its new brand ambassador. With a legacy of 25 years and a dedicated following among the youth, WAI WAI is set to further solidify its position by joining forces with Ayushmann Khurrana, whose genuine and versatile persona deeply resonates with the youth. 

Under the theme and tagline “WAI WAI Wala Taste”, this collaboration aims to celebrate the distinctive flavor, taste, and seasoning that has endeared WAI WAI to its enthusiasts. Mr. Varun Chaudhary, Managing Director of CG Foods & CG Corp Global India, states, “Collaborating with Ayushmann Khurrana was my top priority, and I am delighted that we have joined forces in such a short time. This partnership comes at a critical moment when my vision for the brand includes not only exponential growth in sales but also the establishment of deep connections with WAI WAI fans across the country. India is an important market for us , and I am dedicated to ensuring that WAI WAI attains a leadership position with its roots deeply entrenched in India.” 

WAI WAI has strategically decided to foster a stronger connection with the emerging generation, encompassing young adults, teenagers, and working professionals. As the sole standalone brand producing pre-seasoned noodles, colloquially referred to as ‘Brown Noodles,’ WAI WAI is set to introduce an exciting transformation to the market. 

The brand is gearing up to delight its dedicated aficionados of Korean spicy cuisine with a thrilling and exotic assortment of 2X Spicy noodles, presented through its sub-brand ‘Dynamite.’ With the recent signing of Ayushmann Khurrana, the brand is now poised to embark on a dynamic 360 campaign that holds the potential to resonate deeply with the contemporary youth. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Ayushmann Khurrana shared,  

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be associated with a youth-facing brand like Wai Wai. What sets it apart is the vibrant and diverse range of products it offers. From an array of exotic noodles catering to every taste, region, and preference, the brand lives up to its name.” 

The triumph of this campaign and partnership pivots on the significant stride taken in the right direction. As the fiscal year enters its crucial Quarter 3, the brand is steadfastly aiming to achieve a remarkable milestone of Rs 2000 crores in revenue, signifying an impressive 100% surge compared to the previous year. This ambitious goal underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to growth and innovation, bolstered by its collaboration with Ayushmann Khurrana, as it continues to carve its path as a leading player in the market. 


About CG Corp Global 

CG Corp Global is Nepal’s biggest multinational conglomerate with over 160 companies and 123 brands spread across 35 countries. The Conglomerate has a century and half old history beginning in cross-national trading and now boasts of an incredible repertoire of businesses ranging from Food to Finance, from Hospitality to Green Transport and from Electronics to Realty and many more businesses. 

About CG Foods India 

CG Foods is the FMCG vertical of CG Corp Global, a leading Nepal based multinational conglomerate with 160 companies and 123 brands established across 35 countries. CG Foods India Pvt Ltd. Currently the brand owns 7 plants and 10 manufacturing lines in India. The brand WAI WAI was first introduced in India via exports in the 1990s.  

It started as a packet of Ready to Eat noodles loved by boarders and travellers which can be eaten raw, and went on to making its way into the homes of more than 48 countries across the globe.  

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