When Technology Helps To Bolster Productivity: 3 Examples

When Technology Helps To Bolster Productivity 3 Examples

It’s 2021 and the entire world has had a problem with getting used to the new normal which includes staying inside for the most part. While this does have its perks, staying and working indoors most of the time can also take a toll on a person’s mental health which automatically affects their productivity

People have been doing their best to push through this rough phase of life everywhere by using different methods and tools that enable them to be more productive despite working remotely and spending a majority of their time at home. In this article, we’ll look at 3 examples of how technology helped bolster productivity this year, let’s dive right in!

1. Tools That Make Work Easy

It’s a known fact that being able to complete a task with ease makes one feel motivated and helps them finish more tasks at hand. For example, a person is more prone to avoid doing the tasks he has listed out for the day if the first task takes about 5 hours to complete by itself. This can not only drain the person but can also be demotivating and prevent him from even getting to the other tasks at hand. 

Instead, being able to finish the first task in a shorter span of time will give him the mental boost he requires to keep going and get at least 3 tasks done before he takes a break. This is why tools like a paystub generator are loved by people who work in financial teams and such, as it makes it easier to process and deliver long and complex calculations which would otherwise take hours to finish on regular apps for productivity.

2. Tools That Are Organized and Motivating

This may sound weird, but having a system that feels rewarding can automatically boost your productivity while working. Additionally, using tools where all your tasks are listed out in clear points and labeled according to their individual needs can help people stay on top of tasks and also feel motivated as they get more things done on the list. 

This is why tools like Trello have seen massive growth during the lockdown and WFH phases over the last few months, as people love having a tool where they can jot down all their tasks in separate files which can also be shifted to a “Done” list once completed, which is a reward-system in itself.

Having a tool that helps you organize your work tasks and productivity is one step closer to having a productive lifestyle as you’ve got a clear agenda of what needs to be done and also have a side-by-side view of all that you’ve completed over the last few months too! Also, you can create shared boards on Trello that allow you to plan and track goals with the rest of the team.

3. Easy Communication

Apart from personally feeling motivated and productive, your work life can only flourish if your entire team is able to feel the same way as you and contribute equally. The best way to do this is to have one platform where all planning and communication takes place, as this can help reduce the communication gap that occurs during remote work for productivity. 

Platforms such as Slack and Zoho Cliq are popular for their ease of use and ability to bring entire organizations into one single platform where you can text, voice, and video call, send voice notes, collaborate, share, plan, and do so much more. Using such platforms during remote work instead of regular emails can help you and the rest of your team get more work done in a short span of time productivity.

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