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Amrut Software – Software at Your Service

Since the business world evolved and functioning and processes become smoother and more efficient, it eventually led to a more engaging and resourceful experience for the customer. As it is the thumb rule of any company or business, to become successful and achieve growth, i.e., Customer is the King. Customer satisfaction and care are some of the most crucial parts of any company or business as not only does the service speak about the company’s brand and reputation but also word of mouth is still one of the best marketing strategies of all time.

To achieve this companies should not only focus on the selling of their products and services but also the after-sales inquiries and related services to them. This becomes exceedingly important with companies dealing in complex domains, such as software, etc. and it becomes their duty to provide end-to-end services for better customer retention and holistic development of the company.

Amrut Software is one of the most shining companies when it comes to providing End-to-end software services, and BPO services. They are not only delivering these services with the best industry standards and practices but also provide consultancy and turn-key solutions in the IT, SEO, and Multilingual Translation Industry. Together, they not only make them a one-stop company for a wide range of solutions, with more than 100 qualified professionals and consultants working relentlessly to provide the best, most efficient, and scalable services to their customers.

Their experience with various industries has not only added to the accuracy and authenticity of their company and its services but has also carved a name for them as one of the promising Atlassian solution providers, with a bold presence all over the globe.

In conversation with the MD and Founder of Amrut Software, Abhay Bhalerao. Let’s hear more about Amrut Software, its services, and the professional journey of the Founder. 

How did Amrut Software come into existence, what is Amrut Software, and the initial challenges faced by Amrut Software?

Amrut Software was started by accident. I had received an inquiry from a friend about a BPO process for a possible client and that led to the start of the company resulting in getting into software product sales and then into software services. The important point is no product can be made to get going immediately, it involves a change, training, configuration, integration, testing, etc. Hence while selling the software is important what is more important is a good implementation. We do both.

Amrut Software is an End-to-end Software and BPO services and solutions provider, based out of Mumbai. We also provide consultancy and turn-key solutions in the IT, SEO, and Multilingual Translation Industry.

Amrut Software is one of the most shining companies when it comes to providing End-to-end software services, and BPO services.

We aim to listen to business needs, promote ideas, and build strategies to provide clients with satisfactory services. We ensure that we deliver goals by meeting deadlines, well within the cost parameters. But the real unique selling proposition is the immense trust that has helped us build long-term relationships with our clients.

At Amrut Software, we bring to you full lifecycle support of services incorporating the latest IT technology, BPO, and Software segment with their related advancements. Being Atlassian’s premier partner in India, we also provide co-managed solutions that help enterprises safeguard their critical business operations. We also procure, test, configure and bring to your doorstep a wide range of leading-edge solutions and products and offer simple yet flexible, cost-effective IT support packages.

Amrut Software has a robust methodology, scalable solutions, and human resources that stand as a backbone to it. We sport teamwork and encourage healthy environments so that the company and the employees can grow together for a bigger cause and a better tomorrow. As a result of our efforts, constant research and growth as well as technological upgrades, we, the team of Amrut Software is very much pleased to offer the latest online services and software developments.

The challenge was to work in a BPO setup in which I had no experience or expertise. It was frustrating at first but slowly we understood the training of candidates, processes, quality, etc. It was new learning for me as I was involved in the sales of software from the start of my career. The other challenges in India are Govt rules, restrictions, etc. The management training comes in handy in such cases, which saved me.

What led to the growth of Amrut Software and the reasons keeping it successful over the years?

The growth of Amrut Software was consistent and the selection of the right people at the right time in the right place. Many times, strategies are written afterward. You need a bit of luck and firefighting systems in place. Belief in what you are doing is very important.

We have been consistent with our product sets and continuous learning. For us, the growth of some of our partners helped in growing the company as well. Hence being associated with the right set of partners as well as a team is very important. 

Tell us about Amrut Software’s service offerings, new addition, and how do these services keep up with the changing time and trends in the industry.

We focus on DevOps, ITSM, and Helpdesk services and products related to these. Our experience with multiple types of customers, long term association with such technologies and processes separate us from the rest. Again, we have always tried our best to serve clients even if in some cases it meant a loss to us. The customer is the king at the same time he is our partner in a win-win situation.

We have added Microsoft azure DevOps to Atlassian-based solutions as well as some additions to Helpdesk solutions. This gives our customers more flexibility.

Abhay Bhalerao, MD & CEO

It’s a continuous process of learning and relearning and change. We can’t say that this is now our core competency and it’s not going to change. The world is seriously flat now and we have to be on our toes. We have to seek out new developments and be true to our customers. Honesty and integrity are very important if you want to stay long in a business.

Give a brief of your professional journey.

My educational background is BE Mech and MBA Marketing. My first job was in 1990 in sales. The consistent growth of the company over the years has been on the humble foundation of my ideals of ethical business practices and perseverance of complete customer satisfaction.

My experience is not limited to Technology, as I am also a founding member of one of the best pubs and in-house Breweries called Barking Deer. My interests in different horizons of businesses have given him a broader perspective to managing better and become a cornerstone in the growth and development of different organizations.

I am also a Founding Member of Equest Technologies who is into Cashew Manufacturing based in Goa. With a complete department of Recycling Plastic Wastes, Equest has developed one of the most astounding factory outlets for Recycling. I have also Co-founded a Wellness Hygiene company called ThatsPersonal. I don’t look at the journey with some achievements. I am rather happy that many in our team have bought houses, have a nice family set up and people are happy even in covid times working from their homes and are safe.

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