Isos Technology – Atlassian Solutions, Redefined, Exemplified!

Thad West- Isos Technology

Isos Technology – Atlassian Solutions, Redefined, Exemplified!

Since the world of automation and technology dawned upon us, the possibilities, applications, and innovations it unfolds have improved the functioning, efficiency, and face of the companies altogether. As most of the work is in the hands of coders and developers, Atlassian becomes one of the most important tools for them as it provides a wide range of solutions and services. As it fits seamlessly with agile workflow processes, making it incredibly accessible across many industries, providing services that can fit and scale into many areas that a company may require to manage their systems, processing, and functioning better.

Many companies are using the Atlassian platform as it can be used with other integrations such as Jira, etc., unlocking the potential and applications to a much wider base and making sure that specific solutions can be made and be provided across many industries and levels. As the Atlassian platform is complex in its applications and grassroots, one should find experts in the field with thorough knowledge, hands-on experience, and companies that are up to date with the latest trends and practices.

Isos Technology is the first name that comes when a company or a business is looking for ITSM, Scaled Agile, DevOps, and migrating to the cloud, etc. services. They not only pioneer the industry practices and services but also their award-winning team of experts, whose industry knowledge and experience are spread across many industries, truly makes them one of the best companies to look for in this domain.

They provide unparalleled service with a user interface that provides a uniquely satisfying experience to their clients, with tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly to their client’s needs and demands. They are one of the most sought-after companies in the domain, exceeding their client’s expectations and leaping ahead of the competition in the market. 

In conversation with the CEO at Isos Technology, Thad West. Let’s hear more about the company, its unmatched services, and also about Thad’s entrepreneurial journey and his views.

Please tell us about Isos Technology and the factors triggering its growth.

Isos Technology helps companies that are changing the world. As a premier Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, we make organizations’ Atlassian tools work more efficiently and effectively for them with the least amount of disruption, so that they can focus on their business priorities. Our award-winning team has tackled some of the toughest problems companies face across ITSM, Scaled Agile, DevOps, and migrating to the cloud, helping them get the most value out of their technology investment.

Since 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations in both the private and public sector achieve their goals through our proven process of effective communication, thorough planning, and taking a long-term view of our client’s success. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with offices across the U.S., Isos Technology has been recognized as an Atlassian Partner of the Year: Enterprise, an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company, and a CIOReview Most Promising Agile Consulting Company. 

Initially, it was a challenge to find our identity as a company. We knew we had a lot of value to bring to our clients, but we weren’t focused and found ourselves chasing too many different types of opportunities.

Isos Technology was founded by four technology nerds in 2005 and started as an Enterprise Java development consulting firm. Our then-small team quickly took on several projects for a few key clients in a variety of industries. From Day 1, our development team used the Atlassian tools—Jira and Confluence, specifically—for the collaboration and planning of these consulting projects. 

Very early on, our clients expressed interest in how we effectively delivered our software solutions. Many of them enjoyed learning our process, and how we leveraged the Atlassian tools to enable better collaboration and project success. It was at that point that we realized that there was something really special about Atlassian’s products and the company, in general. We found our focus and identity, we became an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in 2014, and the rest is history.

Tell us about the services in the arsenal of Isos Technology, new additions and your plans on taking them ahead in the future.

Our award-winning, Atlassian-certified team is made up of experts in business processes, software development, change management, and more. We’ve tackled some of the toughest problems companies face across ITSM, Scaled Agile, DevOps, and cloud migration. In a nutshell, we help our clients get the most value out of their Atlassian investment. Companies have engaged us at every step of their technology journey, from implementation and integrations to training, optimization, platform management, and managed services.

We’re also heavily invested in the long-term journey of our clients. We roll up our sleeves and become an integral part of their organizations, for the long haul. Lots of Atlassian Solution Partners can migrate data from one platform to another, but we take pride in the fact that we do all of that initial work up front, and then engage our clients for years to come. We learn their business goals and then set about helping them with critical business decisions, scalability issues, and every day “nitty-gritty” of handling license purchases, performing upgrades, and onboarding new staff members as users of the Atlassian tools. And we do this all with transparent, thorough, and detailed communication. 

We’re also different because of the value proposition we bring to our clients: We’re heavily focused on leveraging the breadth of the Isos Technology team. We don’t expect one person or resource to be the solution for a client. It is nearly impossible for one individual to be able to answer all the unique problems, questions, and issues that arise within a particular organization because every company is so unique. Atlassian has a very large and dynamic ecosystem which that makes it all the more difficult to be an expert in “all the things.” We like to take a team-based approach, and that has paid off in spades not only for our clients but for us, as well.

We’re very excited about Jira Align, Atlassian’s Enterprise Agile planning tool. Atlassian added Align to their portfolio in 2019 and has committed itself to providing enterprise teams with a transformational planning tool that offers real-time visibility and aligns every team to strategy. Isos Technology recently became Jira Align-certified through Atlassian and we are thrilled to be implementing this revolutionary new tool with some of our clients.

We’re also excited about Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk), which launched in 2020. We see Atlassian as being a serious contender in the ITSM/ESM space. We’ve been working with ITSM solutions since 2016 and this latest release creates an incredible amount of opportunities for us and our clients.

Our number one driver of maturing our products and services is the feedback we receive from our clients and the market. We’re not looking to build solutions or technology that interest us, we’re looking to build solutions and technologies that satisfy our customers’ needs. 

Brief us about your professional journey and experience.

As a Co-Founder and CEO of Isos Technology, I’m responsible for the overall vision, strategy, and execution of the business. I’ve had over two decades of working in technology, with extensive experience in product management, development team leadership, enterprise architecture, and business application development. Before co-founding Isos Technology, I held the position of VP of Application Development for a Fortune 100 financial company and Director of Product Management for a mid-size software company specializing in mobile applications for the construction industry. 

Over the years, I’ve honed my skills through extensive experience in all aspects of enterprise technology, business process optimization, and team management. I have diverse enterprise experience in a wide range of fields, including finance, health services, insurance, construction, and retail technologies, and my experience in these areas has given me powerful tools to provide comprehensive client solutions. These skills coupled with my commitment to providing the best service possible have led Isos Technology in establishing itself as an exemplary model of a technical solutions provider. 

Individual Award:

  • Winner of the 2015 AZ Top Tech Exec Awards CEO award
  • Isos Technology Awards:
  • Atlassian Partner of the Year: ITSM in 2017
  • Atlassian Partner of the Year: Enterprise in 2019
  • Included on the Inc. 5000 for six years
  • Named a Phoenix Business Journal “Best Place to Work” for three years
  • Named Top Agile Consultants 2019 (CIO Review)

Tell us about the work culture and the exemplary team of Isos Technology.

At Isos Technology, we believe that a successful employee is a happy, engaged employee. For us, corporate culture is the number one priority, and we believe that a relaxed, flexible culture in the workplace leads to overall employee satisfaction. For starters, we give employees the flexibility to pick and choose their work hours and days. Most work from home (especially since COVID), and some work at odd hours to balance family and work life. The key performance indicator at Isos Technology is whether or not work is being completed, instead of when hours are logged.

This has made our organization a very attractive option for many people who have obligations to their families and community. The company is also a big believer in “work hard, play hard.” Before the pandemic, we had quarterly team-building activities that ranged from bar crawls to pizza parties to trips to the local zoo to escape rooms. 

Your take on the competition in the market.

There are many strong Atlassian Solution Partners, however, we keep our focus on our clients, the market, and our employees. We will occasionally look to see what other partners are doing; however, we know we have our value proposition and story to tell. We try to not get distracted by following what our competitors do. We want to lead; we don’t want to follow.

As Simon Sinek says in his book, The Infinite Game, we have a few “worthy rivals.” This helps all of us to bring our best effort, solutions, and products, to the marketplace. Ultimately, both the Atlassian ecosystem and customers benefit from this healthy competition amongst Solution Partners.

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