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Vaibhav Dabhade- Anchanto

The growth of online services has skyrocketed since the pandemic has struck the world, opening a world of new possibilities and breakthrough innovations. The SaaS industry has witnessed major growth in recent years due to their innovative and accurate solutions to efficiently scale and maximize a business’s reach to the majority of the population, getting more sales and holistic growth and development of the business/company.

But the task of e-commerce management, and especially in the domains of B2B and B2C becomes complex and often difficult to transform and manage. There are a lot of companies in the SaaS industry offering unique and solid services but only a few get their names on the podium as one of the best and always a leap ahead of the competition in the market.

Anchanto is a global company, working on many scales around the globe, having a bold, formidable presence and complex operations in more than 14 countries. They not only provide the best-in-class services for efficient, scalable, and easy to use that not only is highly appreciated and rewarded by their long list of satisfied and loyal customers but also their team of highly skilled experts, providing top-notch solutions to any demands or requirement makes them exemplary and one of the best when it comes to providing immaculate SaaS services.

They are not only class-leading SaaS services specialists but also innovators of the SaaS industry with unique services and regards as the best in compliance with industry standards and practices.

In conversation with the Founder and CEO of Anchanto, Vaibhav Dabhade. Let’s hear more about Anchanto, its unmatched services, and the CEO’s professional journey.

Please tell us about Anchanto and the problems faced by Anchanto in the early stages.

Anchanto is a Global B2B SaaS company headquartered in Singapore, with customers & operations across 14+ countries. Through its proprietary SaaS products and global partnerships, the company enables Brands, Distributors, Retailers, eCommerce Service Providers, SMEs, 3PLs, and Warehousing Players to manage highly successful end-to-end eCommerce operations. Anchanto currently serves a large customer base comprising of SMBs and global companies such as L’OREAL, Panasonic, Fossil, DKSH, Pos Malaysia, Valiram, Luxasia, Telkom Indonesia, DHL eCommerce, Asendia, GreatDeals eCommerce Corporation, and many more.

With a philosophy to make eCommerce management, logistics, and cross-border trade simple for everyone through technology, Anchanto operates from its offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, South Korea, and Australia.

Initially, when we were developing our SaaS products, we found Southeast Asia to be a very chaotic and unique region. Each country in the region had its own culture, language, shopper base, purchasing pattern, and a resultantly unique set of challenges. Hence, developing a platform that could cater to the diverse requirements of so many different types of customers was the biggest challenge at the time. But we took a very bold decision and decided to step in the shoes of our customers!

Anchanto is a global company, working on many scales around the globe, having a bold, formidable presence and complex operations in more than 14 countries.

We shifted to a large warehouse in Singapore and started managing multichannel selling for various European fashion brands. This strategic move turned out to be a game-changer for us, as it directly helped us understand the real pain points and the nitty-gritty of the operations. We continued to manage our channel management operations for 2+ years and imbibed every single intricate detail & pain point that we faced during the time. This ultimately helped us build products that could solve all the practical pain points and help our customers bypass all the complexities and achieve remarkable success in their eCommerce business. 

Tell us about the services Anchanto offers, new additions, and the factors that distinguish Anchanto’s services from the competition in the market.

Our first offering, SelluSeller is an online multi-channel eCommerce management software, that offers a one-stop solution to manage selling on 100+ local and international sales channels, including marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon eBay, Qoo10, or Tokopedia, and web stores like Shopify, Magento, or SalesForce Commerce Cloud. SelluSeller helps businesses to scale their backend operations with features such as centralized inventory & order management, pricing & promotion management, product information management, reports & analytics, and many more.

Our second offering, Wareo is a proprietary SaaS platform that enables B2B & eCommerce fulfillment operations for 3PLs, Warehouses, Brands, Retailers, Distributors, and Postal Associations. Applications for picking, packing, dispatch, and inbound work across the B2B and B2C domains, facilitating a central view of warehouse operations. 

Both the systems have ready integrations with 150+ eCommerce ecosystem players, including global leading marketplaces, web stores, carriers, ERPs, and more. The first and the most important factor that differentiates us from other players in the market is that we built our products from our own practical experience of being sellers in the Southeast Asian market.

We sold inventory, managed our warehouse, and handled channel management operations for various brands & subsequently poured this prolific experience to build products that have the potential to solve actual pain points of online sellers. Instead of being armchair pundits & developing products by sitting in nice & cozy office spaces, we have been out there in the field and walked in the shoes of our customers to develop a platform that can make the lives of sellers easier.

 Yes, we have data products and other exciting offerings that are already in our pipeline. We will be launching one of our latest innovations very soon. Apart from the new launches, we will also be focussing on the enrichment of our existing features and integrations. 

Evolution and innovation being at the core of our values, it is our ambition to build a full suite of products for all digital commerce and logistics needs. That being said, we will also make sure that along with cutting-edge technology, we will continue to hire more product experts, account managers, and customer success executives across all markets to offer a personalized experience to all our customers. 

Please tell us the reasons that catapulted Anchanto to success.

As a company, Anchanto has pivoted a few times to reach where we are today. Our growth has been a result of our constant efforts, customer-centric approach, and unparalleled drive for innovation. We built the first version of our WMS platform back in January 2013 and secured early customers. Sensing a market opportunity, we set up our first warehouse in Singapore in March 2013.

In November 2015, we completed Series-B funding and created an alliance with TSE-listed Transcosmos Inc. Japan, creating one of the largest eCommerce logistics businesses in the APAC region. 

We evolved once again in 2018 to transform into a pure technology company offering B2B SaaS products that enable seamless eCommerce logistics and multichannel selling. In the same year, we raised Series-C funding with Telkom Indonesia and expanded to markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

In 2019, we hit profitability for the first time while still investing in expansion to markets like Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Last year, we raised another round in the ongoing Series C funding from Asendia and Telkom Indonesia. This was the fourth time we raised investments from our existing customers. 

Finally, tell us the reasons that take Anchanto apart and strongholds its long-standing success.

There is not a single factor or secret behind such a success. This growth has been a result of multiple parameters coming together like the company’s vision, culture, core values, and above all; constant efforts by our team members. 

We identified the right markets and strategies, set up a highly localized presence in every market, evolved ourselves continuously, and always focussed on becoming the Number #1 Customer-centric company in our domain. We have a diverse team that is spread across multiple locations in Southeast Asia. and We cherish this diversity dearly, as it provides us with the much-needed innovation at every stage of business development

 Our resolve to offer the best customer experience is also reflected in our technology & platforms as we incorporated all the learnings, insights, & feedbacks accumulated over the past 9 years to make sure that our platform solves real pain points for our customers.

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