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Indtrack Technology Pvt. Ltd. Sheetal Sahare

Technology has enabled humans to think beyond limits and innovate as per needs and demands. In the era of the boosted digital economy, the use of the internet has increased a lot which has reflected in increased E-commerce activities. Today most of the time, people prefer buying goods online. Where there is E-commerce, logistics services get involved, and following it, the need for tracking also gets introduced.

Today, with the increasing demand, there are many tracking solutions available in the market but no other like Indtrack!

Indtrack Technology provides the utmost creative and most reliable GPS and GIS tracking solutions. Within a short span, the company has established itself as a niche in the tracking solutions landscape.

In this context, to discover the journey of Indtrack Technology and its offerings we discussed with Mr. Sheetal Sahare Managing Director and CEO at Indtrack Technology. Read out this candid talk and know what Indtrack Technology is all about.

Tell us about Indtrack Technology.

Indtrack Technology Pvt Ltd, established in 2012. But the brand Indtrack Technology has been a registered brand under in the existence since the year 2006. So this is a 15-year journey. We were clear about the works under INDTRACK, that we work only on GPS and GIS-based Solutions, and since our first day till today, we didn’t deviate from this. And we purely working on it only. Even after the recent pandemic, some companies were started civil related services like sanitizer dispensers and other products but we focused on GPS and GIS Tracking solutions. Indtrack Technology works in B2B large-scale GPS and GIS-based Software solution designing and implementations.

Indtrack Technology developed many large-scale big projects of various verticals. Same as those B2C software solutions doing some for gulf county clients and some of our Indian big industries and big fleet size transporters. We try to provide our end customer best Class GPS Vehicle tracking Devices so they perform well in all types of weather and vehicle conditions and device life also be good if it is well maintained. We provide customized vehicle tracking solutions as per customer requirements. We treat all our clients with full support and services whether they have 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles. We provide the Best Service, Better solutions, and economic commercials to our customers.

What were the initial challenges you faced?

As I started the company after leaving my job as a system manager in Logistic company and after a gap of year in 2006 started small setup to cater initial lead of GIS solution. So at that time, everything was new, and working in town lack of technology people as mostly went to metro cities for a better opportunity.  But being having software development exposure of logistic company solution and with few team members started the journey with some ups and downs initially.

Belongs to small-town middle-class families without any business background, being recently married at the time of job left. it’s my wife’s courage and support that made me to a startup .. parents and friends’ support made my mind to start Indtrack Technology. So the journey was not easy saw many hurdles and lack of fund initially.. when your own people shows trust in you and supports you, then sail it.

How were the first few years of your Indtrack Technology?

The journey from the very first day is interesting and we keep getting interesting projects in B2B and B2C segments. Our expertise is utilized in some good projects, which was supposed to be done by some other company but due to delay in deliveries and their pressure to demonstrate the feature and start monitoring the vehicle movements by authorities, so our team was able to do so.

In B2B initially, we provided a GIS map viewer so the Company used it in their solution with its GIS data, we able to provide a garbage collection solution by integrating own map engine and customizable functionalities for one offshore client, in B2C we provided GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices with a customized software solution for coal mines carrier vehicles. There were learning phase for developers as well due to a new type of requirements and adapting multiple technologies and using it effectively.

Turn back only to see how far you have come.

Which was that point that triggered the growth of Indtrack Technology?

As mentioned above, we kept getting interesting and challenging projects so it helped us to learn and the market started keeping faith in our capabilities and deliverables. So we growing slowly and steadily.  As our services are economical and we do not do many things at the same time so growth in all terms with slow pace.

How have the Indtrack Technology graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics?

Indtrack Technology is growing slow pace as we manage B2B mostly Software solutions of various verticals and volume as well B2C GPS tracking Devices installations on vehicles in pan India level with customized tracking solutions. So we growing in both segments. In the last 8 years, prior changes started in the industry as the government was started enforcing the policies in vehicle movements monitoring and various organization also started adopting vehicle tracking Solutions for their fleets. So all these helped Indtrack Technology to grow as well,  as we have capabilities and we proved that as well.

What is the reason behind Indtrack Technology’s long-standing success?

Team serious dedication towards projects and clients And not a small degree deviation from the core domain.

What influenced you to start Indtrack Technology?

I was on job in Transport & Logistic company as System manager. Was developed Transport management experience for that company in the 90s. And all its branches were connected with HO through Dial-up internet. Indtrack Technology owner was a technocrat himself and was keen to adopt technology but their main business was transportation.  So after spending good years with the company and successful product.

There was only maintenance work left. And wanted to do something advanced and challenging so I left my job was back in my hometown and spent a year without anything then started GPS and GIS-based solutions.  Being an entrepreneur can take risks for adopting new technology and challenging projects. And it’s pleased to share we successfully faced the challenges.  As well Indtrack Technology is a good launchpad for sincere and fresher developers, proud to share many ex-employees switched to big IT companies in a good position, and it’s a pleasure being a mentor for them and seeing them grow.

What are the products/services the firm focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Indtrack Technology Provides a B2B large-scale GPS and GIS-based solution with the best in all scales whether it’s technology adoption, sizing of economical servers, implementations, and handover all in very economical pricing.  We provide the best-in-class GPS tracking Devices from the industry. We cater basic Devices to AIS 140 GPS Vehicle tracking devices. So our clients do not need to worry about anything. Indtrack Technology also provides some Free Mobile Apps like my journey personnel tracking app and SOS help from known people in an emergency. There is some product coming free for citizens and transport industry in a couple of months.

How do you decide to take the firm a step further in terms of your products/services?

There Is not any such big deal, I am very clear for this have to fulfill clients requirements without failure,  which we promised to them. If we can do then only says yes to clients and then there is no escape plan for us before delivering.

Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

I started a job as an oracle and developer in 2000 software developer in a small company where I got the opportunity to work on one of the university pre and post-examination software projects and another transport system management project. That transport logistic company inducted me in their company as they wanted to make it ERP for their all branches and anyhow it company in the process of shutting down.

I got good management and platform to design and develop software for transport management systems. I developed a solution single-handed by grooming 2 local computer operators into software development. As management trusted on me and got freehand so was able to deliver the product. And connected their all transport branches, on dial-up internet, most of them were located in remote areas. We developed the system on a monochrome desktop with MB rams. It was a quiet learning phase.

Indtrack Technology developed many big projects of various verticals

  • Smart city bus transport management system
  • State-owned public bus transport management system
  • 108 Ambulance monitoring and management Solution,
  • Solution for 1000s vehicles monitoring and management for state government.
  • Police dept. Petrol vehicle monitoring solutions.
  • State government food public distribution systems
  • Apart from these, many in past and currently doing interesting and challenging projects.

What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

We worked on many B2B projects when they were stuck due to non-deliverable by clients due to their incompetencies, and we successfully rescued them. Without taking any credits we successfully run the projects most of them were crucial in terms of govt. authorities. There were some interesting projects for the authority we did.  We provide complete solutions for big steel company raw material carrier vehicles from railway yards to the plant with automized controlling vehicle movements outside the designated area. Different types of map engines for the solutions use different technologies.

We develop our gis data by web crawling and other tools, these data we use for our applications. We use many open-source robust and proven technologies to design our solutions depending on project requirements. All these efforts and planning make solutions economical and we make solutions security checks and all testing by internal resources and third-party agencies. We almost cover solution offerings to all major and critical GPS/GIS projects.

How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

We have given many novice software developers a chance to be part of our development team and due to project requirements, their hardworking and learning zest made them fine developers after passing months, and all they doing is good in respective MNC IT companies. As they get freedom and a free hand they can explore many technologies and skillets. I am happy to see them grow professionally. I keep myself engage with the team in all development processes, as being a software professional and having debug skills I can’t keep myself out of the project scene.

We celebrate small events together; we do not keep the junior-senior line in our fun time. I keep showing trust in the team members and assign them interesting use cases to develop, which makes them think and explore more. My team works dedicatedly and accomplishes their tasks. To take care of their personal and professional I am always there with them. We keep revolving around ourselves, technologies, and infra. After 15 years we came out with some Free solutions on the cloud and changes in the environment and team.

Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

There Are many but one is a special one, which stills revolve in mind, project prototyping asked by one big international giant company for its one of Indian based big company. That was something GIS, Multimedia, and some component of GPS all together with real-time monitoring, it’s some 10 years back. We demonstrated them first prototyping and how it’s going to function. They were happy and wanted to see real-time but neither client nor the company wanted to invest for them and as we were not in the position to spend such a huge amount for prototyping, so we were not able to do that time.

But I am still hopeful to develop such a product so it can be demonstrated to any such companies and it will be a challenging and interesting product. In another B2B company project, there was a project discussion and some big IT firm teams were on the board with their senior team members. And the project was so big and critical, Indtrack Technology came out with some solution proposals and budgeting after spending lots of hours and days on discussions.

And at the same time before their presentation, we offered the solution from us in the very economical pricing and almost we offered what they were supposed to and they shocked to such solution with economical way. unfortunately, that project did not start due to some genuine reason. Still hoping to have such a project in place.

One person who you admire the most?

I have not seen other than Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Architect of many things of independent India and knowledge powerhouse. He has done for all those classes and genders who have not had the right to do so, and all he did when things were against him with big power.

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