JUNE | 2021

The Best of 5 Recommended Microsoft Partners For 2021

The Best of 5 Recommended Microsoft Partners For 2021 features,

Microsoft solutions are not only changing the functioning of today’s companies but also carving the future of software and technology. These services are enabling companies to step up and create extraordinary results and provide unparalleled services to their clients. Microsoft solutions help companies manage, deploy, and build secure applications. The applications and integrations of these solutions are ever-growing and being incorporated into many industries.

Featured in this edition are some of the leading and recommended Microsoft partners. These companies and their teams have a vision and are mission-oriented towards providing a future full of innovation and cutting-edge technologies. They are striving in and out to provide solutions that will enable your company/business to effectively scale and function, and achieve growth.

On the cover story is Business Automation Experts (BAE). It is leading the global market space when it comes to providing business automation and management solutions. It not only provides unique, innovative, and reliable business solutions but their efficiency and efficient solutions get their customers best-in-class services, filling their demands and needs while exceeding their expectations. Incepted in 2005 by Matt Lepkowski, today the company has established itself as a boutique providing a differentiated plethora of business automation solutions, content management solutions, Microsoft cloud solutions, development tools, and so on.

In a conversation with Mr. Sudhir Kothari – CEO & Managing Director of Embee Software Pvt, on his views on the current industry scenario, his journey, and what Embee Software is all about.

In an insightful interview with the Managing Director of ITCG Solutions, Nilesh Kuvadia. ITCG Solutions was incorporated in 1994. They are one of the leading IT Solutions providers in Western India with 6 offices across the region and revenue of $ 7 Mn.

Learn more about how Processware Systems has been involved in the design and development of Enterprise-class products in the B2B segment. Processware Systems is a 30-year-old organization, focusing on providing innovative products to the financial sector. These products have been widely accepted by customers across the World. Processware Systems launched its Core Banking Solution – BankSoft on the Cloud in 2011, one of the first to do so in India. Mr. Guru Murthy, CEO is a backbone behind the long-standing growth of Processware Systems Pvt Ltd.

Let’s discover more about Tech9Labs. Tech9Labs today hosts over 200+ enterprises across the country & abroad. As a customer-driven organization, Tech9Labs abides by a thorough process of engagement from clearly understanding the business pain, ideating the compelling requirements, and assisting clients to draw a clear roadmap through TCO & ROI.

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