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Nilesh Kuvadia- ITCG Solutions Private Limited

ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – The Computing Era

The growing use of computers has created possibilities and opportunities for companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. to introduce breakthrough services that not only help the customers in the best way possible but also add value to their work. Since the demand for services is ever increasing and this job calls for specialists and experts in the field, there is no margin for error.

Information Technology (IT) becomes one of the most crucial industry as it deals with providing new-age solutions that are not only beneficial to enterprises but also helps them achieve better performance, delivery standards, and much more.

Microsoft partners are companies that provide immaculate services in the field and come as one of the most regarded and compliant firms in the field, but there are a selected few which are sought-after and are recommended as one of the best in their work.

ITCG Solutions has been one of the most rapidly growing and exemplary companies, that help their clients meet their needs, demands, and problems with efficient, feasible, and highly effective solutions. They come as one of the most trusted and recommended Microsoft partners with through the roof satisfaction ratings, highly dedicated support and service, accurate and precise solutions, backed up by a team of industry-leading experts.

These are some of the few factors making them one of the best-in-class Microsoft solutions service providers, always leading the innovation curve and ahead of the competition in the market and time.

In conversation with the Managing Director of ITCG Solutions, Nilesh Kuvadia. Let’s hear more about ITCG Solutions, its offerings, and the MD’s professional journey.

Tell us about ITCG Solutions, and the challenges faced during the initial stages.

ITCG Solutions was incorporated in the year 1994. Our work culture is built over years of experience in providing innovative solutions in the field of Information Technology to our clients and our indomitable spirit to excel in all aspects of their engagement. We are one of the leading IT Solutions providers in Western India with 6 offices across the region and revenue of $ 7 Mn.

ITCG Solutions has extensive experience as well as derived best practices by being in the industry for more than 25 years now. With the services we provide, we aim to add value and significance to the overall business model of our customers. ITCG Solutions has won numerous awards & recognitions for work and contributions we have made by helping many organizations succeed.

During the initial stage, we faced financial challenges. We did not have enough capital on hand to execute very large orders. Hence we were forced to work on small-sized orders and start creating our corpus. The best part we did was to provide free consulting and reasonably charged technical support to our customers which created our goodwill and confidence about our technical capabilities.

Apart from that, we have always provided the solution that perfectly suits the customer’s requirement and is also making the customer complaint. That is one of the prime reasons for our long-term standing success.

Tell us about the services offered by ITCG Solutions, and how ITCG Solutions is going ahead with the changing time and trends. 

ITCG Solutions provides a variety of products that cater to most Industry verticals. We are Authorized partners for the below-mentioned Licensed software products.

ITCG Solutions has been one of the most rapidly growing and exemplary companies, that help their clients meet their needs, demands, and problems with efficient, feasible, and highly effective solutions.

Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle, Veeam, Corel, Trend Micro, VMWare, Accops, Veritas, Symantec (Broadcom), Sophos, Retrospect, etc. Apart from the above, we also distribute the following products – SonicWall, Sophos, NComputing, QNAP, Info Trend.

Portfolio of Services provided by us:

  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Antivirus support
  • Mail solutions
  • Internet security & firewall 
  • Back-Up and Data recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Client OS Migration
  • G-Suite to O365 migration
  • Server Migration

Server and Storage Virtualization:

  • Consolidation
  • Server Deployment Support
  • Mailing / Messaging Solution.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test:

  • (VA/PT)
  • Security Audit 
  • Licensing Audit

Initially, to take the company a step further, we expanded our reach to more locations starting from Ahmedabad to Surat to Rajkot and now Pune & Mumbai too. 

Tell us about your professional journey, and your views on the current business scenario across the globe.

We have 2500+ Man years of collective experience. Our team is capable right from installation of the products to optimization as well as troubleshooting and training of most of the products we sell. The average experience of each employee is around 8-10 years of professional career.

Microsoft has been one of the most reputed companies across the globe. With its cloud technologies like Azure and cloud-based products like O365 / Microsoft 365, it has captured the highest market across the globe. With the increasing adaptability of cloud technologies across the world, Microsoft has been one of the biggest beneficiaries. 

Tell us about the team of ITCG Solutions, and your view on ‘Innovation is the key to business growth.

We have a strong team of 75 employees across 6 locations. Our Sales & Technical teams are our strength that satisfies our customers by providing the right solutions and implements our proposed solutions at the customer’s end. Following are the brief attributes of our team.

  • 27+ team of Salespeople across the locations.
  • 25+ Engineers with a Strong & Experienced Technical support team.

We strongly believe that Innovation is the key to business growth. Every area of operation requires innovation to excel. Every year we keep on innovating our ways to incentivize our sales team, technical team, back-office team, and accounts team. Every person in the organization has a vital role to play and that helps the whole organization to grow.

We are continuously innovating our review system, our internal structure, our processes so that it becomes simpler and easier for the team member to perform his duties efficiently and thereby get more output out of his /her capabilities.

Your thoughts on how businesses should approach after the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Covid-19 outbreak has made enormous changes in the way businesses are executed. There are a lot of new normals that have emerged. Businesses have now accepted the Work from Home as well as the digital transformation that was required to sustain the ongoing business. Darwin’s theory “Survival of the fittest” still holds and every business was forced to adapt the required changes to run it. 

To be relevant in the market race after COVID-19, you need to adopt ways that don’t affect your running business while you are working from anywhere. If one is in trading & services, they need to focus on products that don’t require any physical presence of either a salesperson or a technical person. Applications and data on Cloud are the way to go.

Even conferences or Events that used to require physical presence, have also adopted virtual conferencing and have revolutionized the way people used to make their travel plans. The only business where there is no possibility of doing it virtually, like a Construction business or any such similar business needs to manage it with Covid -19 norms. 

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