How to prevent CYBER RISK for Education Sector

Emily Jha, Co-Founder and COO at Netsach CyberSecurity

Netsach – Cybersecurity Awareness for Education Sector

Without any doubt, cybersecurity today is a global problem that influences the majority of our lives in all possible ways.

One of the most horrifying truths is that cybercrime is threatening in all fields and to top this up, the education industry has been hit by cybercrime or cybersecurity issues to a large extent. If one looks at the business content, education is one of the largest and now one of the most vulnerable to cyber threats.

It is not a secret that breaches are an expensive affair and can lead to major damage in data, branding, image, capability, infrastructure, etc. This brings educational institutions, schools, colleges, and other facilities to take precautions, measures of safety, and cybersecurity awareness programs more seriously than ever before. With students, teachers going online more than ever, from taking the online tests to online sharing, it brings many reasons for protection.

Be a change to bring the change says Emily Jha, Co-Founder and COO Netsach. The education industry needs to bring change in the field of education:

1. Keeping up with the change in technology

Over the last few years, schools are gradually getting more and more modern by adopting new technologies, teaching methods, online platforms, rapidly changing technology which is growing complex and bigger every single day. Our education system needs to be kept at par with technology and security while keeping the core agenda of education at the bottom line.

2. CyberSecurity Awareness Programme

Though with the increase in technology and adaptability our education system is gradually adopting the new trend. However, one of the important factors of keeping all their teachers, faculty informed with cyber security hygiene plays a very vital role.

Cyber Security Awareness training helps facilities ensure that their staff members will not get deceived by frauds and will know how to detect a threat. Please reach out to Netsach to find out more about Cyber Security Awareness Programme.

3. Proper encryption, access control

Netsach believes that though schools and colleges are doing their best to ensure the security of their website, data, the infrastructure we strongly recommend ensuring proper implementation of encryption, privacy control, access control, authentication factor, and access management in place. This will help largely from any possible threats and will maintain cyber hygiene.

4. Hiring new cyber security professional

Sometimes implementing cyber security hygiene can be tedious and time taking and hence we recommend hiring cyber security professionals to ease out the entire implementation job if required.

5. Spreading Cyber Security Awareness Among Students

Above all, Netsach also believes that students are our future and with the exposure of technology and the internet they fall prey to it by losing their identity or even sharing details on public platforms which they should not be and hence making students aware of this platform is the particularly important and crucial factor. Joshua Philip Jha who is a cyber security enthusiast has been doing such kind of awareness program for many schools, colleges, and other business forums as well.


Netsach is a cybersecurity company and has helped many businesses to overcome their cybersecurity challenges and keep up with the pace of increasing demand every day. Emily Jha, Co-Founder, and COO of Netsach have been taking a lot of initiatives and effort in this area believing that the knowledge belongs to the world and is taking various steps to prevent cyber risk not only from school and colleges but even from various businesses.

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