Britain Economy got hit by the Largest Migration of Foreign Workers in the COVID19 crisis.

Britain’s economy got hit by the largest migration of foreign workers in the COVID19 crisis.

A large number of foreign workers are now migrating to their native countries in Britain. With so many foreign workers leaving the country for the first time since World War II, the question is whether Britain economy will emerge from the Corona crisis? Many restaurant and bar workers lost their jobs during the lockdown in Britain, and the Brexit and subsequent corona crises have created many problems for migrant workers in Britain who are now finding it difficult to live in the country.

The Brexit process has been going on for the last two years. Since then, the country’s economy was facing some crucial challenges. While tackling those hurdles, the Corona crisis hit the world. The Corona crisis led to a major lockdown in Britain in the early days. COVID19’s widespread has hit Britain economy hard. Recent research has shown that over seven million workers have moved out of London alone over the past year. This has hit the city’s economy and the city’s industries hard.

The question is whether Britain economy will emerge from the Corona crisis?

Workers who migrate do not return to work. As a result, the country’s industries now face a shortage of skilled workers. Jonathan Portes, a professor of economics at King’s College London, said, “the industry had been hit hard and the country’s tax revenue had fallen. How foreign workers are migrating to the country, especially from London, is a matter of great concern”.

The impact of the migration of foreign workers is being felt in the hospitality and retail sectors. The sector has been hit by 30 percent.

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