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Sanjay Bansal- Business Octane Solutions

The lockdown scenarios caused due to the global pandemic have inspired many to work remotely. With the use of modern technological advances today every business process can run through web-based solutions. While businesses are running their day-to-day processes remotely the need for cross-functional communication and overall remote teamwork has increased.

In this scenario, the audio-video collaboration solutions are playing a vital role as they empower businesses to run their processes smoothly. Business Octane, a leading and pioneer video collaboration and collaborative learning solutions providing company is catering to various AV needs of businesses by offering a comprehensive plethora of most advanced and cognitively ahead solutions.

In a conversation with Mr. Sanjay Bansal, of the Business Octane, he shared what Business Octane is all about and how they are transforming the different business verticals with their innovative offerings. 

Tell us about the company.

Business Octane is the World’s Ultra-super specialist in the domain of Ultra-Immersive Video Collaboration and Collaborative learning, with one its kind path-breaking solutions, originating from in-house research & development over the last 15 years for which multiple patents have been filed and granted. Business Octane’s 20 Game-Changing Solutions for Customers are a comprehensive cure to all the audiovisual problems that have plagued Business Users – in a way nobody has done before!

Business Octane is a pioneer & super-specialist in India and among very few players of the world in the field of Telepresence System and Video Collaboration Systems and has pioneered a whole new set of paradigms of business interactions over a video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary Video Teleconferences but also give life-size experience for the first time, never felt before. Life-size experience gives the impression as if the participants at the other end are present in the same room with its extraordinary crystal clear picture quality and smooth audio.

To become the world’s most preferred Enterprise Productivity Enhancing Solution Provider in the realms of Collaboration and Learning, helping enterprises become more innovative, efficient, and competitive so that they can grow faster and become more profitable.

Vision of Business Octane

These paradigms work not only on Telepresence but also on cloud software too. Business Octane has introduced cloud-based (Zoom & Ms. Teams based) Video Collaboration and Video Learning solutions. 

In the new normal Video Collaboration is moving to desktops, Tablets, and Smart Phones with cloud-based software replacing the traditional Group Video Collaboration. Business Octane fundamentally believes that Group Video Collaboration (Group Immersive Telepresence, Dynamic Telepresence, Room Based Video Collaboration) is indispensable.

While there is a surge in cloud-based software so Business Octane Provides the best platform to combine the Group Video Collaboration and cloud platform like Zoom, MS Teams & WebEx to complement each other which will make it a far more potent Collaboration solution than when they are stand-alone.

Business Octane’ Cloud-based Immersive Video Collaboration for the enterprises, apart from few traditional Rooms (like Board Rooms) comprises more of a blend of open workspaces, Open conference rooms, private offices, and huddle rooms— smaller, more informal meeting rooms/lounges (which includes the cabins of CXOs). Business Octane provides comprehensive of its kind solutions for these spaces.     

With the help of these solutions, management and leadership teams based out of HO & nerve centers are frequently able to get together to collaborate and review with enterprise-wide teams without disrupting and delaying their other important deadlines, with effectiveness which is higher than even making everyone travel and reviewing face to face, resulting in a huge saving of time for everyone and time is money

For the new normal, Business Octane has also launched cloud-based Zoom & MS Teams Rooms Work from Home (WFH) solutions for the remote workers which can dramatically enhance the video conferencing from home, adding more to the productivity of the organizations with enhanced business.  These WFH Zoom & MS teams’ rooms are not only convenient and comfortable but are also easy to operate.

What are the products or services the company focuses on?

  • Ultra Easy Video Audio Local Collaboration Solutions: With Business Octane’s Ultra Easy Video Audio Local Collaboration Solutions Transform your Huddle Rooms, Lounges & Conference Rooms into high capability VC rooms at an amazing value! By enabling users to get amazing audio, video, and local meeting experience that includes electronic whiteboard, annotation, and interactive presentation (wired/wirelessly) in local meetings/ local training coupled with presentation annotation and whiteboard explanation in video meetings/ video training! – all that also without bringing any cables to the conference table in all your huddle rooms, lounges, medium-size conference rooms, classrooms, and training rooms!!
  • Collaborations in a Box Solution: Our new paradigms of Immersive collaboration in a box mainly suitable for Huddle Rooms can be easily moved and require no room preparations and require no rack spaces and can be easily set up in a few hours, will for the first time give the power to hassle-free standardize your collaboration experience across all locations while simultaneously improving aesthetics and providing amazing ease of use.
  • CEO Cabin Room Solutions: The cabin of any CEO/Chairman/CXO is the Most Important place where an important thought process churns out taking the shape of important strategies, necessary for the organization’s growth. Business Octane presents Cabin Room solutions to give your CEO/ Chairman the Ultra Immersive Experience from the comfort of his cabin to interact with his team members and stakeholders. It is a new Ultra flexible and exciting highest quality video collaboration system that can increase the immersiveness of video meetings of your CEO/ Chairman/ CXO up to 600.
  • Boardrooms: The world’s most powerful Ultra Immersive Board rooms work both on Telepresence & Cloud software and give the best meeting experience to management and leadership team at their nerve centers. These paradigms of collaboration for board meetings empower all the board members to have hassle-free meetings and presentations based upon multiple shares, compare, annotate and joint explanations along with solutions of audio teleconferencing and aesthetic speech reinforcement without traveling and help to get the message across. Unprecedented engagement happens among all local and distant participants in the business video reviews and meetings.
  • Smart Training/ Class Rooms: Training has become the dire need of any organization in the fast-changing competitive business world Our new paradigms of training can empower your best trainer to train students from multiple locations simultaneously without any loss of effectiveness and make it more effective. Business Octane is Setting new trends in the domain of collaborative learning & training with Ultra Immersive Smart Classrooms!

The Ultra–Immersive Classrooms from Business Octane are designed to train a large number of trainees from multiple locations. The solutions work both on hard codec as well as on Zoom Call. * they are ideal to teach/ train students from 2- 5 locations in a Telepresence environment.

However, through Zoom* call, a Trainer/ Teacher/ trainer can invite a large number of trainees from multiple locations (Up to 100 locations), who may join the training from anywhere either through their PC, Tablet, or Cellphone. The trainer can see all the locations all the time, content, and active speaker on three separate screens and the speaker who will be asking questions will appear life-size on the center screen.  Also, experience the spatial audio quality, crystal clear video, and lifelike life-size large visuals in your training.

Train students with the same effect similar to face-to-face classroom interaction which was never possible before. Also, empower your best trainer to train students simultaneously from multiple locations from any of the devices.

  • Townhall Solutions: Our new paradigms of town halls and seminar rooms empower the CEO to address and recognize from his podium employees from almost 100 locations in a way that was never possible before, however up to 49 locations will be visible all the times on a separate screen & active speaker on another screen life-size life-like.

Every day, we at Business Octane are motivated and inspired by the difference we can make to our client’s enterprise.

Mission of Business Octane

Town halls will not be the same ever!

  • Audio Visual Solutions: We also provide turnkey Audio Visual solutions that include professional displays, special cameras, video codecs, cloud video conference services, touch & non – touch video walls, large format display for experience centers, paging & background music system and audio for large areas & auditoriums backed by professional pre-sales & post-sales services. We also offer attractive replacement offers for upgrades of the current conferencing infrastructure.
  • Professional Services: We also provide special services such as long-term managed rentals, facility rentals, event rentals, genuine value replacement offers, and pay as you use services for some selected offerings.

How can Business Octane help the enterprises?

20 Game-Changing Solutions

These new paradigms have resulted in a set of 20 unique game-changing solutions to our customers that fundamentally help them gain a unique competitive edge based on nimbleness & agility so that they can outpace the competition in a business environment that is ultra-competitive and fast-changing as now no business can take systems for granted their past success to recur into the future.

Our new paradigms of cloud-based solutions help you to easily collaborate like never before with business quality video and content sharing from any conference room or desktop with any other colleague from their desktop or their mobile devices also any external stakeholder such as customers, partners, suppliers, and prospective employees.

Similarly, for government customers, these game-changing solutions help in faster execution of development plans faster response to various disasters & crises and faster training of new skills systems & Processes.

Similarly, for education customers, these game-changing solutions are helping to improve the quality of management and administration reviews, quality of teaching for making it more interactive and to help the teacher to simultaneously train multiple classes in one campus or multiple campuses to get over the problem of shortage of quality teachers.

Improving collaboration across the client’s enterprise to empower them

Teams to take faster decisions, conduct effective reviews, and galvanize each employee to realize the organization’s vision

Helping the client’s enterprise ensure that people, their biggest asset, learn much more from training and the results show in their performance, henceforth.

Steps taken by Business Octane to Achieve Vision and Mission

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