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AllWave-AV Systems is an industry-leading AV solutions provider that delivers custom-built & innovative collaborative, digital media, broadcasting, and electronic security solutions to a clientele spread across PAN INDIA. Their team of technical experts works side-by-side with Industry Specialists, AV/IT consultants, Project management consultants, end-users, and Space Designers to devise custom solutions that enhance your operations, improve collaboration, increase productivity, and drive ROI.

AllWave-AV Systems scales its technology products and services to any need and develops solutions for a large number of corporate enterprises, homeowners, auditoriums, educational institutions, and training centers. They also partner with the most innovative communication technology providers in the industry to give you access to the most advanced, secure, and effective AV solutions.

AllWave-AV Systems is a 22-year-old system integration firm. They have seen a need in the market for trusted and innovation-focused audio-visual system integrators and that is the reason why they got into this business. Their revolution has been from the public address and changing in the mid-90s to becoming a full-service design-build Audio Visual and Technology Integration firm. They have sort of a lot of inspiration in the entire process of becoming certified capable and trusted to all their clients.

In a conversation with Mr. Kuldip Kamat, Managing Director at AllWave-AV Systems, he shared what AllWave-AV Systems is all about and how they are transforming different industry verticals.

What are the initial challenges you faced and what are the reasons behind AllWave-AV Systems’ long-standing success?

The challenges which we faced were in terms of clients, we have to educate a lot of clients as well newcomers in the industry about the impact of our industry and over the years this challenge has reduced as the industry itself has become very mission-critical and we have taken a very conscious effort to upgrade our skills as well as skills of our teammates in a vert conscience manner which has helped in this long-standing for over 20 years’ process.

What are the products or services AllWave-AV Systems focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

AllWave-AV Systems started as a pure audio-visual system integration firm but we provide services such as smart workspace, IoT, hybridization, virtualization technologies (for Av lighting controls, and collaboration environments) we are zoom certified integrators as well and we own the important degree and certifications of all the manufacturers globally. Our team is very focused and we have a very unique project mgmt. process and as well and well respected after-sales support process including intelligence maintenance.    

We feel AV is going to merge with a lot of IT hardware IT infrastructure as well as software-driven applications.

How do you decide to take AllWave-AV Systems a step further?

AllWave-AV Systems has a lot of plans over the next 2 years which will slowly be disclosed as well as move along. Our focus is going to be agile as well as being able to serve our customers with relevant technologies innovation and with high-class term support.

Being a successful leader in the AV sector, please share your views on the current business scenario in the sector across India.

AllWave-AV Systems feels the industry is completely very fragmented, several verticals will be impacted by the current covid situation as well as after we emerged from the vaccination drives. Sectors such as government, education, as well as MSME will be impacted positively from a system integrator perspective. As the pandemic has shown the important need for communication and collaboration and having good infrastructure.

Why it is said that the workforce plays a vital role in every business’s growth? Please tell us about your team.

Our team gel well together, we have been together for many years. Some of the team members since inspection we have had a unique “can-do culture”, we take our responsibility very seriously. We are also very agile to understand the evolving needs of the customer.

Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

My journey started in the AV industry in the year 2007 when I returned from the US with a master’s degree in Electrical system engineering as well as a stint at the advisory board company in Washington DC where I had my first real work experience in the corporate world. In the last 12 years, as a company, we have diversified to a range of different solutions keeping up with the pace of the industry, and have achieved growth on the profit and revenue front as well as on the team strength & expertise. Today, our team can cater to projects across PAN India.

AllWave-AV Systems has been fortunate enough to work on a variety of projects including many renewed auditoriums, boardrooms, training rooms, video conference suites. and now more increasing in the space of what we like to call as Software-Defined AV. We work with a large number of command centers, auditoriums (private and state-owned), Training institutions, etc. Some of our known multiple projects are IIT Bombay, UBS, Citigroup, ANZ, etc. Our total project strength to date is over 2800+ projects across India. We have successfully delivered AV solutions to over 400+ clients across India ranging from many SME and fast-growing companies to very large multinational organizations.

What are the key achievements of your business journey?

We have achieved several milestones along the way. Including several interesting projects. We don’t look at milestones only as a daily process where each one of us looks forward to contributing something meaningful and making our customers successful by providing them world-class infrastructure and support.

‘Innovation is the key to business growth’, Please share your views.

Innovation is a very important part of our growth. If you visit our website, we have listed some of the innovations which we worked with in software-driven space, as well as traditional space. A lot of customers reach us because they believe us, we are not only capable but also high on innovation. A lot of projects (experience centers, command centers special applications) are a result of a lot of time spent on testing products, developing software’s and ensuring that they are fit for the market.

Any client experience you would like to highlight?

It will be a disservice to other customers if we highlight only a specific customer. We have several case studies which are published on our websites as well as we encourage all our potential customers as well as old customers to visit our website from time to time to look for updates via our blogs section.

According to you what is the future of AV technology in India?

We feel AV is going to merge with a lot of IT hardware IT infrastructure as well as software-driven applications. We welcome this unification and are hearing up for further growth.  

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