Codleo Consulting: Offering the best Salesforce and CRM Solutions

Codleo Consulting Mohit Sharma and RS Maan

Smart businesses recognize that in today’s hyper-competitive business world, customers must be at the centre of everything they do. Customer Relationship Management is, without a question, the key to better serving customers and providing them with better experiences. The most potent way to increase both strategy and outcomes are through technology, the most well-known of which is, of course the CRM tool.   

Established in 2019, Codleo Consulting is amongst the most trusted IT companies for its CRM solutions on the Salesforce #1 CRM platform. The company was started with the sole aim of transforming & automating the business processes of different business industries. It was founded by Late Mrs. Bimla Singh, an educationist with an aim to create a company with a heart & soul. Beginning with just 2 people, the company has now grown to a team of 65+ experts who provide out-of-the-box Salesforce solutions for an eclectic range of businesses, who wish to enhance engagement and forger strong ties with their clients. Their purpose is to connect their clients with their end customers. 

Codleo Consulting works at par with global standards since it is a strategic alliance partner of Salesforce. The company has helped in addressing business needs and building strong customer relationships for its clients across several domains— healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, and non-profit organizations. Codleo Consulting is also assisting their customers with different technology stacks of Google, Microsoft, Docusign, HubSpot, and Zendesk etc. 

Notable Services Offered  

The company is known to be one of the best digital transformer and CRM solution providers. It offers a range of solutions to companies who wish to connect, engage, and build long-lasting ties with their customers, leading to growth and higher ROI. Amongst these services, Codleo Consulting offers Salesforce Business Consulting, Greenfield Implementation, Integration with other systems, and Support management as well. Moreover, the firm takes care of a brand’s online presence along with extending marketing, automating the customer’s buying pattern, and marketing analytics services. These services are generally covered in the digital marketing portfolio of the company. The company provides holistic solutions for their customers, rather than just providing consulting and leave them with technology only.  

Several companies prefer Salesforce CRM because of its simplicity of use. It is also popular because it can be customised to any level based on each client’s unique needs & challenges. Salesforce platform can be customised to such levels that a wholly unique Salesforce CRM can be created for the client, and even a specific department or user working for the same customer.

It is also easily integrated with a host of third-party apps which makes it easy for users to work from one unified source instead of switching between various tools & apps. Apart from this, it has easy-to-use reports & visual dashboards to showcase collated wholesome data thus giving users valuable insights for review and future company plans/strategies.    

In addition to all the Salesforce & digital solutions, Codleo Consulting is a product developer as well. Codleo Consulting ventured into the product development on the Salesforce Platform and developed apps that are ideal for small & medium businesses such as a Project Management App (ProjecLeo), Vendor Management App (VenLeo), Recruitment Management App (HireLeo) and Human Resource Management App (HRLeo).

All these apps are built on Salesforce low code platform to offer a seamless & better experience to all users, a single platform to access all apps and reduced IT infra & development cost, being a low code cloud platform as a service.  These are the perfect fit for start-ups and MSMEs as they offer value for the investment. Its bouquet of digital marketing services includes marketing automation from various marketing tools such as Pardot, Mailchimp, Marketo, HubSpot & marketing cloud.  

Overcoming Challenging Obstacles  

Codleo Consulting faced several challenges when it was initially started, some of which are:  

  • Financial Investment and Funding: Investing personal capital was the only option to get started with a start-up. During that time, the founder was not exactly flush with funds and money to invest because she came from a middle-class family. However, investing all of one’s savings into the business was a risky move.
  • Putting Together the Core Team: With hitches along the road, it took time and careful planning to choose the ideal group of brilliant and motivated young people to ensure that the right mix would be present. Finding the appropriate person for the right job was and continues to be difficult.
  • Getting Brands and Businesses to Trust a Start-up with Work: The initialization of Codleo Consulting was not easy. However, the team believed in themselves during the difficult times. This confidence helped them to persuade brands to give them a chance, since no brand wants to work with new players who aren’t tried and tested. Within a year, they acquired around 30+ customers of several sizes, regions, and industry verticals.
  • Reputation in the Market: To be a trusted brand in the market is a massive undertaking that is achieved slowly and steadily, with both perseverance and heart. The company has secured its standing in a short period of time due to its adherence to best practices, client-first focus & the quality of solutions offered by Codleo Consulting.

Being a Leader  

Present CEO Mr. RS Maan believes that a good leader has an open mind, is quick on the uptake, and is open to taking advice/suggestions/ideas. Being a leader has taught him how to inculcate learning, development, and continuous improvement amongst the best employees as these are the key credits for any firm to grow.   

He also considers an empowered workforce to be a powerful engine of growth for the company and each person in their journey. The steps taken to help them in their journey are by creating plenty of learning opportunities. Here, the company encourages its employees to upskill, and join the various free webinars & online courses that they are running via their CSR wing – the Codleo foundation.  The genesis of the foundation lies in creating an army of employable coders in India. 

Additionally, the firm is open to suggestions, ideas, and thoughts right from the interns to the managers. The idea behind this is to motivate the employees to think, plan, ideate, and execute. Codleo Consulting has prospered under his leadership and thus, the company is known to offer the best and most appropriate CRM solutions.

Future Plans of Codleo Consulting

In the near future, Codleo Consulting wants to focus on MSMEs and Global businesses not only in India but also in North America, Canada, Australia, and the UK. In North America, Codleo Consulting Inc has been incorporated, and soon they will start operations in the East Coast area of the USA. The company is also deciding to open its delivery centers in Hyderabad and the hills of North India to capture the right talent. 

The company wants to introduce CRM as a subject in collaboration with educational institutions especially under technical programs like B. Tech and get young Indians trained in Salesforce as a technology. Codleo Consulting is also taking the initiative of giving profit/share to the employees who are contributing significantly to the growth of the company to boost employee motivation.   

Quote: “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” —Max DePree  

“Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” – Socrates  

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” —John Maxwell  

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