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Codleo Consulting Salesforce Solution

Codleo Consulting Salesforce Solution

Reimagine a world where there is a seamless connection between brands and their clients.  It is a world of endless possibilities where the sky is the limit. It is this connection that separates the winners from the rest of the pack. Enabling this connection are digital tools such as customer relationship management (or CRM) whose usage is on the rise.

As more and more companies realize the importance of ensuring steady communication between them and their client base, CRM is gaining center stage. Among the CRM tools that are currently in vogue, it is Salesforce that is numero Uno in the market. Over 150,000 companies, enterprise or small, consortium or family-run are tapping into the power of Salesforce to grow from strength to strength. 

Codleo Consulting is a licensed partner of Salesforce and has been rapidly rising in its partnership status. The range of service it provides is extensive and covers end–to–end solutions that include: 

Consulting services

Whether a brand is choosing to onboard Salesforce for the first time or seeking to reimagine their existing deployment, our consulting services are just “what the doctor” is suggesting for them. Our in-depth consultation with all relevant stakeholders is just the beginning of our services. We study each business thoroughly to understand current processes, tools, and systems. Then based on our wide industry knowledge, best practices, and proven methodologies, we provide the most appropriate advice & suggestions needed to obtain the best out of your Salesforce deployment (proposed or existing). Our consultation is pocket-friendly yet of the highest quality.   

Implementation services

Codleo‘s implementation services are tailored to suit the precise needs of each brand that is unique in its way.  Our Salesforce implementation services include configuration, customization, migration, integration, and support for various industries.  We not only understand your business needs quickly but also suggest suitable improvements to your business process. With our pocket-friendly Salesforce implementation services, we provide economical solutions for businesses of all sizes that are based on the latest technologies. 

Integration services

As a leading Salesforce Integration Partners, we successfully provide secure, reliable, seamless, and scalable integration of Salesforce CRM with current apps and external cloud services. We can seamlessly migrate your data from other applications such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce. Codleo, one of the best Salesforce Integration Companies in India builds web services within Salesforce which assists a third-party app to share information with Salesforce. We use data loaded for manual migration, S2S for Salesforce to Salesforce migration, and evaluated third-party tools.

Support services

Life, business, and Salesforce are dynamic and always evolving. Salesforce requires constant up-gradations as per business processes. Codleo offers Salesforce support services across domains and the various products of Salesforce. So, whether you are new to Salesforce or using them for some time, we offer Salesforce support services through our skilled CRM Support consultants (On-location and off) to take care of the business needs. Our Salesforce Support Services / Salesforce Customer Services ensure in our maintaining error-free system functions, user support, Salesforce releases, Salesforce updates and upgrades including enhancement of existing functionalities, etc. 

CRM Health Check

Our Salesforce CRM Health check & Strategic review is ideal for MSMEs that have seen change or growth in recent years. Whether a business has recently deployed Salesforce OR using an old salesforce instance OR change in organizational leadership OR not up-to-date on new Salesforce updates and features – Whatever the case may be, Codleo undertakes a thorough CRM Health check and submit a detailed gap analysis for the best usage of Salesforce and its ROI. Salesforce Health Check is a quick and pocket-friendly solution to judge the return you are getting out of your investment in Salesforce Org. You may get a full system review from our specialized team through our Health Check and Gap Analysis services. 

Lightning migration

With the Salesforce classic version getting obsolete day by day, the shift to the more robust & up to date version known as the Lightning version is imminent for all businesses who currently work on Salesforce. Codleo, With best practices and processes, we ensure a smooth & seamless migration ensuring that there is no disruption of services. 

Salesforce training

At the core of Salesforce Training is the belief that focused, customized, interactive, and hands-on training leads to efficient results and greater user adoption. We provide a range of Salesforce training programs to enable an organization to learn Salesforce at its fullest.  

Codleo’s services also include successful deployment of various clouds offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Nonprofit cloud, financial services cloud, and so on. Each is a value addition for a profile / vertical and aids in productivity, efficiency, and enhanced ROI.  With a wide range of clients (MSMEs to NGOs to big brands) delighted with Salesforce services, Codleo is on course to be the preferred partner for enterprises when it comes to Salesforce products & services. 

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