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Gaurava Yadav Founder & CEO- EduAce Services

Learning the features of teamwork, mutual respect, communication, and stress management is very important for success in today’s life. Any skill useful in your life can be considered a life skill.

Life skills help us properly live life; it teaches us how to deal with things and if anything goes wrong how we can tackle it. What if students learn these skills in a joyful learning process? Isn’t it nice if one learns how to live life happily and earn a huge knowledge in a joyful format? Yes! We are on the same page! And we also have a solution for this.

EduAce Services is a company on a mission to make learning fun and open up a huge treasure box of knowledge for students in innovative formats. In a talk with Mr. Gaurava Yadav, Founder, and CEO at EduAce Services, let’s discover their journey since inception and know about their offerings.

Please brief us on the EduAce Services and its inception.

Started in the Year 2013, we are an Ed-tech start-up working in the ‘Knowledge Services for School’ domain through an interesting format of Quizzing. As a start-up, we aim to make learning fun and joyful for school-going kids. EduAce Services is helping school students across Tier 1, 2, and 3 towns of the country by working with them on their ‘Life Skills’ and ‘General Awareness’ needs through an enjoyable and fun-based ‘Quizzing’ format.

With our unique IP’s we have been serving the School education space for over 7 years now, we broadly operate under 3 sets of IP’s Quiz IP’s | Network of Principals (IPN) and a Marketplace for Schools, which is our latest offering for schools across India.

What is the reason behind the company’s long-standing success?

We at EduAce Services always believed that Quizzing is a time-tested fun format of making learning fun and enjoyable for school students. Therefore, through our interesting quiz, IP’s viz FAMILY QUIZ SHOW or SCHOOL QUIZ LEAGUE one of India’s leading quiz shows for school students and staying relevant to the needs of our target customer. EduAce Services believes in Talk Less and Work More.

We keep ourselves well connected with our clients, members, target audience, and team members to have flawless communication. EduAce Services always keeps itself ready to adapt to changes in the business environment. Other factors that we keep in our mind and follow are efficient time management, Execution of plans, and our exceptional services with which we never compromise.

EduAce Services is an Ed-tech start-up working in the ‘Knowledge Services for School’ domain through an interesting format of Quizzing.

Why should one choose EduAce Services? What makes it unique?

EduAce Services as a startup believes, chase the process and outcome will take care of itself. Our agility towards work, customizable solutions for our clients, and quality of delivery make us stand out, and that it makes us unique. We have built brands in under 3 years and have national and international audiences using our networks and brands…which is a testimony of our work ethic and culture.

What EduAce Services provides to users, tell us about your unique offerings.

EduAce Services provides their users/clients with Interesting quiz solutions – SQL is India’s Biggest Quiz Program at Tier 2 & Tier 3 city level, with over 1.5 lac kids taking its ‘Classroom level Quiz’ in its 5th edition. The quiz is based on the ‘Have Fun as You Learn’ format, where SQL – Pratibha Ki Khoj, gives kids a platform across smaller or lesser-known towns to showcase their talent to the world.

Further helping kids build their ‘General Knowledge’ towards competitive exam preparation. And vast reach on the schooling with our network of 5,000+ school leaders on the Forum. FQS the newest IP from EduAce Services started this April 2018. The newest Quiz on the blocks brings families together through an engagement lead format where families will have fun and learn together.

How do you decide to take the EduAce Services a step further in the field of education technology?

With COVID around there has been a major push towards the adoption of technology at the school level. As already stated above we have been conducting quizzes for school students every year. During this Pandemic situation also, we have conducted Family Quiz Show Online, it’s a quiz show where students participate with their families. We have launched a series of unique products starting from a marketplace to an app for teachers as a resource pool. These timely new products will keep us in good stead as we march ahead. We turn every challenging situation into an opportunity.

How is the Ed-Tech necessary in the current scenario across the world?

It will be no exaggeration that ed-tech has saved the day for education and educationists. If not for tech in education, our kids would have lost 1 year of formal learning from their lives. So, tech is no longer a second option, it is now the main option for education going forward. Over 1 Billion student population which is school going is now using ed-tech solutions for their learning needs, various innovation solutions have saved the day for the schooling fraternity.

What do you think are the responsibilities of online knowledge providers?

Quality, Quality, and Quality is the only single factor that differentiates between two service/knowledge providers as we all have more or less the same source of content. It is only with what quality this content presented to the target audience. As the market is flooded with sub-standard content as well hence the users select the chosen content basis the quality of service and quality of content.

Can you please brief us about your professional experience in the field of Ed-Tech?

Before starting EduAce Services I have pioneered an International Award-winning Social Network/Community based on the Open source platform Ning, which enabled our business to create substantial business value. I was conferred with the Best Social Media initiative at the Asian Communications Award 2012 in Singapore.

Quality, Quality, and Quality is the only single factor that differentiates between two service/knowledge providers as we all have more or less the same source of content.

How has the digitization changed the traditional way of the learning process?

Without a doubt, accessibility is no longer the bone of contention. India with over 500 million Internet users by 2021. Digitization has certainly paved the way for learning in the Indian education landscape. Everything is one click away. Now children can access anything anywhere.

Please tell us about your team.

We are a small agile team of 7 core members and a strong affiliate network. Our teams are spread across 4 key areas, Operations, CRM, Sales, and Affiliate Network. All respective departments are led by members groomed internally and given leadership positions.

Which quote do you find the most inspiring for students?

Stay Hungry, Stay inquisitive. The primary objective is to allow children to learn more than just their chosen field of study and create an interdisciplinary environment. Their thoughts should not be confined. More exposure will lead to more knowledge. They should not stop exploring. Be positive and keep encouraging the mindset.

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