Techsol Corporation- Revolutionizing Medical Treatments

Satya S S Sagi Founder & CEO Techsol Corporation

The Pharma industry is well known for its late adoption of new technologies. But after studying the pros and cons of it, the industry is finally on to accepting the digital revolution there is. And with it have experienced the benefits of the cloud.

Techsol Corporation is one such organization that is helping the pharma industry players run their processes efficiently with their cloud solutions, and with it making an impact on the patients’ lives.

In this interview with Satya S S Sagi, CEO of Techsol Corporation, let us unfold the journey!

Tell us about Techsol Corporation.  

Techsol Corporation was founded in 2010 under the leadership of Satya S SSagi, CEO with his vision for offering value-based technology services and developing innovative software solutions for pharma. With over 20 years of life sciences industry experience, the humble beginnings of Techsol Corporation were started by him on a small penthouse overseeing Hi-Tec city in Hyderabad, India. Today with our headquarters in Princeton, NJ, Techsol Corporation is recognized as a valuable tech partner for several global clients with an expanded team of 140+ subject matter experts.

In our mission to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives, we team up with biotech, pharma companies & healthcare providers to optimize science with technology and revolutionize how new medical treatments are discovered, developed, and delivered to people around the world.

How does Techsol Corporation address the challenges that the pharma industry players face? 

 As a seasoned technology services provider, we have seen that the adoption and the potential realization of modern technology has a multitude of challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Meeting compliance objectives, addressing concerns around data privacy & protection, choosing and implementing a scalable technology solution that fits the business process and their existing IT ecosystem are always key concerns for business decision makers.

With over 20 years of life sciences industry experience, the humble beginnings of Techsol Corporation was started by him on a small penthouse overseeing Hi-Tec city in Hyderabad, India.

With our experience thus far, Techsol Corporation has continued to excel as a trusted technology partner for pharma and life sciences companies because we have constantly reinforced risk-based quality & compliance in all our software solutions & services. However fast technology may change, our approach to address the business challenge and simplify the solution has been consistent by fostering continuous innovation.

Our configurable pharma digital platforms complemented with value-driven business services such as system integrations, validation, training & advanced data analytics are proven to reduce compliance risk and increase the quality of process outcomes.

What are the products and services that Techsol Corporation focuses on?

We at Techsol Corporation take pride in offering regulatory compliant cloud solutions to digitally transform clinical development, drug safety, and medical information management business processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device & healthcare industry.

As a trusted technology solutions provider, we work relentlessly with our clients to understand their business challenges and resolve them with lean and risk-based congruent solutions to scale-up quality, speed, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Techsol Corporation provides business value to our clients by delivering high-quality configurable solutions & specialized services with a focus on quality and regulatory compliance. Our core domain expertise was developed using our committed domain experts through constant industry interactions, and by adopting industry best practices.  For eg: All validation services we provide are in alignment with the GAMP5 risk-based validation framework. Our Service Desk operations are run by using the principles of ITIL and we deliver projects using the PmBOK methodology.

Recently Techsol Corporation created a subsidiary, SciMax Global ( a cloud-based next-gen end-to-end unified Medical Affairs and Information platform for the pharma and healthcare industries. According to you, how relevant is this to the further expansion of your pharma tech solutions capabilities?

In the Medical Affairs domain, we began developing “MedInquirer” about 4 years ago and this was our first cloud solution just for medical communications. Today, we have broadened our innovation landscape by launching SciMax which is a patient-centric Outcomes & Evidence driven global medical affairs platform.

Our commitment to introducing high-end technology through SciMax for Medical Affairs will be a game changer for Pharma & Service providers. Techsol Corporation will be the first company to provide such a comprehensive collaborative platform for multi-functional stakeholders. As we look more closely, we know for a fact that this adaptive change requires synergy with other business systems. Hence, we have dedicated ourselves to building configurable technology solutions that can easily support cross-platform integrations.

What other methodologies or approach you adopt to help enterprises in comprehensively mitigating their challenges in pharma tech space?

Techsol Corporation strongly believes that taking the risk-based approach to tackle any business challenge provides the right approach for taking the appropriate steps in choosing a technology solution. But to be revered as a trusted software solutions provider in the industry, we know that advances in technology must be leveraged for offering incremental innovation to our clients. To keep up with changing regulations, we have a robust technology framework that can be readily tailored as a business solution. For example, we have readily available technology components to fulfill regulatory requirements around data privacy & protection.

Could you share how Techsol Corporation keeps track of the right ingredients to build relevant pharma tech solutions in planning, implementing, and maintaining the latest products and solutions complying with the new age client’s pharma tech requirements?

With over 10+ years of industry experience, we have learned that keeping up a commitment and winning the trust of clients comes only with diligence, integrity, transparency, and continuous pursuit of excellence. In short, these have been our ingredients to develop a sustainable innovation mindset regardless of shortcomings. Above all, we have developed the virtue of being agile to adapt, evolve and align ourselves constantly with our client’s business goals.

Keeping up to speed with rapid advancements in technology requires a considerable amount of dedication to reducing talent development time. Understanding the challenge and offering the right solution for clients with changing tech requirements is a key specialty for us because we have learned to thrive with agility.

With all the market entry barriers, timing is an essential component of innovation success. It’s primarily for that reason, we have established synergetic relationships with our clients and partners to derive value from their knowledge and offer our technical expertise.  Another important success factor that we were able to leverage successfully is our tactical capability to reuse technical and knowledge assets to solve problems more effectively.

How are your products and services different that the other industry players? What do you believe is that one differentiating factor?

With our pharma industry domain expertise & strong technology experience, we have proven capabilities to:

  • Build & deliver configurable, process-oriented digital platforms for pharma
  • Provide lean and integrated cloud solutions
  • Offer actionable intelligence with advanced data analytics
  • Transform business processes with incremental innovation

We have been providing unparalleled technical and functional consulting guidance across the clinical development, drug safety and medical affairs verticals with strategic business partnerships.

Is there an experience with the clients you would like to highlight?

We had the opportunity of implementing and rolling out SciMax Platform for both a multi-national rare disease pharma and a global Med Info Contact Center. Both our clients were looking out for a purpose-built configurable solution that can be tailored and scaled up as their business needs grow. The multi-channel intake, cross-platform integrations, robust case management workflows, built-in reporting & analytics has given them considerable advantage to automate manual tasks and have one single comprehensive solution for all their medical communication needs.

In return, their knowledge capital has been extremely valuable in further strengthening the product’s competence. With two major version releases, today we can claim that SciMax is one of the most advanced cloud solutions in the industry. And we haven’t stopped here because we are already working on the next big wave in infusing artificial intelligence capabilities.

What new products and services will you be introducing? Can you share some insights?

We are actively working towards announcing the launch of multiple new products and services during this year. Our appetite for innovation has increased with our domain knowledge. The major announcement is the launch of the “PVSentinel” cloud solution for pharmacovigilance operations oversight and compliance governance. PVSentinel is a process orchestration and compliance governance solution to streamline, track and report the outcomes of PV operations and cross-functional activities managed by different vendors, partners, and affiliates.

Techsol Corporation’s work culture is fabricated with each team members commitment towards positive outcomes in anything we do.

How do you look after your employees? What is the work culture like?

First and foremost, Techsol Corporation’s work culture is fabricated with each team member’s commitment towards positive outcomes in anything we do. The close-knit collaboration amongst our team members has been visibly recognized by all our clients and that has encouraged our enthusiasm to provide high-quality services all these years.  As part of our corporate responsibility, we have established an amicable work environment with open-door policy, talent recognition, continuous learning support and celebrating our success together.

Our talent pool is constantly nourished with continuous knowledge capital, autonomous work ownership, festival, get-togethers, social cause shouldering, individual and team empowerment. All these elements positively influence our team to bridge with clients, understand their business goals and work towards common success. The executive leadership from behind the scenes have been instrumental to ensure that all team members get the best of every client interaction as it is an opportunity for them to contribute with their competence and increase the value of the entire business relationship.

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