MARCH | 2022

Enterprising Companies of the Year - Vol. 2

Enterprising Companies of the Year - Vol. 2 features,

Successory Nigeria Ltd: Successory Nigeria Ltd., is an Abuja-based consulting firm which primarily comprises young, dynamic, and competent professionals in various spheres of the economy. It is an efficiently-run firm of management and financial as well as human resource consultants, wholly dedicated to local and international training, capacity building, strategy and management services, poverty alleviation, and advocacy in addition to research, strategy, and leadership services. 

Importantly, Successory provides solutions that will align company and employee goals through innovative human resource management. From our name: SUCCESSORY, we make our clients to succeed.: We turn our clients’ efforts to Success Story

Successory Nigeria Ltd has a single mission: to be the number one research and training service provider in Nigeria and a reference point for excellent capacity building and Business Development Services (BDS) in Africa. For Successory Nigeria Ltd, the main challenge was to build a strong team, a resilient brand and acquire experience that would help them launch into a leadership position in Africa. 

When you have a strong backing of an able team, your operations run efficiently without any hassle and you gain the trust of your customers. With utmost efforts and trial and errors, the company achieved that within just the first decade of their operations. 

A strong foundation for your company means a smooth sailing journey towards your company’s success. A point that triggered the growth of Successory Nigeria Ltd was their foray into strategy development and enlisting international certifications and collaborations. In this era, COOPERATION and COLLABORATION are the game changers.

Illumisoft: Dan is a life-long technologist and a technology entrepreneur who started his first tech company in 1993. With a pragmatic approach to technology, what drives Dan is providing his customers with simplicity over perfection, people over processes, and communication over documentation. 

This is true whether you’re talking about user interface design or interpersonal communication. Dan prefers to be a futurist who believes that, with technology, people tap into the ability to significantly increase the average lifespan.  

As founder and CEO of illumisoft, Dan set out on one simple mission, to make healthcare better. He believes that building strong relationships with clients helps to understand their needs and provide them with the right software solutions. 

With over 20 years in the software industry, Dan has a knack for maximizing resources and knows how to spearhead custom solutions that help healthcare organizations, practices, and providers work more efficiently and make an impact on their patients’ lives.

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Dan Prince

Making Healthcare Better

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