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The only reason one is working and striving for success is to attain satisfaction and a sense of achievement in professional life but also personal life, as one always wants the best things in life and achieve the best standard of living possible. The pandemic has caused a major shift of population towards physical wellness and overall healthcare, people are looking forward to every option available to get into the best physical form. In the world of business, presentation is everything and no matter how diabolical it sounds, it is true in every sense and place in the world, thus presentation matters.

A businessman or an important person always try to look their best as it not only gives off a good image of the person and their company/business but also instills confidence about them and their brand amongst the people and fellow businessmen/businesswomen. This is not only for business individuals but also applicable for every person in the world, and one should do their best to have their best foot forward, as a good smile or a face always gets half of the job done.

Ideal Image is America’s leading aesthetics brand, providing wellness, personal aesthetics, and other treatments in an affordable and accessible way. They not only provide best-in-class treatments based on the needs and demands of their clients, but their services comprise of latest technology done by a team of experts and delivered in the safest means possible as their customer’s well-being and safety are of paramount importance to them.

They are not only regarded as one of the best and most satisfactory aesthetic and wellness professionals, with services that range from hair removal, body sculpting, anti-aging, and much more, making them one of the most sought-after aesthetic brands. Their loyal customers, long-list of testimonials speak of their dedication and efforts put in by the brand to empower the future of their clients.

In conversation with the CEO of Ideal Image, David Prokupek. Let’s hear more about the brand, its services, and the CEO’s professional journey.

Please tell us about Ideal Image and the initial turbulences after Ideal Image was founded:

Ideal Image is North America’s #1 aesthetics brand, making personal aesthetic and wellness services more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before. We believe that “confidence changes everything” and our mission is to help everyone look and feel their best, taking a holistic, personalized approach to health and wellness that works from the inside out. Our business model is unique and powerful, operating at the intersection of digitally enabled healthcare and the best of direct-to-consumer brands, with 150 points of care and growing that make it easy and affordable for clients to reach their aesthetic and wellness goals. 

Our highly trained team of medical and wellness experts are available 7 days a week with free virtual private consultations to explain your options, recommend healthy choices, and craft a plan that is as personal as you are—with same-day treatments and the most affordable pricing in the industry. Our team of 800+ Medical pros (ranging from board-certified Dermatologists, Medical Doctors, and Nurses) have done more FDA-cleared treatments in North America than any other aesthetic brand–20 million and counting.  

We offer a full suite of FDA-cleared medical aesthetic treatments from laser hair removal, non-invasive fat reduction, Botox, medical-grade facials, and anti-aging and skin rejuvenation services, delivering our client’s real life-changing results. We use only the most advanced technologies, and all our treatments are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee Membership to give clients peace of mind and confidence they are in the right hands. We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

We offer a full suite of FDA cleared medical aesthetic treatments from laser hair removal, non-invasive fat reduction, Botox, medical-grade facials, and anti-aging and skin rejuvenation services, delivering our client’s real life-changing results.

The biggest initial challenge (and opportunity) was that consumer interest from women (and men) across all ages and income brackets was extraordinarily high, but the services have been hard to access for most people because of their price and the category has been confusing and inconvenient to use for many consumers.

We had to figure out a “better way” and we did. We have completely transformed the business into a powerful direct-to-consumer digital model where clients have nearly round-the-clock and free access to a team of aesthetic and wellness experts to explain options, create healthy choices, and develop personalized plans with the most affordable pricing in the industry. Clients receive treatments from our 800+ Medical Pros at one of our many points of care across North America. We have been thriving even during Covid-19, with double-digit sales and client growth.

Please tell us about the services of Ideal Image, new additions, and the reasons the brand is a leap ahead of the competition in the market:

Ideal Image offers the latest, safest, and most advanced aesthetics and wellness technology available to the market to achieve real, natural-looking results. Treatments include laser hair removal, body sculpting, Botox, and anti-aging services, and more.

We pride ourselves on being North America’s #1 aesthetics brand with a mission to make personal aesthetic and wellness services more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before. The scale of our business allows for the most affordable pricing in the market including low-cost 100% approval financing options for those who need it –with all our services backed by our Lifetime Guarantee Membership.

We focus on making it easy and convenient to deliver real confident boosting results –unlike no other aesthetic brand –from having the largest point of care network in North America to free private consultations that take place from 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week around the United States and offering same-day treatments when possible. With these differentiators, Ideal Image continues to democratize the personal aesthetics industry. And we are just getting started.   

Our most recent new service is our Ideal Image Lifetime Guarantee Membership. It is the first of its kind in the industry that we launched in January to great success. The Lifetime Guarantee Membership is an annual $250 subscription that offers clients $1,000 or more in value a year and allows clients to affordably invest in themselves based on their own needs. This approach is opening the market for us. The membership is such a great deal.

Clients sign up and immediately receive a Free treatment (from Laser Hair Removal, IPL Treatments, Skin Tightening, Muscle Toning, and other treatments) worth $250 or more AND our best VIP pricing on services including $8.90/Unit Botox®, $100 Off Facial Fillers, and 50% Off any of our other Aesthetic treatments as well as 90% off laser hair removal touch-ups and more. Our move into subscription services is just another example of how we are changing the frame of the Aesthetics industry.

At Ideal Image, we have a significant innovation pipeline to not only expand our services but how consumers can easily interact with our brand. There is tremendous interest from consumers to expand our current core offerings around the skin, face, and body services as well as add new services that can be available to clients at home instead of in a clinic. Also, we will be entering new markets and expanding our national point of care network to give even more people access to our services and keep up with demand.

This year we will be entering the medical-grade skincare market –to help our clients get healthy-looking skin at the most affordable prices with products curated by our team of seasoned Dermatologists. We are excited to expand our wellness services into women’s health, skin health, and weight management, including diet and nutrition, with customized plans from a team of experts that can be delivered to your door.

Our expert medical advisory board is continuously providing me and our leadership team advice on the latest solutions and advanced technology of services emerging in the marketplace. We will continue to innovate around the digital experience to continue making it easier than ever to take charge of your wellness.

Please tell us about your professional journey:

For the last 25+ years, I have been a serial entrepreneur partnering with leading private equity firms both as an investor, CEO, and board advisor to help create highly differentiated consumer businesses and strong outcomes for the investors. One of the keys to that approach is to quickly find the “white space” –the key consumer difference that will let a brand prosper.

Today with the support of L. Catterton, the team and I are leading the category disruption of the medical aesthetics industry. In my early career, I led financial service firms and helped provide access to services not broadly available to average investors. I led the aggressive growth of Smashburger as Chairman/ CEO and the brand transformation at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. I have been investing across other emerging consumer brands and serve as a board member to Victra Wireless and DFC Global.   

Tell us about the team and work culture at Ideal Image:

At Ideal Image, all of us are very focused on our vision to make personal aesthetics and wellness more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before, and we are truly dedicated to helping everyone look and feel their best. To provide the best services at Ideal Image, we bring on board only the most passionate and skilled to help us grow.

The heart and soul of Ideal Image is our 18-year medical heritage and dedication to delivering safe, effective results to its clients. Safety is our #1 priority and our science-based results-driven culture supports that from our investment in our 800+ Medical Pros, our outside Medical Board, a commitment to operating at “hospital grade” level, and using the most advanced equipment available to get our clients the results they deserve.

Shoot for Jupiter and are happy when we land on Mars.

David Prokupek

Ideal Image is a growth company that operates at the speed of digital. Our people are focused on the art of the possible versus the impediments in front of us. I like to say we “Shoot for Jupiter and are happy when we land on Mars”. We embrace using “big data” to guide our decision-making and then use prudent risk-taking to rapidly test our insights. We place great value in our entire team and work to give them the training and tools they need to best prepare themselves and be successful in their role.

Ideal Image also has digital communication channels that link all employees in the same specialty to one another so that they can have an open dialogue regarding certain challenges, opportunities, and successes. We have adopted a “work from anywhere” culture and continue to prepare for what work looks like post-pandemic, and we offer a full range of full and part-time schedules that help lead to overall employee satisfaction.

Ideal Image embraces a reward and recognition culture that provides people many avenues for personal and professional advancement and visibility for how they are positively impacting the company. Our growth mindset allows people to get ahead quickly and take charge of their future.

Your take on the competition in the market and how it affects you or Ideal Image:

Ideal Image is the #1 Aesthetic brand in the marketplace today, but despite that, the market is competitive and people are chasing us. As CEO, the way we cope with competition is to keep focusing on the consumer and doing what is right to make the experience and results better for them. We talk inside Ideal Image every day about “extending our lead”—with an aggressive innovation agenda that is planned out over the next 24+ months. We are primed to pursue multiple, outsized avenues of growth and continue to solidify our position as the leader in the aesthetic and wellness industry.

I have always believed in competition and the power that it must bring real change to our lives. Whether it is in athletics or business, competition in the form of internal and external pressures is necessary to push businesses and their people to continuously innovate to exceed customer expectations. Internally we brand the idea of competition as the “market- place of ideas,” and I believe that marketplace does bring out the best in all of us. To that end, we will continue to disrupt our business model to help ensure we continue to out-innovate our competitors and deliver on our consumer promise.  

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