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In today’s changing times getting appropriate and quality legal advice is an asset. Earlier the law sector was all about long legacies of families, sweating it all out, working, and waiting for long hours to get the work done. But today, with the use of technology, almost everything has changed. There are advanced tools and applications at hand and that too very easily. These have given the legal service sector a makeover. 

Simplifying it further and in an endeavor to empower the pillars of justice in India LawzGrid brings various legal services to your doorsteps in just a few clicks. LawzGrid assures us to give you a comprehensive, swift, and reliable solution for any of your legal needs. 

The Foundation-

Having had more than 10 years of experience in the field of web design and web development, and having worked under various positions, Founder and CEO, Manish Chandra started his own company in 2015, LawzGrid. 

“To help people take wise legal decision and in accordance to their budget, we decided to open a platform where people can hire or get their query answered. To solve this LawzGrid came into picture.”

LawzGrid was started in September 2017. The primary challenges were to educate people about the functioning of the app & to make them understand that you can now avail the help of legal experts at the click of one button. As traditionally in our country people go & take the advice of lawyers based on references of friends & family. 

Their Services- 

LawzGrid strives to give its clients a comprehensive, swift, and reliable solution to any of their legal needs, on a single platform from the convenience of home. With over 450 million internet users in India, LawzGrid offers this unlimited scope of technology and gives you the platform to directly engage with numerous clients on a single portal. Their extensive website caters to all the needs of the clients.

LawzGrid is available on the play store as well as the App Store. It has two variants, LawzGrid Pro for the lawyers and LawzGrid for the users. Both these apps incorporate all the features of the website and are highly efficient and user-friendly. They also have multiple flat-rate packages on documentation, property verification cheque bounce, GST returns and filing, Legal Notice, Consumer cases, Trademark Registration, Cases against builders, etc. These packages help our users pay a definite lump sum with no hidden costs and no added stress.

LawzGrid also provides an opportunity for various lawyers to increase their clientele and interact with their fellow lawyers. It has a vast database of lawyers to help satisfy all the needs of a user. LawzGrid aims at simplifying legal experience for everyone and ensures that our clients enjoy a secure and easy legal experience.

It also provides all its users the opportunity to post questions of a legal nature for free on the website. This helps the users get a legal insight on their issues from various experienced and well-versed lawyers. It also enables the users to decide upon the future course of action they wish to litigate upon.

LawzGrid also brings to its users their extensive Supreme Court News section which is updated daily. It helps the user, as well as the lawyers, stay updated with the current happenings of the legal world. It helps users become more aware of the amendments in-laws. They also have a legal guide that helps its users understand the course of action that must be undertaken in case of duress. Their extensive legal blog provides the users with a better understanding of legal issues and events. 

LawzGrid provides packages that cover the most sought-after litigations like cheque bounce, divorce, consumer cases, etc. They have an extensive set of packages that cater to all the needs of the consumers.

Their packages also deal with statutory compliance like auditing, Tax Filings & Registrations, Investment Support, Secretarial Compliance, etc. so that consumers do not need to hire a Chartered Accountant separately and can get all their paperwork done on the on one platform, i.e. LawzGrid

Under Package Deals, the company offers consumers seamless legal services in exchange at a fixed price. Each package covers various services which fall under any one aspect of law.

These packages help attract a larger clientele since most people are wary of legal costs.

The Packages help to build a trust base with the clients so that they hire from LawzGrid in the future.

For Corporate Clients :

LawzGrid has a state of the art technology for corporate clients. They aim at making their website a comprehensive system for solving all their needs. Be it incorporation, tax returns, auditing, LawzGrid has it all covered.

They have a separate app for their corporate clients which will help them stay updated with the progress of their litigations. 

Corporate litigations are bulk litigations that help the business flourish.

LawzGrid aims to revolutionize the corporate market by bringing them a one-stop solution to all their legal requirements.

Many corporates in the Delhi-NCR area are using LawzGrids’ services. 

The things which make their service unique are 24×7 support & all the lawyers on their platform are verified and they charge very reasonable rates for all the services they provide. 

“Our key strengths are latest technology, 24×7 support, very reasonable pricing, regular updates and vast profiles of lawyers from all over India.”

In their field they have some good competitions that have come into this domain before them but, as a company, LawzGrid is not much concerned about the competition. Rather they focus completely on how they can improve at every step of the day, and bring to their clients better services.  Currently, they have their beta project in a testing phase where we are implementing AI so the user gets instant access to legal solutions and related lawyers as per their need without any human support.  

 Experience at Hands- A case Study

One of the case studies of LawzGrid includes fighting a case on behalf of home buyers where LawzGrid helped them fight the case against a builder who had delayed the housing project in Delhi-NCR and helped them in their legal fight in NCDRC and ultimately got order in their favors. Currently, this project is going on in full swing and they hope to move to their flats soon.

Dealing with 400 buyers was tough but the client was able to deal with all paper/documentation using LawzGrids’ technology and they were getting updated about the case updates from the app. With this, the company also made improvements in their systems, with the clients’ feedback, and were able to give the clients a better experience. 

The LawzGrid Family-

The company has made sure that they have flexible work timings for their employees. Employees have the option to work from home as well once a week. With the weekends off, they try to indulge in a few extracurricular activities, to keep their energy intact. 

The company environment and culture are such that all kinds of ideas are encouraged. This gives way for the employees to come up with ideas and thoughts that will make the business robust and will be helpful. Any employee who comes up with such helpful and innovative ideas is given a bonus. This helps to create a competitive and creative environment in the company. LawzGrid also values the essence of spending time with family, and so they make sure that the employees leave the office by 6 PM. Even though the company is running 24×7, they make sure that each employee is properly rested so that they can contribute their 100% at work whenever they are in office. 

LawzGrid aims at making the legal experience easy for everyone. It strives to bring about awareness in society regarding the law. It brings to every user a plethora of lawyers to choose from and litigate with.

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