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Communication is the key, not only for a successful life but also for a successful business. Technical knowledge, analytical skills, soft skills, etc. are meaningless if there is no proper communication between the client and the enterprise. Moreover, enterprises working on a global level have to deal with different languages in a single day. A company can hire translators but still would find it difficult to cover a variety of languages.

Mastervoice dawns upon this impending issue, providing breakthrough services in the field of language solutions. They are the go-to service providers when looking for efficient and highly effective language solutions. They offer simultaneous translation, remote interpreting solutions, language technology, and of course language training services.

Their services come highly acclaimed as one of the best and unmatched amongst the rivals in the market. Their dedication, service, and support, mixed with the unwavering sincerity, skills, and expertise of the team of Mastervoice, propels them to be among the 10 most reliable language solution providers in 2021.

The Company – Mastervoice

Mastervoice was found with a mission to support the globalization of events and organizations with simultaneous translation for international organizations. Mastervoice has a proven track record of excellence with more than 3,500 interpreter days on an annual basis. They have earned a position as a trusted provider of conference interpreters for over 150 multinational companies and international organizations. They were ranked among the 15 biggest global providers for simultaneous interpreting with onsite conference interpretation (source: CSA) in 2014 and for simultaneous interpreting with in-person interpreting in 2020. 

Mastervoice received ISO 9001 certification in 2008 for the full scope of professional language services: onsite and online simultaneous interpreting, translation services, interpretation technology, language training, and language consultancy. Quality management, reliability, and continuous improvement are key values for our organization, our employees, and our partners.

They have been pioneers of the industry, enabling organizations to work and provide peak performance without having to worry about language barriers. 

The Journey that Made their Voice Stronger

Every company goes through a series of challenges, placing them in a decisive and tricky spot. Mastervoice and its team have never been the ones to back down from a challenge, with agility and resilience deeply embedded in the company’s genes. They strive and outperform every single time to meet their corporate and institutional client’s needs and requirements. 

Covid-19 was without any doubt the biggest challenge they ever faced in their capacity, as they were key providers of interpreter services for international meeting planners. They had to face a complete freeze of all onsite meetings as of March 2020, which forced them to move to online interpretation services very rapidly. 

They have always been believers in remote simultaneous interpretation and its huge potential well before the health restrictions were imposed in the meeting industry. To their best capacity as simultaneous interpreting experts, they participated in the co-creation of video remote interpreting solutions back in 2012 long before the outbreak of the health crisis. By the time the health crisis hit the market, they were well prepared and partnered with the major providers of remote interpreting platforms. 

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This strategic decision gave them a lot of leverage and scale benefits to support the increasing demand for online interpretation. Their first mission was to get their corporate and institutional repeat clients back on board with online interpretation. This took great efforts, but they managed to support their existing clients and at the same time they were able to grow and attract new clients.

The standards set by Mastervoice and its team serve as a benchmark for the industry. Their dedication and sincerity towards serving and enabling their clients are unparalleled. Mastervoice is always there for their clients, regardless of their duration working with them. These factors make them highly sought-after and highly trusted by the top companies around the globe.

Services Offered by Mastervoice and What Sets Them Apart Pushes Them to Heights of Success:

Mastervoice was the first language service provider to offer online interpretation with conference calls using any IP-based medium and one of the few global service providers to receive ISO 9001:2008 certification as a recognized language technology consultant. 

They specialize in simultaneous interpreting as core expertise, supplemented with high-end interpretation technology, translation of presentations and meetings reports, and transcription services using next-gen language technology. 

After a steep growth in the early years since their foundation back in 1998, they maintained a double-digit growth on an annual basis until the figures collapsed with Covid-19. In spite of a strong drop in revenue in 2020, they were able to maintain operational results by offering package deals to their meeting clients with bespoke online solutions based on their specific meeting requirements.

Their procedures for qualification, screening, and selection of conference interpreters require at least 3 independent reviews from vetted interpreters, as well as documented interpreter experience with proven client history. This sets them apart from the competition and has given them a competitive edge in service level excellence.

Apart from this, they are striving to improve their service offerings. A company like Mastervoice sets the industry standards, being the pioneers of high-end interpreting solutions. They are client-centric, listening to feedback, and making minor to major changes, all for unmatched customer satisfaction. 

Leadership at Mastervoice

Mastervoice language technology

Mastervoice is a unique company in a unique niche, what sets them apart is their company values, resilience, deeply embedded into their cores. All this makes a good team but having a vision and leadership is what propelled Mastervoice to become successful and command a dominating and respectful position in the industry.

Eric Bauwelinck is the CEO of Mastervoice. His mission is to unlock global business potential with online interpreting for international organizations and speakers. Eric is also the author of the book ‘Voices from Above’, on the transformation from onsite to online interpreting back in 2016. He is a strong believer in human language technology to globalize business.

Before establishing the company Mastervoice, Eric has been working as a conference interpreter for more than ten years. His expertise and experience in conference interpretation paved the way to offer the full range of language services for meeting planners, corporate companies, associations, and institutions. 

Key Achievements of Eric’s Business Journey

The first achievement was a personal journey from a freelance interpreter to a global top 15 interpreting business. Quality has always been a key focus on that journey, with ISO 9001-2015 certification for the full scope of language services including language technology, which is exceptional in the language industry.

Mastervoice and its team have also embraced Kaizen in their organization to support change management processes and continuous improvement efforts in the past 20 years. A proven track record as a preferred interpretation supplier for 1,260 international clients including some of the largest global companies is a big achievement, but nothing beats the level of confidence they get in return as trusted partners. It is their strongest incentive to move forward, to grow, and to improve.

Team and Work Culture at Mastervoice

Their core values are based on trust, transparency, and client-orientedness. They believe they can get the best out of the team if they involve them in the company’s mission and vision, but also in the specific business objectives. They share results, successes, and challenges with the people who are invaluable to support their clients: project coordinators trusted suppliers, and key partners.

This sums up to a healthy work environment where ideas and innovation are fostered. The team can freely discuss and share their views, all for the benefit of enhanced services and excellent client experiences. These factors make the team of Mastervoice, much more than a company, a team, just like a close-knit family!

Clients of Mastervoice 

Mastervoice is a trusted interpretation provider for almost one hundred multinational companies quoted on the stock exchange in the U.S., the UK, the European Union, and Japan as well as international institutions including accreditation as a provider of interpreting services for the United Nations.

Eric’s Take on How to Keep Up with the Changing Market Trends?

Today, the meeting and language industry requires continuous change, client-orientedness, and excellent service levels. This can only be achieved by building and maintaining a very high level of confidence with trusted, reliable, and proven language solutions, human expert resources, and next-gen language technology. 

Eric’s Views on R&D, and is it Essential For the Growth of the Company? 

As a member of the International Advisory Committee on Applied Language Technology, I have witnessed the huge potential of language technology to support interpreters and meeting participants. I strongly believe innovation has become a bare necessity to thrive in today’s global business. We are ready to continue our innovation journey with trusted partners, expert linguists, and next-gen language technology providers.

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