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The lockdown caused due to the unseen enemy created stumbling blocks in the growth paths of businesses in almost all verticals. As the unlock process started, businesses now have started their battle for survival and journey towards accelerated growth.

This story is about one such leader, entrepreneur, and his company that not only proved mettle in the technology industry but also inspired many budding entrepreneurs, to not hesitate, not to sit back relaxed, and take their leap towards transforming the business verticals with innovation, vision, and dedication.

This is the story of a visionary and resilient entrepreneur Gagan Arora, who not only ventured into the world of business technology but also contributed to the world with his innovations. Gagan is a serial entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast, enabling the new-age Indian businesses to adopt modern technology to get transformed.

Gagan’s utmost interest and fondness towards technology made him motivated to share his ideas and thoughts with the world. He adores the way technological advancements have changed the shape of the world, markets, and businesses. His prime idea behind the inception of Vertex Global Services was to deliver passionate and dedicated services to businesses. He wanted to change the dynamics of business strategies with technology and do something on a wider scale. Although his first few start-ups did not lift off, this didn’t let him lose hope and he finally decided to create Vertex Global Services.

 It was only a two-member team in the beginning when Gagan started his venture in operating out of a garage in Miami, Florida. He left the job, forfeited salaries & perks as well, and worked out of a base with minimal essentialities to achieve his dream. He always works in a diversified manner that can initiate more possibilities for him and his team.

Gagan says, “We strive for unparalleled innovation and perfection with our single window services of staff augmentation, artificial intelligence, managed services, and digital marketing. We thoroughly revise our digital solutions considering the market situation to ensure streamlined services for our endearing clients. Currently, we are focusing on strengthening the portfolio with BPO and Vertex Digital Academy.”

The Company, the Journey – Vertex Group

Vertex truly dominates the industry with its position as a leader in the techno-led business solutions space. Their sole aim is to provide products and services that are unique, differentiated, and standing up to their legacy in the technology domain by offering new-age techno-powered solutions. Bootstrapped and incepted in 2016, Vertex has been a prime independent entity.

Every successful company has its ups and downs, and the road for Vertex was also one with its fair share of hurdles and achievements, but one thing that remained consistent was their unwavering spirit and their aim to provide the best to their clients. Competition in the vast market world has been one of the challenges for team Vertex primarily, basically a competition for “price value of products and services’’. Various factors could easily influence the ultimate choice of the customers.

But the price component always caught the eyes of buyers at first and is mostly liable for changes in the business strategies and models. And Vertex is an organization where the majority of its focus is put to drive amazing innovations in products and services along with refining the quality of our work from time to time.

Our pristine services and value for our clients make us unique and differentiate us from all other existing companies and is the key reason for our long-standing success.

Gagan Arora

Taking Innovation on the Table

Vertex Global Services’ objective is to lend support to all other small- or large-scale businesses that are desiring to up their game in the business world. They provide companies the utmost cutting-edge solutions and help them to propagate their performance all over with their finest expertise. From companies’ registration to business optimization to upskilling their workforces, Vertex offer all types of integrated business solutions and services. The company has always put forward impeccable services to the clients with premium solutions at cost-cutting prices.

Launched in 2016, Vertex has proven transformative evangelist who is now leading innovations to create an ecosystem of its advanced technological services. Company’s pool of knowledge combined with the unmatched leadership team and go inventiveness they have embarked on the types of innovation by –

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Managed Services & Consulting, HRO, 24×7 One-Stop Help Desk, and Virtual Reality. Vertex Global Services facilitates businesses by building cutting-edge solutions that enable them to achieve the first-moving advantage to be a leader in the better future.

Vertex Group - Gagan Arora

With their latest venture towards e-learning and business process outsourcing, Vertex Digital Academy stands with the essence of Upskilling masses at all age groups. With a strong sense of responsibility towards upskilling and creating employability.

With the focus on creating a best-fit solution for clients, providing them access to a pool of services under the single canopy, and delivering efficient strategic advantages, Vertex has successfully won satisfied customers. Their objective to have answers to every one of client’s needs under one roof and at the best of what they do makes the company different from its competitors.

Vertex, Taking a Step Ahead With…

Vertex Global Services’ catchword is to innovate, design, and transform to become malleable and susceptible to new challenges’ and exceed those challenges with flair and flamboyance.

Growth is an integral part for everyone at Vertex, it means offering consistent deliverables to consumers with a continuous process where both employees and employers put their efforts to create a conducive environment. Developing a growth strategy involves penetrating new markets and new segments, which aids the business to scale to new heights. For this Vertex into the e-learning sector, with Vertex Digital Academy, which is the second-largest after the US and is predicted to grow by 15.64 percent and increased by $48 billion by 2020.

They have expanded the cores with their Train and Deploy agenda focused on upskilling people with the exact skill set as required by the companies which will enable more than 100,000 people to be job-ready. Moving forward, the company will recourse its strengths to reinstate the services that ascertain quality of human lives too by reskilling especially-abled people and create an opportunity of employment for them.

Talent is everywhere and it must come out to the world.

Gagan’s Take on Current Business Scenario Across the Globe after the Covid19 Pandemic

2020 has been quite a historic year. Seized by a global pandemic and exposed to major disruption, the world has undergone a lot of uncertainties. But technology, however, added a seam of resilience to businesses by making the abrupt shift in operating habits less disruptive.

I believe the new era of working has opened up more opportunities for disabled people. The Work from Home/Anywhere model has undergone a universal uptake in some divisions as a result of the pandemic. It had unlocked an opportunity for organizations to build or future-proof, inclusive workplace for people with disabilities. Whereas, an equal opportunity for disabled people to work and earn their livelihood.

For being said that, Vertex offers a stage to such especially- abled people with Vertex Digital Academy so that they can upskill themselves for the changing business landscape. The academy also has to offer internship opportunities so that they get to experience the corporate vantage before stepping into the world.

The happening work culture at Vertex

Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it trumps even strategy.


A company’s work culture determines its persona and it is very important to align culture with innovation and growth. At Vertex, People are its biggest assets, the company considers its employee as the ambassadors.

Gagan says, “I Believe, satisfied employees produce satisfied customers. They are likely to assist customers with a more pleasant demeanor and a higher level of customer service. And for that, we have redefined the HR system of our company as ‘Employee Care’, ‘Talent Acquisition’ & ‘Talent Excellence’. A laid-out working system combined with a transparent structure of communication and teamwork. Through our best practices, we have been rated as “Best Place to Work in India” by the Best Place to Work ® Institute by attaining 92% in employee satisfaction score.”

Vertex has heavily invested in its employees and firmly believes its employees are the lifeblood carrying the company’s culture implying its business growth forward.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Gagan Arora – Anchor of Vertex

Vertex’ status and respect in the market and the technology-led business solutions space is exceptional with their plethora of innovative and custom-made services, which not only speak highly of their handpicked team of industry experts and masterminds but also their able, efficient, ace, and unmatched leader, Gagan Arora (Founder & CEO).

Over 20 years of experience, certified from Boston University, he is a leader with an elite set of positivity, aptness to think beyond the box, and experience of more than a decade now, he has undergone settled positions of a widely successful organization.

“I believe, every moment counts. My journey has been greatly successful in driving large-scale revenue and profit gains with an excellent skill of improving on organizational productivity and performance. I have built really strong business partnerships and client companies’ relationships over years and mapping further my way towards nationally and internationally.” Gagan commented.

With hard work at the driver’s seat and a passionate interest in technology and innovation, he introduced Vertex Global Services. In his fascinating journey with Vertex so far, he focuses on building relationships amongst all the team members and the partner with companies for the overall sustainable growth of the firm making it one of the best companies in the world.

His mantra is to initiate, innovate and transform to become suppler and open to colossal challenges. Certified from Great People Manager Institute & Forbes, his core strength lies in providing analytical support for the key business decisions and participating in holistic strategic planning. Conceptualizing and implementing strategies for streamlining the operations and providing effective support to all the client companies. Whereas, his innate strengths lie in managing end-to-end marketing and communication activities such as briefing, managing media deliverables for brands, events, promotions, etc.

Recognized for his real corroboration of the efforts and manifesting a good balance between the work culture and productivity Gagan was awarded as the CEO of the year by the Indian Achievers’ forum, 2020 and got recognized by CNBC & Asia One in the 40under40 category.

Under the visionary leadership of Gagan Arora, today, Vertex has paved a way to transcend geographical boundaries in search of quintessential opportunities that can easily be turned into effective business strategies and planning. Vertex Global Services has ranked 19th among the world’s 50 most innovative companies and recognized as the Best Place to Work and Best Company of the Year 2020 by Berkshire Media LLC, USA.

The Key Achievements

Gagan’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspirational history that started from being a torchbearer to an entrepreneur and now to the leader. Starting as part of a team that launched an office for a global company with over 3000 employees in Indore to spearheading various departments and several brands for 15 years, he left the corporate job and launched Vertex Global Services and expanded operations in the USA, UK, INDIA, PHILLIPNESS and now Nepal. With an instinct of being solution-oriented, thinking out of the box, and focused hard work, he was accolade as CEO of the year 2020.

Some of His Key Achievements Include:

  • Serving as Chairman for FIC – Delhi
  • Designated as Director for Global Education for Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce
  • Recognized by Forbes India as One of the Top 100 Influencers across India
  • Recognized as 40 under 40 by Asia One and CNBC TV 18
  • Gagan is certified by Great Manager institute & Forbes post external survey conducted by the said institution where he scored 96.88%. 
  • Deployed smart IVR for one of the major telecom providers which resulted in saving $1mn with their CSAT score up by 2 percent.
  • Awarded as the best talent acquisition practices and most innovational operating standards
  • Awarded for the best startup of the year
  • Responsible for seizing revenue growth of the company by 100% year on year
  • Instrumental in making two international acquisitions
  • Fundamental in rewiring the HR department and transformed it into 3 different segments which resulted in extremely low attrition and 92 %plus ESAT since inception
  • Recognized by IPCC for his Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Global Operations
  • Through his willingness to pitch the best for Vertex, he made a quintessential contribution to vertex by deploying Chatbot for one of the leading eCommerce clients which handle 5000 chats per day and save more than $10mn overall.

Innovation is like creativity. By that I mean creativity, when executed, becomes innovation.

Gagan Arora

Gagan Shared his Thoughts on Innovation and Creativity:

Many people think that to be creative you have to plan it, schedule it, and ideate. I don’t believe this way. I believe Innovation is something that cannot be done in a vacuum. Being in the industry for more than two decades now I substantiate thoroughly the fact that innovation is something that is rooted in our DNA. This justifies the fact- Vertex is the no 1 innovative company in India and 19th in the world.

A non-obvious reason why we are constantly innovating is our people. Hiring remarkable talent that brings out-of-the-box thinking and agilities, and then creating an environment that empowers them with a space for growth. We being Accoladed as Best Place To Work is because of our equally influential culture- that cultivates a flexible environment that nurtures opinions and curiosity and entitles each person to drive their team as if it were their own company powering their growth which is yet another fact to our Business growth.

Overwhelming Client Experience

For Vertex, clients are the top priority and for them, the company continuously rethink and automate its Processes with an eye towards their Success. Very recently, the company helped its prime client to successfully launch their product in the Indian market: here is their voice for Vertex:

“I want to take the time to thank you for the fantastic job you have been doing for seamlessly launching our Service in India and being one partner for all services like Call Center Setup, Performance Marketing & Back Office setup. This has been greatly appreciated by our board members.”

Vertex Group quote

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