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Ajay Bakshi- Metamorphosis Unlimited

In the present situation, talent acquisition and management have arisen as a key process in an organization. Even though there is a lot of availability of workforce in the market yet the test is to acquire the right talent and develop it with the right strategies. This is fundamental to accomplish the essential goals and ensure the long haul achievement of an organization. Consequently, upgraded corporate culture and globalization have changed the hiring and talent management processes. Today, to be relevant in the market race, an organization needs to adopt more efficient strategies and here the HR & Talent advisory consulting firm plays an important role.

To cater to the HR and talent management needs of businesses, Metamorphosis Unlimited offers top-notched solutions that transform them with deep-studied and specialized HR strategies.

Mr. Ajay Bakshi, the highly experienced leader in the field of HR and talent management incepted Metamorphosis Unlimited in 2016 with a vision to offer his expertise in areas of executive coaching, leadership development, and executive search i.e. hiring people and developing people, and so on.

Mr. Ajay Bakshi has 26 years of experience incorporate. He had worked as director of HR and board of director in various multinationals like Vodaphone, Prudential and he had worked as a head of HR at Sterlite Technologies.

Mr. Ajay was keen to look at transforming businesses through people. One of the key things he founded in businesses, whatever it may be, a startup, a unicorn, or an established one family business, the most important area is about people.

If you take care of people they will take care of your business.

Mr. Ajay Bakshi

With this vision, he founded Metamorphosis to provide his expertise in managing the people to companies right from the startups to mature companies and government sectors as well.

Early Days

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! Metamorphosis has also faced some initial challenges with which they tackled well and become what they are today, The most recommended HR consulting company!

The very first challenge Metamorphosis faced is about changing the mindsets of people. Businesses were investing in hiring people but they were unaware of offering the right kind of payment programs, offering the right kind of coaching programs, etc. which directly reflects in their business growth.

Another challenge was, about 20 percent of companies were been vocal but 80% of companies were hesitant to speak. It was a struggle to speak with these companies and change their mindsets.

The key challenge faced by Metamorphosis was creating awareness of their expertise, overcoming biases by some key decision-makers on leveraging only brand names, lack of clarity on what they wanted and how it was linked to business strategy.

The firm gained pace in growth within a short period. The firm’s first year went in talking with people, making them aware, and getting the right opportunities for some good work. Since the second year, the growth of the firm got accelerated.  Initially, in the 1st year, the firm had 10 clients, in the 2nd year 45 clients, and the 3rd year 75 clients. Even in the Covid-19 crisis, when the whole world was shut, the firm was in action, worked remotely with advanced solutions, and gained 5 new clients. Metamorphosis continues to work with more than 90% of their old clients.

Factors behind firm’s long-standing growth

Some companies gave Metamorphosis the right opportunities at the right time, been vocal, listened to the solutions firm offered, and implemented it. Their faith in Metamorphosis kept increasing as the solutions offered by the firm boosted their growth. This faith played an important role in Metamorphosis’s long-standing success.

Metamorphosis Unlimited doesn’t operate on an employment module. All the professionals in the firm are not their employees, but they are the associates or partners.  And thus, Metamorphosis’s team of 50 skilled people has an interest and stake in the firm.

If everybody is an entrepreneur in the company, the company will grow

And so, Metamorphosis’s team of entrepreneurs plays a vital role in its success.

Their Quality Offerings

Metamorphosis Unlimited firstly diagnoses your problems well and then offers a cure for them. The firm doesn’t follow the ‘preset’ technique to reduce efforts. They believe, every problem is unique and so the cure must be. Mr. Ajay says, “We don’t work like an allopathic medicine that provides temporary relief but we work as a homeopathic medicine, we dig in dipper and destroy the root cause”   

Metamorphosis Unlimited’s comprehensive plethora of services includes:

  • HR Advisory Services: The HR Advisory service involves understanding business strategy and creating the HR strategy/interventions in line with business strategy.
  • Top Talent Management: Design and deployment of a Top Talent Programme for the Top 5-100 High Performing and High Potential employees focused on the DARE Model i.e. Develop; Attract; Retain and Engagement model.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programmes: Design and deployment of Diversity and Inclusion programs aimed at attracting, developing, retaining, and engaging Diversity Talent cross-gender, differently-abled Talent, social, cultural, and religious segments, education mix, ethnicity, etc.
  • Corporate wellness programs: Design and deployment of customized corporate wellness programs focused on: Physical wellness and health with tie-ups with hospitals and Multifit Wellness Centers that provide customized workout METAMORPHOSIS UNLIMITED 6 plans and diet/nutrition plans focused on improving strength, agility, and endurance.
  • Finance for Non-Finance Professional Program: Finance for Non-Finance Professional is a 2-day program for an experienced professional who wishes to better understand finance and accounting. This program includes an understanding of financial statements, ratio analysis, and managing working capital. This program delves into various aspects of budgeting including zero-based budgeting calculating return on investments using different approaches such as NPV and IRR.
  • HR Mentoring for Companies Managed by Private Equity Firms: The firm offers HR due diligence for mergers and acquisitions for companies being acquired by the PE firms and post-acquisition provide mentoring support to CEOs, CHRO’s CFO’s, CMO’s to help create ad business strategy.
  • Business Advisory: Design & implementation of productivity & efficiency Matrix leveraging Six Sigma finance restructuring & organization design, project management for transitions

I want to remember you not as employment seekers but as employment providers.

Mr. Ramesh Pai

New HR Analytics

  • HR analytics certification workshops
  • HR capability building programs: The firm offers HR capability building programs covering technical, functional, behavioral, and managerial competencies of HR professionals across junior, middle and senior leadership roles in HR across business partners.
  • Shared Services: Business, Project Finance & HR outsourcing, legal & compliance outsourcing HR outsourcing, finance outsourcing, licenses and design of shared services
  • HR analytics outsourcing for large & medium
  • Executive Coaching: Coaching senior leaders and high-performance individuals in the areas of:
  • Business coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Wellness & lifestyle coaching
  • Indian culture orientation
  • Coaching programs for expatriates
  • Life Coaching
  • Recruitment Services: The firm offers sourcing and selection solutions at junior, middle, and senior management levels across BFSI, IT/ITes, manufacturing and FMCG, and pharma on a retained search basis.

8 Vital Roles of Human Resources Department.

Metamorphosis Unlimited taking a step further with

  • Investing in technology: Businesses that still rely on traditional business processes might be holding their growth back. To be relevant in the market and grow, the adoption of the latest and upgraded technology is a must and so Metamorphosis Unlimited aims to invest in more and more technological innovations.
  • Investing in analytics: Analytics enables businesses to quantify the effects of changes in their strategies. Analytics is invaluable in the process of improving and digging more into the domain. Thus, the firm looks after investing in analytics.
  • Establishing a strong international presence: The globalization and boost in the digital economy have opened doors of vast opportunities for businesses. And so to make benefits from it, a business needs to establish its strong international presence.  Metamorphosis Unlimited aims to grow with the association, introducing new products and stepping into newer markets like the Middle East, US, Canada, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc.

The Work Culture

Metamorphosis Unlimited is not just an organization, it’s a family, a family of good people with the same passion and compassion. The firm looks out for the wellness of their associates, which is not only about medical insurance but also in terms of their happiness. The firm makes sure that its associates are financially happy, which means they are getting good returns. 

Whether be on the professional side or a personal side they help each other and operate as a community.

The firm invests in its associate’s continued development with self-development practices and attending special courses. Everybody is responsible for their development and the company encourages their development by letting them choose courses they want to attend.  The company has a very transparent and open culture where people value and respect each other.  They keep sharing information and knowledge.

Metamorphosis Unlimited believes in diversity; diversity not only in terms of gender or something but in terms of knowledge, different thoughts, and opinions. The firm recognizes people for what they are and that’s what makes the firm successful. Rather than only focusing on their weaknesses company celebrates and develops their associate’s strengths.

Mr. Ajay Bakshi (MD and Founder) – A leader powered with an innovative vision

Mr. Ajay Bakshi is a Senior HR thought leader, Ex CHRO, Board Director, and Business Leader with extensive experience in HR, Sales, and Business leadership with an experience of 25 years in transforming organizations through people.

Ajay is a Mechanical Engineer from MIT Manipal. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pune University. He is an internationally certified administrator for psychometric instruments like Hogan Inventory, MBTI, DISC, OPQ 32.

Also, he is PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Executive and Business Coach from ICF, USA, and has 5000 plus coaching hours, in Coaching Business leaders at CXO, CHRO levels, and Women Leaders.

Mr. Ajay is certified by NIS Sparta as a facilitator for Adventures in Attitudes and SPIN sales training module with over 50,000 hours of facilitating interventions across the UK, Europe, Asia, and India for Senior Leaders(CEO’s/CXO’s) and Middle-level Managers for various MNC and large Indian Corporates. Also, he is a certified facilitator from Old Mutual Business School, South Africa

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