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Top 3 Most Famous Slot Games Developers | The Enterprise World

According to recent industry reporting, the global online gambling market has continued to experience significant growth over the last year. This builds on the steady upward growth trajectory the sector has been on for the last number of years, which has seen the sector as a whole reach an annual compounding growth rate of up to 12.5% year on year. And if estimates prove true, the global online gambling market will easily exceed its current valuation of $75bn in the year to come.

Out of the many different categories of games that online gambling fans have flocked to, however, one game type has proved particularly popular with new and old fans alike: online slots.

For beginners just getting started, online slots are the perfect game type for dipping their toes into the fun and exciting world of online casino games. They are incredibly easy to pick up and are the perfect format for playing at home or on the go. The basic slot game format is also incredibly adaptable, which makes it perfect for online casino slot games developers to create new and exciting games with.

For these reasons, online casino slot games developers have rushed to release a wide range of slot games over the last number of years. Although some of these games definitely vary in quality, a handful of developers have continued to push the envelope when it comes to designing online slot games.

Out of the many different online casino slot games developers that have released slot games, which are the most prolific?

1. Evolution

Founded all the way back in 2006, Evolution Gaming have been in the online casino business for almost two decades. Despite being one of the older and more established developers, Evolution have continued to break boundaries in terms of game design and innovation.

Evolution | Top 3 Most Famous Slot Games Developers | The Enterprise World

Evolution Gaming are known for producing a range of innovative and exciting games from their head offices in Sweden, although thanks to the strong growth in the sector, the team is now spread throughout Europe.

Some of their top-performing and most popular slots include Divine Fortune, Twin Spin and Dead or Alive II, as well as their ever-popular version of the Starburst slot. These titles have proved consistently popular with new and old online casino fans alike and have helped Evolution grow into the industry titan they are today!

2. NetEnt

Originally established all the way back in 1996, NetEnt have grown from relatively humble origins in Sweden to being one of the biggest names in the online casino sector. NetEnt are a multi-award winning slot games developers, supplying many of the biggest gaming operators across the globe.

NetEnt are known for the quality of their software, which includes popular titles from across the online casino gaming spectrum. And although they supply top-tier titles for games like video slots, blackjack, roulette and even live casino games, their slot games are by far their most popular offering!

NetEnt | Top 3 Most Famous Slot Games Developers | The Enterprise World

With classic titles such as Gonzo’s Quest, Hotline 2 and Divine Fortune, NetEnt have found ways to innovate when it comes to online slot design. Their combination of lush graphics, great sound design and engaging game mechanics has proved a hit with online casino fans.

This has helped them to win a whole trophy cabinet-worth of industry awards, which includes prizes for slot provider of the year, on multiple occasions. We can think of few companies that have had as big an impact on what modern online slots look like today, and for this reason, they are easily one of the most famous slot games developers out there.

3. Microgaming

Headquartered in the Isle of Man – which has grown to be a hub in the British Isles for the online casino sector in recent years – Microgaming is a leading games developer with three decades of experience behind them. Microgaming has a commanding presence in the sector and supplies just shy of a thousand different operators with hundreds of the most popular titles currently played by online casino fans.

Microgaming | Top 3 Most Famous Slot Games Developers | The Enterprise World

In addition to supplying games, Microgaming has also contributed to the development of regulations for the sector. They were a founding member of eCOGRA and have helped to grow and maintain responsible gaming standards for the sector as a whole.

Among online slot fans, however, Microgaming is better known for the high quality, creative and always exciting titles they have released. This includes classics such as Mega Moolah and Pharaoh’s Fortune, as well as the many branded slots they have released, such as Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider and Jurassic Park.

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