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Premal Kaleria Jay Storage Solutions

Jay Storage Solutions – Transforming India’s Logistic Industry with Intelligent Storage Solutions

Scientific discoveries and inventions have helped in the development of the nation. Science provides a new way of looking at things and a vision to expand businesses to a new level. It broadens the scope of available goods and thus assists in the development and progress of the economy.

The logistic sector of a country plays a vital role in its development. India’s infrastructure has increased over the last few decades due to the implementation of high scientific techniques. Innovative and advanced storage solutions provide businesses a new and easier way of handling and storing goods, as well as newly developed modes like the Ganga National Waterway, which have been constructed to ease the process of transportation.

Some people are born to lead and take part in the growth of a nation. They inherit such qualities or are found in their blood. They strive hard to create their own opportunities to spread the business wings. Mr. Premal Karelia, Managing director at Jay Storage Solutions is one of such business leaders who transformed the industries with their cutting edge offerings.

Jay Storage Solutions’ is a market leader in the storage solutions area in India. Based in Mumbai, the company is a reliable name in providing intelligent storage solutions. The company was set up in the year 1984 with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Vasai, Palghar is an Integrated Management System certified by ISO. The company is a leader in providing a comprehensive  & wide range of warehousing & industrial storage solutions & Automated Warehouse Solutions.

Pioneering the design of Intelligent Storage Solutions

Since 1984, the company has pioneered the design of Smart & Intelligent storage solutions. Jay Storage Solutions is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with different certifications, namely ISO 14001:2005, ISO 9001:2015, and 18001:2007.

In the Journey of entrepreneurship, each day is different. Each day you learn something that you haven’t learned in the past. It is exciting, thrilling & adventurous.

The company is committed to delivering high-quality products and services in time and they have made it a mission to go beyond product sales. Jay Storage Solutions believes in consulting their clients and helping them make informed decisions. Every project starts with a site visit and in-depth consultation to ascertain client needs. The company then provides a solution that is customized, designed, validated, and installed to customer specifications. The company’s dedicated customer centric, problem-solving approach has ensured their continued status as market leaders. Over 85 percent of Jay Storage Solution’s clients have repeated their business with the company.

Jay Storage Solutions offers plethora of innovative solutions under one roof. The company offers Warehouse Automation, Rack Clad Warehouse, Automated Racking system, Conventional Pallet racking System, Mezzanine System, Multi-tier Racking System and Cantilever racking system curated focusing on the actual need of customers.

Charting the new paths…

Mr. Premal says, “The bar rises higher with each day in career. So it’s difficult to define a particular moment as a High Point. But yes, you have adrenaline when you are on a mission” The company entered the storage solution business in around 2009. And then they entered the Automated Storage business in 2011. Jay Storage Solutions empowered their clients with designed, developed, manufactured & commissioned the first Automated Storage & retrieval System of INDIA.

This was a challenging mission because at the time there were only about less than 10 such installations in INDIA and each one of these installations was from a developed nation namely, Japan, Germany, Austria, etc. The company’s contribution to make in India and a holistic vision to transform businesses across the nation is commendable.

Jay Storage Solutions went on the mission to develop this system indigenously, with no technical know-how or support from any established global player. The company went to several suppliers for manufacturing special components & developed each one of them in INDIA. The company’s very own manufacturing system was re-designed to achieve an extremely high degree of precision that these systems require. After breaking through with many unconventional manufacturing techniques, they observed that there was a technology vacuum in INDIA, which even technology MNC’s like Omron, ABB, Siemens, etc. didn’t offer in INDIA.

Jay Storage Solutions was almost practically forced to go their counterparts since there was no know-how of these systems in INDIA. But, the company rejected it & after a lot of brainstorming with many of these technology suppliers Jay Storage Solutions narrowed down to Siemens, with a condition that on the backend maybe Siemens Germany may support, but they want the INDIAN engineers to understand the system, supply & service from Siemens INDIA. It was a herculean task to achieve. The project was completed within the time frame with 100% efficiency of the deliverables. The project came out well with lots of appreciation from their customers & well-wishers.   

Having made sure that each of their projects is not only successful but also ensuring complete satisfaction for all stakeholders, Jay Storage Solutions have now built itself into the league of ‘the most Trusted & reliable partners’.

 “We live in an age of global competition. Some of our competitions are world leaders. What sets us apart is our commitment to all our stakeholders. We live by a simple credo – commit what you can deliver & deliver what you commit.”  Mr. Premal commented.

Mr. Premal Karelia, Jay Storage Solutions – A leader with a futuristic vision

Having more than twenty years of experience in the logistics field, Mr. Premal Karelia comprehends the integrated storage requirements of businesses. A business only can survive only if it adapts the technological advances and so Mr. Premal always keeps the company upgraded to empower its clients with cutting edge solutions. He says Mr. Ratan Tata has always been a source of motivation for him. Under the unmatched leadership of Mr. Premal, JAY’s team makes hard and smart efforts to climb new heights of success every day.

He believes in creating and focusing their path to achieve the desired, without looking at what others do. He says, “The rat –race only exists in people or companies’ minds, superficially. You can run in a race all your life? Can you? And what do you achieve after winning ‘The Race’? It’s the journey that is exciting than the destination. You have to be in your league, there is no race there.”

Mr. Premal Karelia’s take on the current industry scenario and the market after Covid-19  “We are living in an age of continuous disruptions. We are also living in unprecedented times in human history.  In today’s background & the out-break of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has affected the economics & demographics of all countries & also affected each living human being in this world, it is going to be more challenging than ever. In the immediate terms, the challenge & focus will be maintaining sufficient liquidity to ensure smooth operations, maintaining and preserving our physical & human resources.

While in the medium term we expect growth trajectories to be in range, and that we start operating in the Pre-covid era, we will continue to innovate & digitalize our operations in every form that we can. We will continue, not only to innovate on our products but innovate in everything we do, in our operations & come out with solutions, that would consume less natural resource, directly & indirectly, rationalize the overall operations & the ecosystem to achieve maximum efficiency.

We will also embark on a journey to partner with our customers, & offer them products & solutions that will make a positive bottom-line effect on them. We will handhold & be a valued partner in our customers’ business. The post-covid era will offer many opportunities & we will keep ourselves prepared to take the next big leap.

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