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Simply put, immigration is when one person moves from one country to another; be it for work, studies, business, or any other purpose. Seems quite easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is really easy, once you have been able to provide all the necessary documentation for the process. These include the different structures of visa policies, the different immigration laws of the countries, and much more. This is where an immigration consultant comes into the picture, to help you get over those clichés and make your journey as easy as you had thought!

So when looking for an immigration consultant, what is important is the authenticity of the firm. To avoid difficulties in immigration processes people are always in search of trustworthy immigration service providers. India is a super source of skilled people in every domain. For the sake of business, employment, education, investment, etc. there is an increase in migration; hence need of genuine immigration consulting companies.

Providing a cutting edge in the immigration services is XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd. Led by Mr. Varun Singh, XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the leading Immigration companies providing solutions to clients who intend to relocate to other parts of the world. Varun has over ten years of leadership experience in the field of immigration which includes Investment Migration, Corporate Visa Services, General Management, Business Operations, and Strategy, and has an excellent track record of thousands of customer satisfaction in resettlements.

The Journey-

It all started during Varun’s MBA studies. In 2008, he started off doing B2B immigration consulting, and in 2009 XIPHIAS Immigration had its birth. The company had a 2 member staff to start with, who had no support and infrastructure in the beginning, but with time, experts joined the team that pioneered XIPHIAS in the immigration system.

“I believe in turning dreams into reality.”

Today the team comprises consultants well versed in the field of Skilled Immigrations, Corporate travel, and Investment immigrations. They also have lawyers and solicitors as part of the team who are capable of handling all regulations to be followed by any corporate in any capacity. 

XIPHIAS understands and accepts the importance of labor requirements satisfaction across the world. They do not just help nations fill their vacancies but also the individuals who need to migrate looking for a better living and a better future for themselves and their loved ones. From the time of its inception, it has been the very mission of XIPHIAS Immigration to exceed the expectations of clients in whatever domain and satisfy their requirements. The team at XIPHIAS provides premier, personalized advice to clients as is needed while also trying to simplify the whole process thus empowering the clients and their families.

“We believe in becoming the backbone of our clients while trying to help them with the immigration policies.”

XIPHIAS Immigration helps and guides individuals to become Global Citizens, who think globally but act locally. Many individuals are looking for a change in life and relocate to a different part of the world, but feel left out due to a lack of knowledge about the proceedings. XIPHIAS reduces this dilemma for the clients, by providing them expert counsel to empower them and their families, thus helping them bridge the gap between their dreams and ambitions.

Quality Service Offerings-

XIPHIAS is an immigration firm. They deal with corporate travel which includes helping corporates set up their branches in the country where they would want to grow along with helping their staff travel, both short term, and long term.

XIPHIAS Immigrations Is a One Stop Solution For-

  • Investors looking for cross border real estate investment
  • Entrepreneurs/businessmen looking to invest in existing business or start-ups overseas
  • Corporates
  • Skilled professionals and workers
  • Students wanting to grow knowledge and build their career

With their amazing experience, immigration skills, and technological resources, XIPHIAS aims to nullify the anxiety of clients in the areas of their expertise. Their stance to help clients at the macro and micro level illustrates XIPHIAS’ long-lasting client relationships. Driven by a team of attorneys specializing in the field of employment, business laws, litigation, and diplomatic relations, XIPHIAS Immigration is a multi-specialty immigration service firm that brings an extremely distinctive perspective to valued client relationships.

Their registered immigration consultants comply with all the Code of Conduct of various government regulatory bodies to uphold professional ethics and while protecting the interest of our clients.

They also provide relocation and immigration services to private individuals who are generally skilled professionals in the fields of engineering, medicine, teaching etcetera. They provide investment and immigration solutions to High Net-worth individuals who are looking for cross-border investments.

Apart from these, they provide Legal solutions for all corporate legal impediments.

Major areas of practice include-

  • Business Immigration, Investor- Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Corporate Services
  • Skilled Professional Migrations
  • Study Permit
  • Corporate Law & Legal Process out-Sourcing.

XIPHIAS’ Popular Programs Include-


XIPHIAS is an ICCRC registered firm that can help you migrate to Canada in adherence to the regulations laid down by Canada Express Entry Program.


Australia’s immigration welcomes both skilled workers and business enthusiasts into their country who can contribute to the economy and society.


New Zealand’s immigration policies are rigid and are multi-layered. If you are keen to relocate to New Zealand, they welcome you with all earnestness.


XIPHIAS Immigrations has tied up with many well-laid organizations across the world to help its clients with their investment and business plans.


For students who intend to enhance their prospects while gaining more knowledge in their field of work by studying abroad, XIPHIAS is their one-stop solution.

Corporate Overview-

XIPHIAS Immigration is a pioneer in the field of Immigration, Residency, and Citizenship consultancy services. The firm is empowering skilled professionals, high-net-worth individuals, and families to become global citizens and realize their dreams through their expertise and solutions.

“We are one among the fastest growing immigration consultancy firms being ranked among the top five firms in India.”

Having received multiple awards and recognitions, the firm has a strong foothold with its global presence in Canada, UK, UAE, and Australia.

XIPHIAS is officially recognized by ICCRC Canada and MARA, Australia. Backed by a strong processing caliber and expert consultants, each case is evaluated and processed as per the updated regulatory framework.

Permanent Residency or Citizenship – The Global Citizen Way

Global Mobility- Many passports are quite restrictive in their visa-free mobility, forcing citizens to obtain visas whenever they need to travel abroad. Permanent residency can offer individuals from these countries increased global mobility. The difference in global mobility equals an incredible amount of time saved filing visa applications and is priceless to business people the world over.

Business- New business opportunities open up to participants in residency by investment programs as they can now do business in the host country as well as travel abroad more freely.

Tax Management may prove advantageous for tax optimization purposes. This allows investors to manage their wealth more efficiently and effectively.

Family Most programs are available to the family members of the main applicant. This means that investors can secure a better future for their spouses and children. It also offers access to world-class health care, education, and an improved lifestyle.

Education is the foundation of a successful life as a global citizen. Investing in a suitable program can open up access to the best schools in the world for applicants and their children by qualifying them for domestic rather than international tuition fees.

Security in a stable, peaceful country can be life-saving in the event of any kind of political unrest in one’s home country. This type of insurance is priceless for investors and their families.

The company has represented thousands of applicants to date and not a single case has been rejected so far due to their strong case preparation and representation. This gives them an edge above others.

XIPHIAS has helped thousands of applications to visa offices and maximum applicants are not called for an interview because of the representation of the strong document without any rejections. The company is associated with more than 300 colleges and Universities to process student visas. With a track record of neat and clean process and a strong reputation in the market, they have got a maximum number of applications only through the references and not by doing any marketing. A strong reputation and track record are not created in a day and the team involved in processing is highly qualified and knowledgeable who serves the clients on top priority.

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