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Ever since computer science developed rapidly, computer scientists gave the world the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its purpose was to create machines that could solve a problem and increase productivity by thinking like humans.

Before, AI was said to be the technology of the future. But, today there is hardly any work in daily life where artificial intelligence is not being used in one or another way. From dawn to bedtime, for whatever work we use our phones or other electronic devices, artificial intelligence exists. That makes the AI, the technology of TODAY.

In this scenario, businesses are adopting AI-based processes to make their workflow smoother and take an advantage of digital transformation at its fullest. ISO certified Ksolves is a leading company accelerating the growth of businesses with its cutting edge and innovative technology offerings.

Under the strong and visionary leadership of Mr. Ratan Srivastava – Founder and CEO, Ksolves is conquering the mountains of success in the field of technology.

The company

Ksolves focuses on delivering global business solutions by providing high-quality software and application development services.

The company’s performance can be best defined with its achievements: 

  • Ksolves is listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE), it is one of India’s Largest Stock Exchange platforms with a nationwide presence.
  • It is an ISO Certified and a NASSCOM Member.
  • 8+ years in business, 250+ developers, 550+ Projects, 95% Client Retention and 500+ global clients

Ksolves provides software solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs, MSMEs, enhancing their value, simplifying their IT outsourcing experience, and creating a powerful digital future for them.

The Early Days

It can be said that one of the greatest challenges that Ratan faced in getting Ksolves off the ground was getting experienced people to leave the security of their cushy corporate jobs and join him in his journey. But, surprisingly, this is where the personal relationships that he had inculcated and nurtured over the years served as his biggest strength. One of his ex-colleague and one of Ratan’s oldest childhood friends decided to take charge of the project delivery and finance department respectively and provided positive reinforcement wherever necessary. With two knowledgeable and experienced people by his side and an army of passionate individuals, Ratan has been spearheading Ksolves’ ship like an experienced captain. 

The growth graph

With the growing number of years, Ksolves has unlocked phenomenal achievements of becoming NSE listed, NASSCOM member and ISO Certified with a growing number of clienteles encompassing in the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, and Singapore, Mozambique, and other geographical regions.

Ksolves’s values lie in offering the best solutions to fulfil unique business requirements and enabling business growth, transformation, profitability with customer-centricity, commitment, employing satisfaction, innovation, and integrity. The company is growing exponentially, in different industries like Telecom, E-learning, Logistics, Material Handling, Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, entertainment, Travel & Tourism, and Fitness. It is India’s best custom software development company with a wide span of technology experts under the same roof and growing further with the competitive market. Also, stepping into different platforms: Salesforce AppExchange, Magento (Adobe), and Odoo. 

My team delivering excellent Customer Experience blending empathy with technology-powered Digital Transformation Solutions.

Mr. Ratan Srivastava

Their Offerings

Expertise in Service– Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, Node.js Development, ReactJS Development, Salesforce Development, Server less Architecture, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi, Ruby on Rails Development, CyberSecurity, DevOps, SecOps, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cross-Platform, SaaS Application, and API Integration

Expertise in Products – Ksolves is well placed in Odoo and Magento App store. Company’s some of the top recommended apps are Dashboard Ninja, Odoo WooCommerce connector, List View Manager, Report Mate, and Theme Kinetik. 

Why Ksolves? We provide constant communication, weekly demo calls, no time zone barrier, multi-technology experience, 24*7 support, and maintenance. 

Taking innovation to the table

Ksolves has always delivered a solution that not just transforms an idea but also scales it to an all-new level for the businesses.

Kamelsys a Product of Ksolves: A very innovative employee monitoring product. Empower your employees to work from anywhere while securely monitoring your company’s hardware and knowledge assets and boosting productivity

VR and AR is the next emerging technology that the company aims to tap into to create more immersive digital experiences for the end-users.

Ksolves’s primary focus is to serve happy customers globally with personalized software development services. They are consistently connected with all the clients, matching their time availability, unparalleled speed, cost-effective projects, and get their job done by meeting their expectations. Hence, the company is helping its clients in accelerating their business and gaining a competitive advantage by using advanced technology and discovering new opportunities for growth by simplifying their business solutions.

Mr Ratan Srivastava – A visionary leader

Together with the team of 250+ seasoned professionals, Ratan has been striving to make an unforgettable mark in the Software Development Industry for the last 8 years with his entrepreneur brainchild KSOLVES.

An extraordinary success, the company has been successful in turning several ideas of their clients into resounding successes with their technical expertise surrounding hot technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, CyberSecurity, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Salesforce, Automation Testing, Selenium Automation Testing, iOS, Android, etc. to name a few.

A doer rather than a sayer, we at Ksolves believe that client satisfaction lies at the heart of the success in any business.

Mr. Ratan Srivastava, CEO & Founder

He has been able to prove that true by retaining almost 95 percent of his clients for more than 8 years and counting. 

Mr. Ratan Adds, “Constant vigilance is an individual’s opinion and can be depended upon the industry you belong to. It helps an organization to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. We can explain this with a great example of our product “Kamelsys: The Employee Monitoring Software”. Kameslys is developed for industries, such as BPOs, KPOs, Recruitment firms, etc where strict 8 hours of workday needs to be effectively measured. It is the commitment of creating state of the art monitoring solutions and tools to help our clients protect their most valuable assets knowledge and time.”

The Workforce of Ksolves

  • Since 2012, Ksolves has been working with an amazing team, to create meaningful impact and compelling experiences that deliver results. 
  • Ratan has proven to be an exemplary leader which is mirrored by the fact that he has been able to retain a majority of his employees over the years.
  • Ksolves is a tight-knit group of 250+ employees who are one of the core reasons to be in the center of existence. Every week they bring in new challenges, advancements, ideas, and opportunities to work together. This has given Ksolves Team the motivation, inspiration, and success to grow in the IT industry. 
  • The delivery organization is maintained very flat in order to enable clients to directly access each person working on a project. This exceptional approach, of which Ksolves takes pride, eliminates hierarchy led inefficiencies in two-way communication required for such fast-paced IT development modules

Mr. Ratan’s take on AI – the part of our day to day life

AI isn’t the future of technology — it’s already here. AI plays a very important role in many aspects of our daily lives, from directions for commuting, music, shopping, web searches, digital assistants, movie recommendations, reading emails. 

It has a huge market, and it’s growing with the improvement in technology, allowing users to accomplish tasks in a shorter time. With the growing competition, the market is increasingly getting cluttered; personalization is the key to excel which can differentiate themselves to customers. It is transforming payments, retail, transportation, education, and logistics. 

AI provides us a try picture of a 360-degree view of consumer’s life with the opportunity to re-imagine their user experience, value exchange, habits, and behavior. 

Ksolves has Achieved Many Milestones:

  • Ksolves is listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE).
  • Ksolves became a NASSCOM member in 2015, got ISO 9001:2015 certification in the same year 
  • Crossed more than 500+ customers.
  • Today, Ksolves has clients all over the world, including countries like the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and Singapore, and Mozambique 
  • Maintains a strong client retention rate of 95 percent
  • Badge — Salesforce ISV Partner, Odoo Ready, Adobe Bronze Solution Partner

Ksolves Email Id – sales@ksolves.com
Website – www.ksolves.com, www.store.ksolves.com

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