Rajesh Raveendran – A Determined Strategist for Businesses’ Digital Needs

Rajesh Raveendran- RR Softtech

As an advantage of the digital economy, the whole business world is changing at an unexpected pace. We have progressed significantly from nowhere to an innovatively full-fuelled life. Internet broadcasting, digital conferencing, and the entire communication world have changed a lot with advanced technologies. The telecom industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India which makes the nation the second-largest telecommunication market in the world. In the last two decades, this industry is developing at a rate of 35 percent and in the coming five years there is a possibility of 40 lakh new jobs in this sector.

To be the part of the change and become future-ready, businesses in almost all the sectors are consistently looking for better quality and enhanced communication capacity.

A leader, Mr. Rajesh Raveendran Founder and CEO at RR Softtech is transforming businesses digitally with top-notch IT and Telecom solutions. Having rich experience of more than 22 years in the IT and Telecom sector, Mr. Rajesh is charting new paths with his innovative and revolutionary vision.

RR Softtech – A Leading Telecom Company

RR Softtech was established in 2008 as an IT Company with operations in Chennai, India and it is associated with leading IT and Telecom Service providers as a partner for providing IT, Telecom, and Software solutions to the customers. RR Softtech with its service and on-time support, build rapport, and relationship with its clients for their business growth. The company increases its clients base with the latest and quality services along with the value-added products line which includes Automation software, Datacenter& Cloud services, Audio -Video conference & collaboration system, ITSP services, and IT  products. 

RR Softtech’s continuous innovation and investment in business transformation provide up to date solutions for its client’s needs and business growth.

The Journey

Initially positioning as an IT And Telecom service provider was challenging for the company to provide solutions and solving customer needs. As the innovation in product and solutions is transforming very fast which creates more opportunities, so the company also adapted to be a techno-savvy service provider?

“As we establish the company for a growth-oriented successful journey, but still we find difficulties in financial growth. Then we changed our marketing strategies to online emailers and social media campaigns for getting more leads and then converting it to sales for more profit. We also get feedback from all level employees and customers for the growth of the company and this triggered the growth of the company”, Mr. Rajesh shared.

RR Softtech has strong business ethics and commitment to service and quality of the product they deliver to the customers. They also analyze the client’s requirements and get suggestions from their experienced team while delivering the solutions to the clients. The company has direct communication with the manufacturer and service provider for on time supply of quality products.

RR Softtech also innovates and updates its product portfolio according to the customer’s demand. Customer Satisfaction and delight continue to be the backbone behind their long-standing success. The Company makes strategies for constant vigilance on existing and new threats. We need a system to vigilance on operation and threats to protect information. RR Softtech’s IT team always updates the status of vigilance on threats, countermeasures, regulations, and technology.

RR Softtech aims to empower the clients to respond more quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics.

Their Offerings

  • Unified communication and Collaboration solution [ IP-PBX, Contact Centre Solution, Telecom Automation, Audio-Video conferencing ]
  • Data centre and cloud hosting  services
  • Cyber Security Products
  • Complete spectrum of IT & Telecom Products and Services
  • IoT and Automation software
  • Single window Integration and optimization services

RR Softtech’s service focus is on providing a complete solution to its customer’s IT and Telecom infrastructure needs. Accordingly, the company is planning to explore business opportunities and provide service in Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation.

RR Softtech taking a step ahead with…

The era of digital technology has influenced people’s daily activities, as such the company influences to utilize digital technology to maximize their brand awareness. Technology has transformed the traditional way of business to automate its business operations to increase productivity in terms of quality and quantity. RR Softtech creates online content that encourages the customer to use their digital channel for engagement that builds a relationship with the brand. Company’s skilled data insights’ finds the behaviour of customers, and drive their business efficiently.

In the time of the pandemic, a business transformation occurred by migrating to cloud-based solutions, which helped employees to work from home. Similarly Industry is expecting 5G data service which is going to boost the speed of IoT and Automation. Many companies are shifting to Data-driven Company which will introduce AI for data analysis. Accordingly, the company decided to take the company a step further in terms of products/services. They are already associating with different service providers for introducing new products and services in our portfolio like Cloud services, IoT, RPA, and AI.

The Company copes up in a race with its competitor by introducing new products and services in the market regularly. In every field there is competition and to overcome this RR Softtech innovates their sales strategies and provide customers a new experience. Since there is a rat-race in every field, the company retains its existing customers with good rapport and provides updated service and products for their business growth.

Mr. Rajesh Raveendran – A leader on a mission to transform businesses digitally.

Mr. Rajesh’s professional experience started in 1998 as a software engineer and continued as an IT & Telecom consultant. With over 22 years of rich Industry Experience, business domain knowledge, technical expertise, and knowledge of the latest industry trends make MR Rajesh Raveendran a successful Transformational Business Leader.

In a digital landscape, our business model focuses on always-connected customers as a priority.

He started as an entrepreneur at RR Softtech in 2008 by associating with leading IT & Telecom service providers to provide clients latest and quality solutions.

His key achievements are:

  • Top VoIP Sales Achiever of the national level by Net4India.
  • Recognized as “The 10 Most Prominent Telecom Solution Provider” by Insights Success.
  • 2008 – Started service of IT (Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Email)
  • 2009 – Started service of VoIP
  • 2012- Started service of Telecommunications
  • 2013- Started service of Audio and Video Conference Solution.
  • 2014 – Started service of Datacentre Infrastructure (On-Premise, Private, Public, and Hybrid)
  • 2015 – Started service of VoIP Products
  • 2016 – Started service of Contact Center Solution
  • 2017 – Started service of Intercom Infrastructure
  • 2018 – Started service Software solutions.
  • 2019 – Started service of Cyber Security
  • 2020 – Started service AI and RPA

Talking about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur Mr. Rajesh says, “Our main responsibility is to automate the business operations and ensure the business scale and generate profit consistently. Our maximum effort is to convert to our customers from the leads from various sources by accepting their needs and solving their pain points. After-sales we take care of our customers for their growth by providing consistent service, support, and doing up-selling and cross-selling.

We also influence our employees towards our business goal by focusing on the business bottom line. We also ensure all employees are comfortable with their job and update the strategies for achieving the goals from all levels, for the growth of the organization. We give special care to our employees for all the benefits and contribute to rewards and recognition.”

He further adds, “In a digital landscape, our business model focuses on always-connected customers as a priority. Our business digital transformation integrates technology in all areas of business and then the delivery value to the customers. In social media, we share relevant content and solution to customer problems using data-driven digital strategies. We create multiple touch points using web applications and mobile App for the customer’s 360-degree view for the company growth.”

Mr. Rajesh admires his father the most. He says, “My father is the one who knows what is best for me. The top reason I admire my dad is he is determined and dedicated. These two qualities are ones that I hope I can carry on throughout my life.  I always admire his compassion and sense of understanding. I also admire my dad strive to reach business goals and work extra hours to make one more deal have inspired me to set high goals for myself.”  Ratan Tata a well-known industrialist who is praised for his business ethics and philanthropy has always been a source of motivation for him.

Driving Force

RR Softtech builds trust in employees by authentic and transparent communication within the team. The Company also ensures that trust is important in employees while working in a remote environment. It also creates personal bonding between remote employees with an agenda-less communication. The company plans its team to prioritize their in-time deliveries. It also encourages employees to share their ideas and experience in a common chat group for the benefit of the company’s decision making and innovation.

The leadership communicates regularly with employees about the vision and engage employees continuously about what they have done and what they have to achieve. The company is liberal with employees to bring the best from their work.

Overwhelming Client Experience

Started with selling the domain name and web hosting to start-up companies for their website design and when companies grow, they need internet bandwidth and voice connectivity for their business operations. With good rapport and experience with the clients, RR Softtech gets further orders for on-premises data center build connecting the data, voice, video, and software solutions for the employees in their company.

The company enables clients to transform the organization and improve performance. In this pandemic time company had a special experience with its clients for interacting with them through video conference and the company gave them cloud solutions for software, data, voice, and video connectivity. Since their client’s employees are working from home, it became easy for the company to give cloud-based solutions for their business operations.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Henry David Thoreau

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