Ralph Lauren: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Ralph Lauren: Where Tradition Meets Modernity | The Enterprise World

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In the world of fashion, where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, there are few brands that continue to reign supreme. One such brand is Polo Ralph Lauren. 

Ralph Lauren, a prominent fashion designer founded the brand Polo Ralph Lauren in 1967. Through this brand, he decidedly mixed two fashion worlds: fancy couture (the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable clothes) and classic-style values. It is a fancy name, with big stores and high-quality materials, that reminds people about their craving for luxury fashion. 

Join us to explore the secrets behind the brand’s enduring legacy and its influence on the world of fashion.  

Brand History of Polo Ralph Lauren

The history of the brand is the success story of the most famous corporation in the world. Starting from a small firm to the present global dominance, this brand is synonymous with high-end products and fashion. 

Ralph Lauren: Where Tradition Meets Modernity | The Enterprise World

Ralph was born in Belarus to the Lifshitz family in 1939. During World War II, along with his family, he moved to the United Nations and changed his surname to Lorens. After studying economics at Baruch College, he dropped out during the Vietnam War. He met and married Ricky Lowby after he had served in the army.

To make ends meet, he went into Brooks Brothers and discovered his interest in fashion. Shortly after getting married, he took a job at Brooks Brothers to pay the bills for his new family. In the process of working there, he discovered his talent in design. Fascinated by the idea of the classic American dream, he was eager to get wealthy and soon began designing clothes for ladies in addition to his main work.

Ralph did not stop there. He took a significant step in 1967 when he borrowed $50,000 to create his brand known as Polo Fashion. This brand was involved in polo clothes because it borrowed its name from the sport. He settled on polo since it was a game for the rich to get in touch with them to sell his clothes. These individuals required apparel designed for sport, which they usually bought from Ralph. He wished to apply the old routine of “The Bank of Pickles”.

This was a way of explaining that a cucumber could only turn into a pickle by placing it inside the pickle jar. In other words, if one wishes to belong to a specific community, one must find themselves among those who constitute such a community. He always dreamt of being filthy rich, and that is why he was seeking wealthy friends. He showcased his talents for them to admire and eventually joined them in their social class. This idea represents the quintessential “American dream” and Ralph managed it so well.

In 1971, Polo Ralph Lauren was the first brand to unveil T-shirts. Each of the shirts had its new and prestigious logo inscribed on the chest. It was from this collection that the popular polo shirt trend spread abroad, even reaching Ukraine and many European countries. The special thing about Polo Ralph Lauren and La Martina polo shirts is that they feature a unique technology known as Grasser technology. This technique requires smooth and hollow fibers to make cotton material suitable for manufacturing. Polo Ralph Lauren men’s cotton tees are awesome at wicking away sweat from your body, hence they dry very fast. The name Polo Ralph Lauren is synonymous with luxury, polo, casual, or classic attire.x

A Polo shop is available in most large cities in Europe and the US leading to increased availability of clothes, no matter where you come from. The most purchased stuff includes men’s polo shirts that can be found almost everywhere. Ukraine also welcomes high-quality luxury goods such as the Polo Ralph Lauren brand.

How is the Brand Different from the Rest of the Brands?

Ralph Lauren: Where Tradition Meets Modernity | The Enterprise World
  1. The polo t-shirts are manufactured from the pique knit fabric material. It is one of the most recognized clothing materials used in the huge range of clothing collections to provide more comfort.
  2. We can get various kinds of textures and fabric colors in polo t-shirts. The polo t-shirts are made from pure kind of quality fabric cotton collections like prima cotton, soft silk cotton, and many other fabric materials.
  3. Polo t-shirts are used to provide huge numbers of practical benefits to our physical body to keep us very cool and dry.
  4. All of the brand’s products are accessible worldwide from stores in all corners of the world.
  5. The brand has a reputation for offering commendable customer service and a wonderful experience.

What Are the Challenges Faced By Polo Ralph Lauren Brand?

  1. Excess Inventory Problems: Sometimes production houses manufacture excess products to meet customers’ demands. But after manufacturing, demands quickly decline resulting in excess inventory problems. 
  2. Getting Materials and Making Clothes: To ensure that clothes are made under optimal conditions using quality fabrics, now the production sites are dispersed across the globe.
  3. Changing Trends: Fashion trends change quickly, which means the brand must always remain one step ahead to retain customer interest.
  4. Managing Costs: Making high-quality clothes is indeed likely to be expensive. 
  5. Employee Training: Brand awareness and customer care are two things that take time to achieve. There are many workers in different geographical locations, such as retail shops, warehouses, and customer service centers. It is a tough part for the trainers to train them at the same time. 

Lauren’s Winning Strategies to Reach Potential Customers

Ralph Lauren: Where Tradition Meets Modernity | The Enterprise World
  1. Innovative Marketing Campaign: Ralph Lauren launched an AR(Augmented Reality)-powered mobile application that enables customers to try clothes virtually. So that globally accessible virtual reality fashion shows can be held, it would also mean the brand could convene them. Consequently, by drawing people, the partnership with promoters would increase engagement and visibility concerning such scenarios. In this way, customers experience interactive shopping.
  2. Collaboration With Celebrities: Ralph Lauren works with actors, musicians, or sports personalities to reach customers. 
  3. Strong Online Presence: To reach out to the demands of the customers Ralph Lauren shows their strong online presence. This helps them to manufacture the same products customers demand. 


Polo Ralph Lauren is luxurious and has maintained its popularity since time immemorial. It started small and then grew globally but has never changed in quality. Their excellence and dedication to providing exceptional products are commendable. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the brand’s ability to innovate will likely continue to drive its success. 

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