ShoppingKart24 – Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

ShoppingKart24- Promoting Indian Craftsmanship

India is a country of diverse culture and it is reflected in every way. Be it the food or the artifacts. With all the colorful and decorative artifacts, don’t you just wish you had them to give your living room a different look? Well, finding these handicrafts is often hard. Getting them online seems far-fetched.

To make your search easy and give you a unique buying experience, Prateek B Singh founded Shoppingkart24.

Shoppingkart24, is a global platform for many weavers/artisans /craftsmen/farmers, small-scale vendors, providing an online/offline channel to showcase the unique & versatile line of products and hence promoting richness & uniqueness of Indian arts & crafts along with other non-crafts products from several artisans/craftsmen or local manufacturers & vendors from rural/urban India. We are an operator and provider of an online platform and coming soon with exclusive stores intended to offer a range of Geographical Indication (GI) products.


In this growing era of digitization, where technology is extending its reach to Tier-II & Tier-III cities to empower rural and urban India, there still are so many artisans/craftsmen, local vendors/retailers who are not aware of online business even though they produce unique & rich products such as Geographical Indication (GI) Products and even other unique & quality crafts products. Due to illiteracy, it becomes very difficult for the artisans to successfully evaluate their supply chain and market and that is precisely the reason why they don’t match the competition from the bigger players. As a result, the Indian-originated art & craft products are losing their share of demand in the market and missing their fame beyond a certain boundary.

The company’s online platform comprises more than 15000+ products which include 255 Geographical Indication (GI) products out of 363 Geographical Indication (GI) Products registered to date as Handicrafts/Handloom/ Natural/ Manufactured products, providing customers with a wide variety of unique and authentic products.

“Indian handcrafted products are lovely, meaningful, and versatile. These are still sought after and Shoppingkart24 enhances your experience of buying them.”

Shoppingkart24’s USP lies in their product offerings especially the Exclusive Geographical Indication (GI) Products Store, ODOP (One District One Product Store: Scheme by Uttar Pradesh Government) & Handloom products. Therefore, the company is trying all channels through which they can promote the sale of weavers, artisans/craftsmen, and other vendors.

“We plan to grow first in the Indian market by promoting the art & crafts of India & other exclusive products and designs then showcase them across boundaries.”

Here are the focus sectors for Promotions;

  • Geographical Indication Tagged Products
  • Weavers/ Artisans/ Craftsmen
  • Agriculture/ Farm products
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Indian Handicrafts
  • Indian Handloom Industry
  • NGOs  & SHGs

Their Products/Services-

The Company is promoting and showcasing Geographical Indication Products, which are authentic and produced by genuine weavers, artisans, farmers, or manufacturers. With a vision to offer a global platform to many weavers, artisans/craftsmen & farmers, Shoppingkart24 was started,  an online/offline platform to showcase and make available at ease the unique & versatile line of origin based products & hence promoting uniqueness & richness of Indian art & craft products along-with other special products from rural/urban regions of India. There also is one exclusive portal i.e., where you can read and know more about the Geographical Indication Products with a buy/order now option.

The USP of Shoppingkart24 is quite different from other e- trailers as it offers the best quality products brought indigenously from different regions of India at affordable rates. Shoppingkart24 bridges the gap between potential customers & Indian Brands. Possibly trying to provide a bond between vendors & buyers, where it will allow customers to get the best products at the best price and hence giving a sense of real store shopping.

Shoppingkart24 now aims to create a huge marketplace online and offline for each of these weavers, artisans/craftsmen, and farmers, and even for the consumers who look forward to buying Indian artistic & unique products. The company is now available offline too. Recently they have been associated with the Cashew Export & Promotion Council of India (CEPCI) for the supply chain of Geographical Indication (GI) Products at Geographical Indication (GI) Store at Goa International Airport.

Shoppingkart24 is also planning for FRANCHISE STORES with the name of D’ Incredible GI Store on the FOFO or FOCO model. Soon they will be providing the 3D model interface to feel the products and for more feasibility of the customers and advertising different segments of the company’s website on Social Media & through video ads and stories on their existing YouTube channel. Shoppingkart24 is planning for promotional activities/trade fairs / exhibitions/ promotional events in the 2-3 tier cities & Metro cities.

Prateek B Singh- More than just an Entrepreneur

Hailing from Varanasi, he has completed his graduation from the University of Mumbai, and while college he started with CA preparation and then MBA and after graduation prepared for UPSC examination. After trying for few years, he started with his entrepreneurship journey and started with a firm where he started as the vendor on different big e-commerce marketplace and simultaneously started with Shoppingkart24.

“The best achievement on this journey is I learned to be patient and calm and started learning a lot with every passing day.”

Shoppingkart24 has been a recipient of the following awards-

  • Selected in The Vault Competition Best 50 start-up ideas (Telecasted on air on 5th Nov ‘16 on Times Now and ET now).
  • Shortlisted for Best Start-up Entrepreneur under 30 in India through ‘Ye! Community’ (BEST 10).
  • Selected in Top 50 in G-Start-up Worldwide, Seoul.
  • Selected among the top 9 entries for Future Group presents Retail Start-up Awards, 2017.
  • Shoppingkart24 wins Super start-up Status’ through Super Start-ups, India.   Shortlisted for SILICON VALLEY BOOTCAMP among 10 Start-ups through Z-nation Lab.
  • Recognised as Top SME Business of the Year 2018 under Top Companies Award, run by Great Companies.
  • Recognised as one of the Top 25 Inspiring CEOs In India 2018 through Business Connect Magazine in.
  • Recognised as one of the Top 10 Ecommerce Start-up through Silicon India Magazine.  Recognised as Top SME Business of the Year 2019 under Top Companies Award, run by Great Companies.
  • Recognised as one of the Top 25 Most Valuable CEOs In India 2019 through Business Connect Magazine

The Team and the Competition-

 Shoppingkart24 is a team of 10 including the founder and employees. The work culture includes communication down and up, people development, ideas flowing up, teamwork and collaboration, diversity, and flexibility. The company is also aiming for the best online/offline presence in the market and to make Shoppingkart24 a brand.

Today each one of us is competing with each other to prove how the other is superior to you and in what terms, nobody is ready to accept life as it comes. We are all running our life on a flute of this rat race and there is this urge to get up and get ahead of everyone. You can never underestimate your competitors or upcoming trend in the market which can be a boon or curse for your products so it’s always better to keep an eye. But what we miss here is to live the special moments of life.

“Go with The Choice That Scares You the Most Because That’s the One That’s Going to Help You Grow”

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