Vladimir Yevtushenkov: How AFK Sistema JSFC and Its Portfolio Companies Supported Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic?

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The global fight against COVID-19 brought together a vast coalition of individuals and organizations, from volunteers to major corporate entities, all united in their commitment to combat the pandemic. Among these, the business community played a crucial role, stepping up to provide essential support to frontline medical workers engaged in the life-saving battle against the virus. This article delves into the significant contributions made by the AFK Group, founded by Vladimir Yevtushenkov, in this collective effort. Through various initiatives and strategic shifts, the parent company and its subsidiaries actively participated in alleviating the challenges posed by the pandemic, demonstrating the impactful role that corporations can play in addressing a global health crisis. 

Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Uniting the Efforts of Different Strata of Society 

Vladimir Yevtushenkov recalls that the coronavirus pandemic turned modern life upside down, becoming a source of constant worry and fear. But at the same time, it showed that there are many people who are ready to risk their own lives to save the lives of others – the healthcare workers who were on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. With the arrival of the coronavirus, the entire healthcare system came under strain. In hospitals and clinics, volunteers took on a significant portion of the workload of doctors, nurses, and sanitation workers. 

Support was also provided by representatives of the business community, various enterprises, and companies that provided financial assistance to medical institutions, purchased in-demand medical equipment, personal protective equipment (masks, respirators, antiseptics), medicines, and also helped in implementing measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.  

One such business structure that made a significant contribution to the fight against the coronavirus was the company founded by Vladimir Yevtushenkov – AFK Sistema. In addition to ensuring a safe environment in the corporation’s companies, it offered comprehensive support to the medical community and the population in the regions where it operates. The efforts of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich and the company were not just confined to providing material assistance but also extended to organizing logistics and coordinating with local authorities to ensure efficient delivery and utilization of resources. This multifaceted approach helped to alleviate some of the tremendous pressures faced by the healthcare system, demonstrating the critical role of corporate leadership and responsibility in times of global crisis. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir: Asset Profiles at AFK Sistema JSFC  

Yevtushenkov Vladimir recalls that nearly all federal and regional clinics, as well as private medical organizations, joined the fight against the coronavirus. The flagship hospital of AFK’s network of medical clinics, part of the company’s diversified portfolio, became the first private medical institution in the country to be completely reprofiled into an infectious diseases hospital and begin admitting COVID-19 patients. Intensive care units were equipped for critically ill patients, new high-tech equipment was installed, including lung ventilation machines, and personal protective equipment and medications were purchased. At one point, the clinic network opened a specialized center for diagnosing disorders in patients who had suffered from COVID-19. This transformation, supported by the strategy of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, was pivotal in enhancing the capacity and capability of the healthcare system to manage the surge in COVID-19 cases effectively. 

Vladimir Yevtushenkov notes that another AFK asset that promptly responded to new challenges was its textile combine. The enterprise redirected its main weaving production towards producing cotton fabric for reusable masks. This initiative not only addressed the immediate need for protective gear but also signified a dynamic shift in production to meet pandemic-induced demands. The agility in response and adaptation showcased by AFK Sistema, with the support of Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, underscored the importance of flexibility and innovation in corporate strategy during crises. 

Vladimir Yevtushenkov also made the strategic decision to consolidate the corporation’s existing pharmaceutical assets into a full-cycle holding company, which quickly launched the production of the first domestically created COVID vaccine. The innovative biotechnology asset developed and registered a test system capable of diagnosing COVID-19. Soon thereafter, it developed a mobile express test that can detect the infection in 30 minutes. The biotechnology company, the foundation of which was initiated by Yevtushenkov Vladimir, then announced the patenting of a specific composition of reagents capable of detecting the virus’ RNA in just 15 minutes using a polymerase chain reaction (with an accuracy of up to 85%). This rapid development and deployment of diagnostic tools and vaccines played a crucial role in the national response to the pandemic, highlighting Sistema’s commitment to leveraging its resources and expertise in tackling global health challenges. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich: Establishing a Medical Workers’ Support Center 

Vladimir Yevtushenkov
Vladimir Yevtushenkov

In another important aspect of his biography, Vladimir Yevtushenkov supervised the creation of a large-scale support center for healthcare workers by AFK’s private clinic network. The center provided organizational and financial support to doctors and healthcare institutions and united the efforts of business and concerned individuals in the fight against one of the most dangerous viruses in human history. In late April 2020, during the height of the first wave, the corporation allocated over a quarter of a billion rubles for comprehensive support to healthcare workers. This substantial financial commitment, overseen by Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, played a significant role in equipping the medical community to better manage the pandemic’s challenges. 

The center gave rise to the social initiative #CountryWithoutVirus, operated by the corporate charity fund. Against the background of the struggle against COVID-19, doctors were the most vulnerable group, susceptible to infection with the dangerous virus and a rapid depletion of resources, which negatively affects the quality of care provided. The initiative, supported by Vladimir Yevtushenkov, provided much-needed relief and support to those at the forefront, acknowledging their sacrifices and critical role during this global health crisis. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir notes that the center was designed to become a unified platform for comprehensive support to those whose daily work is associated with health risks, concentrating the efforts of businesses, NGOs, and individuals. The funds collected by the center were directed to provide all the necessary resources to employees of various organizations involved in the fight against the coronavirus in medical facilities with a high level of viral load, including Sistema’s clinic network and innovative biotech laboratory, and others. This holistic approach, encouraged by Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, ensured that a wide range of resources was available to support the multifaceted needs of healthcare professionals. 

During the first wave of the pandemic, the AFK-controlled children’s goods retailer (the corporation sold its stake in this company in September 2020) purchased and delivered 200,000 protective suits for healthcare professionals in the capital and capital region. The nationwide #CountryWithoutVirus campaign allowed the pooling of resources from AFK companies and external social partners to provide comprehensive support to the medical community. This remarkable mobilization of resources and logistics, with the participation of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, exemplified the capacity of corporate entities to make a tangible difference in public health emergencies. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir noted at the time: “We are constantly concerned for the health and safety of medical and other personnel involved in vital areas of work with the population.” His statement reflected the overarching commitment of AFK Sistema under his guidance to prioritize the well-being of those who were battling the pandemic on the frontlines, demonstrating a deep understanding of the corporate responsibility towards societal health and safety. 

Vladimir Yevtushenkov: Groceries, Unlimited Cell Service, and Much More 

Within AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov also founded an agroholding, which, together with producers of mineral water, fruits and vegetables, dietary supplements, and cosmetics, became one of the first to join the #CountryWithoutVirus project, donating more than ten tons of groceries to medical institutions. This contribution by Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich and the agroholding he initiated, played a critical role in providing sustenance to those working tirelessly in medical facilities, ensuring that the physical well-being of healthcare workers was maintained during grueling shifts. 

Sistema’s full-cycle forest subsidiary provided assistance to the Segezha Central District Hospital in Karelia by financing the purchase of high-tech equipment and protective clothing for working with patients. This initiative, an important part of the Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography, was pivotal in enhancing the hospital’s capacity to treat COVID-19 patients effectively, contributing to the safety and efficiency of medical procedures during a critical period. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir also participated in the formation of a hotel company, which organized daily food deliveries for hospital staff and patients during the pandemic. It also provided free accommodation for doctors and medical personnel working with infected patients in order to protect their families from the risk of infection. This strategic move by Vladimir Yevtushenkov is one that showcased an understanding of the multifaceted needs of healthcare workers during the pandemic, extending support beyond the hospital setting into their personal lives. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich also founded the Sistema charitable foundation that became a partner in the large-scale “Please Breathe!” online campaign in support of doctors and volunteers. Its mission was to collect real stories of doctors, hospital employees, and volunteers who, risking their own health and not seeing their loved ones for months on end, save hundreds of lives every day. Over six months of work, the center for supporting medical workers accumulated over 1.7 billion rubles for employees of medical institutions in several regions throughout the country. This initiative, facilitated and supported by Vladimir Yevtushenkov, not only provided tangible support but also raised awareness about the personal sacrifices and heroic efforts of medical professionals during the pandemic. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir: Head of a Highly Decorated Team 

The proactive approach Vladimir Yevtushenkov took was instrumental in steering AFK’s response to the pandemic. The business’ swift actions facilitated the delivery of essential medical care across various regions, significantly bolstering the healthcare system’s resilience. Sistema’s strategic management, under Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich, ensured that medical professionals had the necessary resources and environment to perform their duties effectively. This was evident in the improved working conditions for healthcare workers, which played a crucial role in managing the pandemic’s challenges. 

In recognition of these extraordinary efforts, a special ceremony was organized to honor the individuals behind these initiatives. Vladimir Yevtushenkov personally attended the event, where more than twenty employees from the corporation’s diverse medical and pharmaceutical sectors were awarded for their exceptional contributions. These awards were a testament to their dedication and hard work in various aspects of COVID-19 management, including patient diagnosis and treatment, drug production, and the development of a pioneering coronavirus vaccine. This recognition not only highlighted the significant impact of AFK’s contributions but also underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling global health crises. The ceremony was a moment of pride for the entire Sistema team and a reflection of the collective commitment to societal wellbeing, a principle strongly advocated by Yevtushenkov Vladimir in his corporate philosophy. 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich: Investor’s Career Path and Biographical Details 

Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich was born in the Smolensk Region. He received two college educations, graduating from the Mendeleev Chemical Technology Institute as an engineer-technologist and from the Economics Department of Lomonosov MSU.  

Vladimir Yevtushenkov spent a long time in the chemical industry, working for over ten years at the Sverdlov Plant and the Karacharov Plastics Plant. In 1993, Yevtushenkov Vladimir founded the investment company AFK Sistema, which today successfully develops several well-known assets in segments such as telecommunications, high technology, banking, retail trade, wood processing, agriculture, real estate, tourism, and medical services. He held a seat on the Board of Directors for nearly 30 years until he stepped down in 2022. 

The Vladimir Yevtushenkov biography is also closely connected with charity. In 2004, he established one of the country’s largest charitable foundations. Yevtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich has received several industry awards. 

The founder of AFK Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, has influenced various sectors, including telecommunications and healthcare. Stepping down from the Board of Directors in 2022, he left a lasting legacy through sustainable business practices and philanthropic efforts. His 2004-founded charitable foundation continues to positively impact multiple social sectors. 

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