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The shift of consumer buying behaviors and development of new products and services within the digital industry has resulted in the need for out-of-the-box marketing strategies. Even though these changes have opened many new possibilities for businesses and their customers, these changes have also increased the need for new internal expertises across digital platforms within an organization, specifically within marketing teams. Marketing not only helps to build strong lead funnels for their sales teams, but they are also responsible for effectively defining a company’s value proposition, promoting products and services, building brand awareness, and maintaining strong insights into existing and future customer needs.

With digital competition growing for businesses across industries after more than a year of restricted in-person interactions, marketers have even more pressure to craft and execute impactful digitally-focused marketing strategies for their companies.

In an effort to identify industry leaders who are actively improving digital marketing management for today’s digitally-focused businesses, the Enterprise World research team analyzed thousands of high-performing digital marketing service providers. At the end of our research, there was one business that significantly stood out from the rest named WinnowPro.

WinnowPro is one of the leading names when looking for paid advertising solutions in the world of Digital Marketing. Their seasoned team of industry experts have vast knowledge of effective digital marketing strategies that are driven by their ability to tap into emerging trends and practices, maintain a proven track record of excellence, and deliver the highest quality of service and data privacy  standards. These factors are some of the many reasons that make WinnowPro one of the most sought-after brands in the Digital Marketing space despite the fierce competition.

The Company, The Journey

Winnow Digital Services, now popularly known as WinnowPro was founded in 2018. The company was created as a plug-and-play digital marketing solution for small businesses throughout the US. WinnowPro was founded with the idea and vision to offer effective advertising strategies and creative design libraries for digital marketing activities across all industries, allowing WinnowPro to offer small businesses an all-in-one digital marketing solution at one fixed monthly price.

This approach assisted small businesses with navigating the dense complexities of digital marketing, including frequent algorithmic changes to advertising platforms and radical shifts in buying behaviors and consumer preferences. These variables continue to significantly impact digital marketing performance outcomes – accounting for the majority of digital advertising complexities for businesses around the world. This innovative approach to digital marketing is convenient for users and bridges the gaps between the use of various tools and services currently offered on multiple platforms. 

The initial hurdles faced by WinnowPro were quite different as their services are more tech-oriented and as technology is held as a reliable source to drive innovation, their solution could not effectively assist those businesses who were not ready for digital marketing. While digital marketing is essential for all businesses, there is a recommended digital foundation business must develop before activating their digital marketing activities. This created a shift in positioning for WinnowPro to focus on the more technologically progressive industries within its current book of business.

Factors that strengthen WinnowPro’s position in the market.

Winnow has repositioned itself from a plug-and-play digital marketing platform for all businesses to a technology company offering digital sales and marketing solutions under the new name of WinnowPro. Over the last two years, WinnowPro has partnered and collaborated with industry experts around the US to transform into a technology company dedicated to the automotive industry. After serving more than ten different well-known automotive brands, WinnowPro has found a way to continuously provide added value to the auto dealerships in many ways. 

It’s hard to find things that won’t sell Online.

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Offering the most important marketing services to a dealership – Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Marketing. Dealerships know that nearly 90% of potential auto customers will start their search online, and most of those potential buyers will use the information they find from first-page search results in their final purchase decision. WinnowPro strategically supports dealerships by earning high-ranking positions for greater visibility to capture the attention of future customers. 

Auto dealers also know that customers are wary of walking into a dealership when they are undecided on their final vehicle decision. Understanding this challenge, WinnowPro leverages social media platforms to help dealerships interact more effectively with customers throughout the day when it’s convenient for customers – opening the virtual door of two-way communications and better business-to-consumer relationships. The biggest benefits of this approach has been better lead quality and an increase in virtual sales appointments. 

The next value addition to dealerships is found in WinnowPro’s innovative technologies that are available to all clients. WinnowPro offers different sales and marketing tools that make it easier for dealers to track their competition, target new customers, and close more sales. These data-centric tools are part of the Digitally Essential collection offered exclusively at WinnowPro. The ideation of new tools and technologies is driven from the dealers themselves, so WinnowPro can ensure that new products are accurately resolving digital pain points faced by the end-user. 

One of the most well-known pain points occurred last year during Covid and is continuing to show dominance in the auto industry. Covid accelerated consumer comfort levels in buying online, including big-ticket items such as new vehicles. As consumer demand increases for more online visibility into inventory, dealers must be able to effectively respond in real-time to earn better market positioning and out-sell their competitors at surrounding dealerships. WinnowPro recognized this trend with existing auto clients and immediately took action.

These factors not only add to the expertise of WinnowPro in the Digital Marketing space but also establishes their reputation and carves their name in the industry as one of the best Google Marketing solution providers. The continued impact of such success is the enablement of better campaign performance for businesses, making WinnowPro a pioneer of innovation in a highly competitive industry.

Unmatched Services of WinnowPro:

New additions, and the company’s plans to take these services ahead with the changing times and trends.

WinnowPro offers services in the Digital Marketing domain which are tailor-made to the needs and demands of their clients, making them one of the most dedicated, sincere, and engaged companies in pursuit of excellence.

Over the last year, WinnowPro developed an internal database of locally-focused search engine information for dealerships. This information was collected from more than 40 reliable sources and integrated into one centralized database to create better search engine marketing strategies for their automotive clients. When properly configured, the outputs of the data create competitive insights into what local-focused keywords are driving traffic to competitors’ websites and the financial impacts that traffic has on sales. While that might sound familiar to other keyword tools like SpyFu and SEMrush, WinnowPro’s Competitive Intelligence Tool analyzes more than half million locally-focused keywords, automatically detects competitors, and aggregates data from different locations to help local businesses position themselves more effectively.

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In conjunction with the Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool, WinnowPro offers auto-specific advertising strategies to maximize returns for dealers, including Vin Specific Marketing, Conquest Marketing, Geofencing Marketing, and Retargeting Marketing. Each of these strategies is uniquely positioned and optimized based on the brand and the geographic location to drive more sales for US-based auto dealerships.

Looking ahead, WinnowPro is actively developing new products and expanding its digital offering to assist automotive dealerships in generating more revenue for their sales and service departments. The most anticipated release will be the creation of its digital retailing that will debut later this year.

The Team and Work Culture of WinnowPro

The WinnowPro team spans several countries and cultures, and it not only adds benefit to the overall functioning and working of the company, as unique perspectives and ensuing exchanges that arise from these interactions lead to the innovation and uniqueness of WinnowPro’s services. Along with this the team comprises of highly specialized individuals, who have experience across many industries and domains, pooling in their skills and knowledge, always in perfect coordination, and ever ready to work and dedicate themselves to bring their customer the highest standards of services and satisfaction, makes the team of WinnowPro one of the best among the Digital Marketing space.

Dave Aragon is a prime example of the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. As the Director of Automotive Sales for WinnowPro, Dave provides the team with industry expertise for all things automotive, including the ideation of new products and services and expansion opportunities into new territories. Dave’s knowledge of the automotive industry is backed by his experience with highly regarded sales and marketing companies such as Carfax, Carnow,, and DealerCMO – which contribute to his ability to be a trusted partner to the automotive industry.

Additionally, WinnowPro believes that in an entrepreneurial setting, the aspect of pooling in ideas, resources, knowledge, etc. adds to the unique richness of their understanding and approach to the market. They take pride in the fact that everyone in the company is actively contributing new ideas, is heard, and more importantly, innovative ideas are adopted. This practice of empowerment is a clear differentiator for their approach and one that is appreciated by each member of the company. All this adds up to a cordial and learning-centric environment to the work culture, making the team of WinnowPro a close-knit family.

Megan Thorp is also a fundamental contributor to WinnowPro’s company culture. As the Director of Marketing for WinnowPro, Megan is deeply committed to product innovation that meets the needs of existing and future clients. Her previous experience with product development, brand reputation, and a comprehensive list of organic and paid marketing initiatives has provided one of the fundamental pillars for business growth at WinnowPro. Megan was also recently recognized and awarded as one of the top 100 marketing and advertising influencers by the global organizers of the 2021 Marketing, Advertising, and Retailing Summit (MARsum) – showcasing her ability to impact teams around the world.

The CEO of WinnowPro, achievements, and his take on employee relations.

An innovative and specialized company such as WinnowPro requires a leader who is not only an expert of the field but who also knows how to successfully navigate businesses across multiple industries. The small complex intricate details that most overlook, and most importantly, a bold character and an effervescent persona to drive the company ahead by introducing new products and expanding services that not only enable the customers to achieve their goals but also revolutionizes the way one looks at the whole niche of the company.

WinnowPro has been fortunate to have a leader who not only embodies the previously-mentioned characteristics but also bring a lot more to the table through his visionary mind, dedication to the company’s vision and goals, and most importantly an excellent work culture and ethics to skillfully lead the team of WinnowPro to the heights of success and growth. The man spearheading WinnowPro, unlocking its potential is David Saedi, CEO of WinnowPro.

Over the past 30 years, he has engaged in the application of technology as a core driver of economies of scale, process and quality outcome improvements, and immediate accessibility of data for decision-making. His experience involves the development of world-class software and systems for Education, Media, Finance, and Healthcare. The technologies created by him and his team in a previous endeavor for testing and certification, enticed the global Pearson Education group to acquire them to maintain their leadership position in certifications worldwide. Their operations in 24 languages across 148 countries achieved in under 10 years positioned them as the undisputed leader, with Microsoft and Adobe as main partners.

David believes key achievements need to have a lasting impact and feels proud to gain such achievements. He feels proud to be a founder of the Global Digital Literacy Council in 2003, which comprises world experts across 20+ countries for establishing standards for Digital Literacy as a fundamental skills program with a globally recognized certification so that populations worldwide would not be left behind in the rapid technological race.

Think about what the user is going to type…

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The next achievement is the job creation aspect of any entrepreneur – one that in western economies contributes to over 50% of national wealth creation. He feels delighted to not only create hundreds of well-paying jobs but also to help individuals upskill with current and relevant skills through the accredited certifications that afforded first-time employment for populations like single mothers in Utah. A lasting accomplishment is also the number of individuals who he and his team trained and became leaders in their own right, and more than a few of whom have become presidents and CEOs.

He thinks of employees as team members, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and group achievements is critical, especially in the start-up and entrepreneurial fields where he prefers to work. Recognizing individuals, as well as, team accomplishments is core to advancing a healthy enterprise. At WinnowPro, they do this daily on virtually every call or meeting, be it with the group or the individual.

CEO’s views on constant vigilance, and the rat-race in the market

David feels that we have all felt the fast pace of change and the requirement to adapt quickly or be left behind. New technologies, new devices, and new methods for connecting or gaining access to previously difficult or unavailable resources have become routine. Fear of this change is futile since the current trends can only accelerate. Companies have to constantly innovate to be kept in the race. Constant vigilance is not just a “must” for the leaders, but for all participants in the economy. While mega influences like the current pandemic are not necessarily predictable, understanding how a new approach or a new technology can impact their fate requires that constant vigilance. With that knowledge, new strategies can be devised.

Race is a fact. Coping with it is a must. He says “Don’t look back, learn from other’s missteps, and accelerate forward.”

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