Additti Jain – A Name Behind the Huge Success of an Online Fashion Store – IKI CHIC

Additti Jain- IKI CHIC

Additti Jain – A Name Behind the Huge Success of an Online Fashion Store – IKI CHIC

The pandemic era is coming to an end and the businesses, industries, etc. are getting back to their normal capacity and functioning but the pandemic brought a lot of changes in the working methodologies, industry trends, and standards which opened up new possibilities and opportunities. Although the world economy going through a slump, it was a challenging yet bold move to find and grab the opportunity and start a business when the world of business is figuring out how to deal with and avert a crisis. Despite the setbacks and challenges, some entrepreneurs wanted to test their mettle and prove their worth as an entrepreneur and as an able, efficient and visionary leader.

Many industries got shut due to the pandemic, some were staggered and some boomed, one of which is the e-commerce industry. As the population shifted towards online forms of shopping, education, etc. the services available on the internet suddenly got a lot of attention, visitors, and of course skyrocketing sales figures. 

This is the story of a visionary and resilient woman entrepreneur who not only dared to venture into the world of business but also used the pandemic to her company’s best advantages and valiantly faced and conquered all the challenges that were thrown at her company.

Additti Jain, Founder, and CEO of IKI CHIC, the made-in-India brand presenting the best of both worlds – international drift with a taste of Indian fashion. Additti is a Pearl graduate, serial entrepreneur, and fashion enthusiast, enabling the new-age Indian women to express their vibrancy through a wide range of High Street Fashion options. IKI CHIC focuses on comfort, style, and fabric quality, the brand offers a jaw-dropping wardrobe collection fit for all occasions. From tops, tees, loungewear, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, and winter wear to a wholesome IKI CHIC Premium Collection, the brand offers Fast Fashion First and trendiest designs.

Let’s dwell more into the trendy and exquisite apparel company, the company’s story, and most of all the iconic entrepreneur’s journey, and the in-between.

The Company:

IKI CHIC aims to deliver exquisite yet affordable apparel to the new-age Indian women, looking to have their best shoe and dress forward, is incomplete without IKI CHIC’s premium and a plethora of premium designs made with meticulous details and hand-picked finest fabric to meet today’s fashion demands. The Delhi-based bootstrapped clothing brand thrives on the motto of Absolute Panache, which is about a confident and stylish way of dressing. One can mix and match clothes from an extensive range of options, which comes from a team of quirky designers and textile experts.

Launched in 2017, an online shopping store, IKI CHIC, aims to capture India’s fashion market with its unique approach, awesome designs, and exciting fashion trends, all in an affordable price range. After clothing, IKI Chic is set to foray into segments such as footwear, jewellery, bags, sunglasses, etc. The idea is to give the customer a one-stop-shop that is equipped to upgrade their wardrobe time and again.

The most formative and toughest time for a start-up, business, etc. are the initial days, as one has to take on a lot of things, right from setting up the start-up, company right down to handling almost everything, and then comes the marketing and sales along with the challenges to keep the start-up, business afloat and running to full capacity without any loss in enthusiasm, resilience, and hard work. With the pandemic in action, the challenges were doubled to the scale if not less, making it a real hurdle to cross the time and managing the company and its functions altogether.

Additti not only stood through the storm but also effervescently handled her role as a flag bearer of IKI CHIC, showing her dedication towards providing unique, stylish, elegant, and compelling apparels and accessories of quality and standards that are not only ahead of the competition but also showcasing the sincerity and dedication of the brand towards the mission it was built and founded on – Absolute Panache. Some of the challenges faced by IKI CHIC were managing remote work during the pandemic as the designs and styles the company offers require a lot of teamwork-induced creativity and brainstorming. Also, employee communication was the major challenge on the priority list as the ultimate company goal is the productivity of its employees.

It becomes challenging to keep the employees engaged when they are working remotely and that too, in a crisis. Last but not least the manufacturing process took a few hits due to the lockdown in effect and the overall impact on the manufacturing industry.

The groovy fashion of IKI CHIC, New Arrivals, and a Step Further:

The company focuses on providing best quality, perfectly crafted apparels, and accessories that not only checks the boxes for a complete and perfect outfit but also makes its own space in your wardrobe as one the best, trendiest and chic outfit a woman can own. IKI CHIC delivers such apparel and accessories with finesse and fluidity that appears like a thread perfectly woven around the needle, and the company can do this by focusing on the four very important aspects that are also the reason for their surmounting success and popularity.

  • Trendiest design.
  • Fast Fashion First.
  • Quality at its best.
  • Widest range to choose from.

Recently, they have added their resort wear collection. They are in collaboration with strategic partners such as Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart, along with stores in premium locations and international delivery, making sure that their groovy, elegant and stylish designs are within the reach of anyone around the globe. As the growth in e-commerce has not only presented such a vivacious brand but has also presented one with the means and access to grab their products, at the touch of your phone, sitting at home, without any hassle or second thought.

Reasons taking IKI CHIC a mile apart from the competition in the Market:

With e-commerce as the new global fashion front, they are set to launch an all-new summer collection. A culmination of boho-chic styles, bright prints, and one-of-a-kind silhouettes. A unique collection consisting of safari prints, ruched designs, a variety of denims, new-age tees and tops, jumpsuits, and last but not least, rompers. The collection is spurred on by the indulgent bohemian culture and reflects the patterns of the boho world that are prominent in the fashion industry. They also introduced their exclusive resort wear line on their online portal.

Their USP continues to be their brilliant customer service and affordable pricing. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. They feel their main competitor is themself. They believe in reaching their goals and aiming to be one step ahead in the game, each passing day. They are working 24/7 to make their brand a great success.

A company run by women, proudly standing together to break barriers and celebrate empowerment and hard work. They are here to stay and cannot wait to continue making a mark in the fashion world!

What makes IKI CHIC, Successful and that too in Style:

IKI CHIC is the essence of the latest trends. They cater to the best shopping solutions to every woman looking out for the latest trends. Their success is their customers, who are loyal and are taking the brand’s popularity through the roof. Some of the few factors, people are choosing IKI CHIC as their one-stop fashion destination are – 

  • Passion: They do not let clutter hanging around on their website. Only the best fashion collection is catered to their customers. Their team ensures that every effort is made to protect the interests of their customers, and they love to do it for their customers.
  • Hustle: Their team takes on the challenge to discover the latest trends from events all over the world. It takes a ton of time and effort that sets them apart from the other brands.
  • Variety: A vast range of collections gives freedom to their customers. They bring all your favorite brands together so that you do not have to search for every store for the perfect wearable for your next occasion.

Success is not a destination. It’s a journey… Never Ending.

Additti Jain- Founder & CEO, IKI CHIC

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