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The world of business is a complex place full of ideas, capital, technology, methodologies, and much more that makes it a place for people to provide products and services that cater to the world and resolve problems, needs, and requirements of other businesses and most of all the customers. But the most important aspect of any business is to make sure that their products/services reach the masses and especially their targeted audience as many businesses die owing to their poor marketing and planning strategies that fail them to reach out and spread awareness.

This not only takes their chance of showcasing the specialties and telling how their products/services can change the face of many industries, problems, provide solutions, and become a successful business but all of that goes in vain due to a problem or misfire in the marketing department. Marketing no matter how small it appears is the crux of any successful business and thus, requires specialized solutions from industry-leading experts.

SmithBrown Marketing now known as LeadCoverage is as good as a marketer comes. They are not only specialized professionals with a team of skilled and expert personnel with thorough industry knowledge, always up to date the latest industry trends and practices, their dedication, relentless work giving them a boost ahead of the competition in the market. They offer comprehensive services that not only cover all the domains of marketing but also planning which are unlike the traditional solutions provided by other marketing agencies, truly making them one of the top leaders in the marketing consultancy industry.

Their long list of satisfied and loyal customers speaks highly of their efficient, scalable, and efficient services, taking their company ahead of the learning curve and innovators of the new world of marketing strategies.

In conversation with the CEO & Founder of SmithBrown Marketing now known as LeadCoverage, Kara Brown. Let’s hear more about the leading marketing consultancy, the journey, and her entrepreneurial journey.

Please tell us about SmithBrown Marketing now known as LeadCoverage, the initial blips in the journey of LeadCoverage, and the reasons catapulting LeadCoverage to success.

SmithBrown Marketing now known as LeadCoverage is a lead generation firm that focuses on business-to-business conversion, outsourced sales/marketing operations, and enablement in the heavy industrial and supply chain space. We are a full-service marketing consultancy that empowers leaders to scale with proven marketing strategies and measured results.

Initially, LeadCoverage was a (very) small team of women working in a competitive and male-dominated industry. We had to break down many barriers to earn our seat at the table and prove that we were experts in our industry. Beyond that, we were three women doing the workload of a full-service team. There was a period where we were all managing clients, executing deliverables, and closing deals all at once, so you could say we were spinning far too many plates for the number of hands available.

Growth was enabled by specializing in our services. We began standardizing our processes and turned them into sellable products. We started with email marketing, social media conversion, and marketing automation and then began branching out into PPC Marketing, SEO, and more specialized services. The team we’ve built is the primary factor in our success. Our employees are innovative, persistent, and hard-working individuals that build meaningful relationships with our customers. This level of dedication and attention has enabled leadership to scale the business and set a strategy to continue our success. 

Tell us about the services SmithBrown Marketing offers, new additions, and the factors that set these services apart and ahead of the competition in the market.

SmithBrown Marketing now known as LeadCoverage specializes in:

  • Marketing automation.
  • Demand generation.
  • Inbound/outbound marketing.
  • SEO, SEM & Paid Social.
  • Project management.
  • Sales Alignment Strategies.

Unlike other traditional marketing agencies, we provide marketing strategies that are revenue-generating and move the needle for our clients. We don’t do creativity or branding.

A new product we’ve developed over the past year is the new outsourced SDR program. Unfortunately, many sales reps were furloughed or let go due to the pandemic. However, our clients still had leads to be nurtured and needed people on the phone with prospects. We developed the SDR program to put sales reps back to work, but also provide a cost-effective solution for our clients. 

2020 and the pandemic allowed us to test different products, like our Sales Development Representative (SDR) program and webinar strategies. It wasn’t a clear decision, but more seeing a need to fill in operational gaps that then were turned into products when we began seeing significant results. 

Please tell us about your professional journey.

I am the Chief Revenue Officer at LeadCoverage, a B2B demand gen, sales, and PR consultancy specializing in the supply chain, heavy industrial, and technology industries. I was one of the first employees at Echo Global Logistics, which grew quickly in three years and my name is on the company’s 2009 IPO press release [NYSE: ECHO]. LeadCoverage focuses on all the pieces of the B2B conversion cycle: mar-tech stack building (CRM/Automation), sales/marketing operations and enablement, inbound/outbound content, SEO/SEM, social conversion, PR, and measurement. I am also dedicated to empowering women leaders. I’m on the board of the Entrepreneur’s Organization Atlanta chapter, LaunchPad2x, and co-founded CloseHer, a community for women in sales.

Tell us about the work culture at SmithBrown Marketing now known as LeadCoverage.

Culture plays a huge part in the success of our company. We came from humble beginnings and keep that culture and mentality to this day. Our team collaborates, ideates, and strategizes well together on top of a fun and light-hearted company culture. We’re not afraid to talk about social issues or potential growth opportunities for ourselves as individuals and our team as a whole. It only works because we’re honest, hard-working, and continuously look out for each other. 

Your views on the competition in the market and how do you handle it.

Competition is like a rising tide – it raises all ships.I once did an Ironman because my high school crush told me I couldn’t. Yes. Competition brings out the best – if you don’t have others to benchmark your progress against, how do you know if you’re winning?

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